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  1. Thats mostly a setting of the user. I have my viewer set to NEVER automatically accept or open ANYTHING from ANYONE. I dont want the distraction. IF there's a way to force this behavior, despite user settings, I don't think it would a be good, conducive to business idea.
  2. Rya Nitely wrote: I really try to avoid having long titles for my items. Stepping Stones - Light Mossy - Complete Pack. I guess I could do that thank you for responding Rather than extending titles, maybe make a section at the top of the description for more detailed info. So the name would be something like "Stepping Stones - Complete Pack" and then in the description, "These stones are covered in light moss, and have a jagged, realistically carved shape." ADVISORY: THESE STONES ARE NOT PART OF A SET AND MAY NOT MATCH ANY OTHER MOSS ITEMS SOLD BY US. Not necessarily in caps of co
  3. I have never been a fan of Macro boobs, since before the sculptie days. I know several friends that have and swear by them, I find them personally rediculous,... As for clothing, being one of them weirdo furries, I have a hard time as human pants don't work well with digi legs. However, for shorts, skirts, medium dresses and tops,.. I like coldLogic, Duck Nipple, Mon Tissu, and FATEWear. I swear by coldLogic stuff,... they've got several thousand of my L$ already and they're reasonably priced,...
  4. In my opinion, the buyer may have been HOPING for matching "Mossyness" since both items came from the same maker,... however, one would not necessarily EXPECT matching moss from the pictures. Last I checked, there were multiple kinds, textures, consistancies etc, etc of moss. Though it's been years since I had to know one moss from another,.. lol Sounds as though the buyer was reading something into the title of the item entries that wasn't intended. Maybe take some more time to name a little more clearly if at all possible? Maybe put something in the description stating that the pieces do no
  5. Simply making llRequestAgentData respect the online/offline preference would solve the problem. Without breaking content. To put this in perspective, if we break this function, lets remove groups, and IM ability as well, since neither of these respects the check, and will show someones "true" online status. Simply make llRequestAgentData respect if someone has already checked "appear offline" in there settings, no new function needed, no new permission box needed. If the load on the back end is too much, implement a throtle to slow down incoming requests much as many LSL functions already hav
  6. Yes, thats it, lets add more script load and communication lag than existed with the old system, thats the solution. All so some insecure people can have their "feel good" fix that will do absolutely nothing to enhance or enforce their imagined "privacy".
  7. Yup, and in the meantime we break thousands of pieces of content, even decimating a few whole industires, most of which cannot be realistically or easily fixed. Despite the ignorant protestaions of some,..
  8. And this is why stuff like this still happens with as little opposition as it does,... Double the scripts running for a product there by increasing lag or,... you know wut nvrmnd,.. some people refuse to get the point.
  9. No the content CANNOT be fixed. Unless I start giving out the scripts that my business is based on full perm so they can copy it into their own so it will work,... Try convincing ANY content maker that that's a good idea or an acceptable solution,... "oh, just give out copies of your product full perm so they can be copied and then they'll work,.." THAT is what you and other people are not understanding. People build things like online indicators to be used in clubs, land rental etc so that the OWNER of that business can indicate whether certain employees, dancers, customer service etc, are
  10. I agree, this is going to do absolutely nothing to enhance any sort of real privacy while at the same time breaking thousands of products across the grid. I also agree that in this instance, the broken items cannot be fixed and the removed functionality cannot be "worked around". I am having as much trouble getting my staff and some clients to understand this as you are. LL is effectively rmeoving basic functionality from the scripting system that has existed for as long as SL scripting has existed, and upon which literally thousands of content items are based and even to some degree whole SL
  11. Logging into and out of another grid is an unacceptable solution to testing large numbers or regular testing of medium numbers of textures, when the existing solution works and doesnt harm or impinge on anyone, other than LL's revenue stream,...
  12. Im annoyed to no end about the breaking of the scripts relying on getting a users online status, i fail to see how this is in anyway, a privacy issue, when the same thing can been seen multiple ways using LL or any other viewer. This feature alone will break multiple pieces of content across the grid. Including my entire empoyee status system which relies on the function, some of the rest of which was created by people no longer in SL, forcing owners of said products to buy new versions from different vendors, when nothing was wrong with the old one. Also including some new functions recently
  13. ARC is an almost totally arbitrary, and mostly useless measurement. I simply ignore it with nk ill effects.
  14. If the first frame of your anim isn't marked as a key frame or in some way becomes corruptecd, SL will choke hard on it. The rest of the frames in it aren't as important.
  15. The problem may be the GMA onboard video. If you can, slap another 1GB stick of RAM in that Mini, should help a bit. Between what the GPU is taking and the system, you may be a little light on memory. Despite what Apple says the oldest mac mini's can still take 2GB of total memory. Might require you to open the case though. The issue with 1.23 isn't limited to Macs either, I've seen several people complain about it. If they dont fix it before the next update and obsoleteing 1.22 I wont be able to play SL anymore. If I try to use 1.23 and have Glow enabled, "Basic Shaders", I cant move
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