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  1. Except for the fact when anything like that even attempts to happen, the Newport moral authority tp's in and ruins it.
  2. A gaming laptop for under 650$ with low lag and can run medium graphics can be found in the same place that sells unicorns and faerie dust.
  3. If it has volume control, turn it to the lowest setting.
  4. Can people PLEASE figure out that there is no such thing as a "good SL capable laptop"
  5. so it wasn't the thing that would spam you with grant permission boxes or anything like that?
  6. I heard of this thing being some sort of linden taker thingy or spam device. Well, someone tried to give it to me, and I declined. But does anyone know the mythos behind these things?
  7. THIS: Alec Windlow: I live in a constant state of facepalm
  8. God you're gonna ruin my nerdragist cred with telling people about my mad shopping and fashion skillz. also never ever recommend Redgrave to anyone ever again or I will beat with you a greased up brasilbot.
  9. Note to all men in SL: Women do not find this hot. And the ones that do I wouldn't schtupp with a 60 foot pole.
  10. What about not getting a laptop? SL eats laptops like a tornado eats trailer parks not unlike the one you live in now.
  11. Faubio.Alter wrote: Hmm are you a retard, as you say? Well ................ I'm not sure but you are rude. By the way, some might take offense at the word "retard", it is rude slang but then that would require some sensitivity to other people a trait the rude lac.Thats retarded, emo kid.
  12. To report abuse over Voice Chat hit Ctrl+Q then hit Return/Enter quickly. This will effectively discontinue such abuse. Seriously, man up ya weenie. Either RAAAAAAAAGE BACK, or end the voice call. Abuse of Abuse Reports is a serious issue on SL.
  13. I somehow managed to never have the "Windows Experience" I never get a virus on my own computer...I can push it to the limits before it freezes...the only crashing I had was a hardware issue, nothing to do with the OS, never lost my work, it defragments itself, it updates itself...so all the pro-Mac propaganda about viruses and crashing and the whole Windows Experience just never resonates with me. It leads me to believe most of the Windows Experience is just a series of PEBKAC errors that can easily be solved with be less stupid.
  14. Oh god not a fanboy. Macs are not that great. I've had more trouble in the past with crashing/freezeups with my iMac than I ever had with my Win7/BSD. You might think your Mac is better because you seem to be a "light user" If you actually played video games and did importent things, you would understand young padawan. Which that is okay..I guess. Macs are built for graphic design, video editing, light use, and 16 year old girls. But don't fanboy in this thread. It makes you look dumbcaeks.
  15. Not be a dumbarse. Seriously, best advice ever. I never had a virus on my own computer (shared family computers, oh god yes. Oh the viri) I stay away from Kazaa, AOL, russian/korean sites I don't know, use Ad Block Plus...OMG Ad Block Plus is better than the best antivirus/firewall.
  16. Its cool...and newp. I'm a Sagittarius. or Scorpio depending on what paper you read. Identify more with Sagittarius though.
  17. Imma go cut my wrists now...and then write in my LiveJournal about it..and shop at HotTopic. Bella and Edward never had this issue! /wrist /wrist /flounce /adds more eyeliner. I don't know how things worked in Forum Land but round myuah we try not to act like 16 year old girls, mkay. Incidentally enough, there are 16 year old girls on this Flog.
  18. Sometimes people post things so....eh... that I don't even know how to reply except "/facepalm" This is one of those times.
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