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  1. This product: http://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LANDSCAPING-WINTER-PEAK-Sculpty-Ski-Mountain/152220 has disappeared from both my listed and unlisted items. Winter Peak as it is known was last sold November 10th, 2017, as it has been doing for years now. Suddenly it is erased from my merchant listings with not so much as a word as to why. I was still being charged a listing fee, which I have since deactivated. This was a good selling, seasonal product, which I am now taking a hit on, since I am losing sales while it is mysteriously delisted. I need to know what happened, but the help s
  2. Just installed the Second Life 3.7.23 viewer, and I have the exact same error: media_plugin_webkit. Likewise I have searched for and answer, tried many options mentioned in the few forums discussing this issue as far back as 2010, and no success. Firestorm is giving me the same issue, in fact, every alternative viewer is. I am running a newer window's 8 system with an up to date nvidia card. Oddly, a very old version of Firestorm on my old XP desktop can still get in, no problem, but that system is so laggy, SL is nearly impossible to function in. Too bad, I was looking forward to coming
  3. Well here we are in late spring of 2013, and I at least, have this problem on many of my listings. What frustrates me is that these listings are major products with enhancements which I allowed to lapse at one time or another and now for months if not an entire year, they are unable to receive any new listing enhancements on the homepage which is where they were originally. They are not being seen, nor is LL collecting money for the enhancements, and sales on them are down. Once again LL refuses to take my money, or deliver promised services...... And leaves products I would like to adver
  4. It appears the criminals trying to push through SOPA are the same ones that pushed through mass copyright infringement of content on the internet in the first place. Their own supreme court rulings actually threaten them as much as any stay at home mom who downloaded a few mp3s from one of "their" distribution sites: Makes any copyright theft in SL look pathetically amateurish. Under SOPA SL would be shut down on the first day.
  5. Feeling dark and gothic? Come on by the region of Besiope and explore Isiris Mausoleum, a haunted, psychotic journey through the myth of death itself.
  6. For the time being I really like the 64 meter prim limit, and will use the V3 to create one or two large prims at a time since the viewer will crash before I can build a 3rd prim. Yes the viewer was not ready for prime time, and will be very frustrating to use, but we all know LL can't design or build functional viewers for it's own world. I will be fine with waiting for Phoenix/Firestorm to come out with a more professional option. With regard to mesh, I like editing my content both in world and outside on my pc, but I really like some of the sculpty editing tools designed for use inside SL
  7. Actingill Igaly wrote: Crashes on startup. Seeing Torleys video, I'm a little concerned about the lack of space 'classifieds' occupies. This is the one area of search that cannot be gamed. If your products are good, you sell more, and you can afford more classified fees. The amount of real estate the new search gives to classifieds is simply not worth the money - where (for example) is the description and picture for the classifieds? Please add a classifieds tab to the SIDE of the search with the other tabs, then people can decide whether they want to use that tab (as the most reliabl
  8. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Insky Jedburgh wrote: Thank you Cerise. I suspected I was simply missing something since I don't use V2. Now just imagine new users trying to figure that out. New users haven't been trained to think of it any other way. They see a hyperlink and click it - and don't know to look for a button. Its only old users that have all of the retraining issues. But that's the interesting thing. In the search window, the parcel of interest is highlighted in LL teal (or whatever). Click on it and the side menu pops out giving you less than a paragraph of info on the pa
  9. Thank you Cerise. I suspected I was simply missing something since I don't use V2. Now just imagine new users trying to figure that out.
  10. Yes I decided to test out the realestate search, but immediately found all I could get was a very brief overview of the properties listed in the search results, with no way to teleport to them. This would put me off looking for land to buy or rent since it would be a lengthy process to open the world map, enter the sim name of the parcel I am curious about, and then go to that sim and fly around trying to find the specific parcel I got info on in search. Pretty much shoots down search for land sales. Or it could be I am missing some step that people constantly using V2 eventually find out ab
  11. Well I guess in the US, college and highschool students going on "Spring Break" used to flock to Mexican beach resorts, though with the spate of anti-US drug abductions and killings going on down there this may be less of a trend now. So perhaps spring breakers are flocking to the Bahamas . . . oh yeah didn't an American get killed there too? So relevant spring break items could be: guns, alcohol, bondage toys, beach cabanas, or even just plain old hog tied corpses. I guess I should market my prefab beach as the "perfect spot for a kegger and or drug cartel slayings!"
  12. Well I have gone in and manually selected "General" on my product which was getting automatically slated as "Moderate" by LL. Now it shows up on my store list where as before it would not, even if I had selected "include moderate/adult" before opening the store list. I suspect I will have to do this for every item of my inventory which has been surreptitiously rated into oblivion by LL's immaturity bot software. Perhaps manually reassigning maturity level on products several times a day in an ongoing struggle . . . . Or will the product just get delisted after so many automated changes a
  13. Prior to reading this announcement I was completing the keywords on a marketplace product that sells fairly often, my Gothic Ruins, a non mature item. I added some keywords including "roleplay" and "Gor". Now this listing which is also paid for enhancement, does not appear, even if I have "show mature items" checked. If I look at my store it is gone. If I check inventory it still registers as there. I took the word "Gor" out after reading this thread. The item is still gone . . . I cannot find my own listing in my own store unless I hunt it down using my inventory function. Likewise tryin
  14. I just want to say it frustrates me to see so many SL comrades frustrated by not being able to access this interesting beta. Another case of LL having a premature Betaculation. I really wish LL would consider the bad press they generate with rushing things out before they are ready, when, if they only waited until it was a little more ready, most of that bad press would be modifed to positive public response. It's not a case of making just a few sour apples unhappy, time and time again, the majority of eager participants feel snubbed by poorly considered releases by LL. Those of us that got
  15. To be clear, yes, the test is U.S.-only at the moment. Sounds like you don't have all the facts. You guys at the lab need to communicate better with each other before you try to communicate with us.
  16. I used Internet Explorer, where I got redirected to start a new account and download the standard viewer. I did set up a new account thinking it was specific to the web browser experience, now I have more than the max limit of alt accounts, and I blame LL for that. A couple more tries on IE and no luck. I used Chrome and got the same result, constantly being redirected to sign up for an SL account. I can imagine this situation alone would piss off new users expecting a web browser experience. In effect they would feel misled, and tricked into signing up for an account, and then never come ba
  17. Meshes bring SL up to the point that everyone else was at 15 years ago. How much longer should we wait? Until there are no bugs and everyone is satisfied with the way everything runs? I dont think that will ever happen. I don't know Jamay, maybe you are right. But I hope they keep this thing in the open beta for as long as it takes to integrate it seamlessly into our already dysfunctional system. I know the innovators hate to hear the "fix it all first" argument. But the real crisis for SL these days stems directly from breaking what works and not fixing what doesn't. Add to that throwing
  18. And please don´t mention "performance improvements". Nothing they ever did really improved performance. And i fear that mesh import will not "improve" anything at all. business as usual. Nice ideas,.lousy implementation. See? That's a good argument. Really most of us just want SL fixed and functional, and after that happens would be a good time to work on adding new content capabilities and all the tweaks that will be required to integrate them into the existing framework. From a creative stand point meshes have a lot of potential. The question is, does LL really need to be dealing with th
  19. I will say this, mesh is kind of interesting but it's not what we need to be worrying about with LL right now. I have watched so many changes over the years, these new tech changes never have half the impact they are predicted to have, but less visible changes seep in and kill businesses overnight, chase out users who have lost functionality and don't care to figure out why. Those are the changes people should keep putting pressure on LL about. LL's inability to make a viable viewer 2, and even less viable search are the true killers of the SL experience for creators, explorers, and especiall
  20. As an old school "Prim Builder", and then later on a sculpty maker with at least a couple sculpty products that have been very successful. I don't feel a real threat from the meshes or even the mesh creation requirements. Yes I have had my business stepped on repeatedly by all kinds of LL changes, but things like sculpties helped, did not hurt my business, though some of my items are now obsolete when 1 prim can do what 11 prims did before and better (And yet someone still bought the 11 prim version just a couple days ago, sheesh I better unlist it). But I'm not expecting some kind of revoluti
  21. The sizable 4096 sq. meter parcel is 64x64 meters, and hence the quater sim 16384 sq. meters is 128x128 meters. A full sim is 256 meters long on one side. Four sims in a line would make 1 rough kilometer from end to end supposedly, based on SL's measurement system. Though due to the way people percieve depth through the viewer, that would actually be much smaller. Hence many people are almost 3 meters tall, and rooms don't look right unless the ceiling is at least 6 to 7 meters off the ground. . . . . . . But I digress.
  22. Just and interesting side note. Ajaxlife.net, I think is the name, of a browser based Second Life viewer. Basically allows you to log into your second life avatar, you can IM, chat, tp around the map, check inventory. You just can't see anything or move around. This is really useful when you are on a computer that doesn't have the second life viewer installed on it, but you need to perhaps communicate with users inside SL, or check your inventory. It's not officially sanctioned by LL, and sometimes gets blocked but mostly they don't block it now. Seems to be a useful too.
  23. I use a variety of low cost sculpty editors, not so much because they are the best, but because they were cheap, and now I have become accustomed to using them in tandem with each other to form up sculpty objects. The first and foremost is SCULPTYPAINT created by Cel Edman for SL users here is the website: http://www.xs4all.nl/~elout/sculptpaint/ It's free, allows you to create baked textures as well as a variety of forms from arches to stairs & rocks. Incredibly useful. Here's one of the SCULPTYPAINT TUTORIALS: Available in Second Life at the Kanae Project: http://kanae.net/secon
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