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  1. I feel like I am living in a dystopian Kafkaesque Nazi nightmare from which I can’t wake up.

    OTOH, I feel a warm solidarity with everyone except the white supremacist murder suicide group. We are in this together as we have never been in my lifetime. We are united not by the color of our skin but the content of our character.



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  2. 22 hours ago, Emma Krokus said:

    I've had similar messages when I have been in a lagged sim - it seemed like it took time for the contents to register.

    (I don't believe the 0,0 applies to opening boxes - I think it's to do with restore to position.)


    You were right!  From the customer:

     OK, my fault, I was just too excited to set it up on my island and didn't wait for it to load. Sorry for the bother.

  3. 25 minutes ago, Emma Krokus said:

    I've had similar messages when I have been in a lagged sim - it seemed like it took time for the contents to register.

    (I don't believe the 0,0 applies to opening boxes - I think it's to do with restore to position.)


    Thanks Emma. I did tell her to relog, try different region -- will report back if mastery solved.

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  4. I got this message from a customer:

     purchased the Wolf Creek Cabin from the Marketplace yesterday. When I right click on the box to open and transfer to inventory the contents I receive this message there are no items in the object that you are allowed to copy. I have read through all your FAQ's. What am I doing wrong?”


    I have sold the house for several years with no problem but have never seen this before. I dimly recall that there was something about owning the land at 0,0 in order to copy? Anyone encountered this ?

  5. On 5/29/2021 at 10:35 AM, Kyrah Abattoir said:

    How do you test how your objects look then? On Firestorm only?

    Although my post is four years old the answer is the same. I make everything how I like it to look with my browser, with my Windlight, with my graphics settings. Rarely any post processing. All but the oldest items are kept displayed in my four region store. 

    Anyone is free to decide if they like how something looks on their browser and computer with their windlight. I don’t try to be all things to everyone.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

    For someone who comments so often on methods of argumentation, you show remarkably little skill at it, Nalates. I've been going toe-to-toe in discussions for three decades and your performance today is among the worst I've ever seen.

    The most disturbing thing about recent history is discovering how many of one’s acquaintances/ friends / family members one always thought were smart and enlightened but turn out to be neither.


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  7. All LL has to do to reduce spam keywords by half is to reduce the size of the keyword field. 

    Removing creator names from product name search would go farther.

    I don’t get what is so hard, but after years of suggesting these things I have to assume something about it must be devastatingly difficult.

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  8. 57 minutes ago, Arielle Popstar said:

    I get the distinct impression that you and a few others are more about scoring political brownie points and playing a blame game rather than looking for solutions that might save a life or two while the vaccine rolls out. How is that working for you? 

    No one has to “look for solutions”. Read the signs posted everywhere about masking etc. 

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  9. 13 minutes ago, Qie Niangao said:

    We better pray there isn't another pandemic during those decades.

    Unfortunately I didn't catch the source, but I heard somewhere in the past couple days a detailed comparison of those economies that practiced "mitigation" such as North America and the EU, vs those that practiced "zero tolerance" lockdown strategies such as Korea, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, etc. There's no way to make that a complete apples-to-apples comparison, I'm sure, but just knowing what we do about how those economies performed, it's pretty clear that "mitigation" was a colossally expensive failure.

    As I understand the distinction, "zero tolerance" means strict lockdowns until there is no community transmission that is not completely contact-traced forward and back such that every single case fits into a comprehensive family tree of transmission. The theory is that once a health system can do that, the virus is "under control". That's a lot easier with abundant, accurate testing, but given enough patience and enforcement it can be done with no testing at all, and is really the only practical option if there's not plenty of a super effective vaccine on the immediate horizon.

    It not only saves lives, but in the case of COVID-19, it saved economies.

    I don't much care what happens to Former Guy, but the West better get smarter about fighting pandemics, and fast. This has been one unforced error after another, causing hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths in North America alone. I'd sure rather spend time and effort improving our capacity for future response, rather than trying to identify which faceless  Hubei functionary was even more guilty of cover-up than all his guilty colleagues, or which half-witted American politician screwed the pooch even more than all the others.

    The same people who helped us reach 400k unnecessary covid deaths are now working to ensure the pandemic is unending. 40% of Republicans say they will not take the vaccine, presumably the same ones who refuse to mask. 

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  10. 5 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

    The complexity of the calculus might well prevent bringing anyone to "justice". Those on the right can and will argue that the cure has been worse than the disease. At the very beginning of this, Wisconsin's own Ron Johnson argued that losing a few million vulnerable Americans to Covid-19 was better than imposing economic hardship on far far more. I imagine he'll view the loss of less than a million as evidence we over reacted.

    We'll be arguing about this for decades to come. One man's cognitive dissonance...

    It never was a tradeoff, one or the other. It was always about getting the virus under control SO we could save both lives AND the economy. Instead Trump et al pushed opening businesses — FORCING super spreader meat packing plants to open without effective safety measures — at the expense of lives. To further accelerate reaching herd immunity, they ridiculed and still ridicule masking and social distancing, and went around knowingly hosting or supporting every kind of super spreading event. 



  11. 40 minutes ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

    I am so angry right now.

    I am at the point of thinking it's time to start hitting those who are spreading disinformation that is literally killing people with lawsuits and criminal charges.

    I am hearing discussion about eventually bringing charges against the worlds most dangerous spreader of lies. He and his spreaders such as those in this forum cost hundreds of thousands of lives, including medical personnel risking their lives. 

  12. 25 minutes ago, Evah Baxton said:

    This is great! Thank you.

    Isn't this always a risk with any sort of virus? What if the mutations just create less deadly viruses?

    Natural selection means that variants that transmit more efficiently will become dominant, given time. More effective transmission means more infections and potential deaths. We are in a desperate race to get enough people on the planet vaccinated before variants can become dominant. 

    Also, although current variants appear to be thwarted by current vaccines, it is likely if we don’t take action that future variants will require and endless cycle of updated vaccines. 

  13. 29 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Based on the posts here,  one might conclude that the below is picturing only "Republican Conservative Trump-Die-Hards" -- you know, since those are the only folks that run around mask-less, not caring if they are being careless about COVID protocols.

    Something tells me that all of these pictured people are not in the Trump corner though.



    Probably not 100%. Not all sociopaths are GQP.

    Probably not 100%. Not all sociopaths are GQP


  14. 1 hour ago, Drayke Newall said:

    Glad I could bring some insight. The Aboriginal culture is absolutely amazing with dreamtime etc. Definitely worth a good read into.

    You would be surprised. I do understand how trump did influence some states and get that, I truly do. I also do understand that trump did have an enormous following. That said, it wasn't just those states that he influenced that didn't follow directives that were organised and released by the CDC, your top medical experts etc. There were other states that just didn't follow through.

    You say to Fairre that: "While on paper it appears state power is separate from federal power, in order for any official to remain in the good graces of their chosen party they must tow the party line to a greater". Absolute tosh! They would have to wait for elections to be carried out to be replaced democratically which didn't happen during the COVID period other than Georgia. What's more, lets say they went against their party and ended up now with being a COVID free state-wide for 10 months. Do you REALY think they will be thrown out? There would be a public uproar. If they are so scared of going against their party rather than doing what is best for their constituents then I would tell them to grow some.

    Further, it wasn't just a state and federal thing, the courts also got involved due to American citizens getting their nickers in a knot because their rights were being temporarily removed.  

    USA needed zero community transmission and keeping the country locked from the outside with quarantine systems in place for those coming in thereafter. At no point did any state or the USA get down to zero community transmission or deaths, in fact just after that 3 stage plan was released many states were seeing increased community transmission at the time and  yet they still opened. There was a decrease after the lockdowns were introduced however it never reached zero which was a mistake.

    Don't believe me? This link has all the graphs showing that cases were still rising after April when the 3 phase was implemented due to people just plain and simply refusing to follow orders - including protestors. United States Coronavirus: 27,690,851 Cases and 476,305 Deaths - Worldometer (worldometers.info)

    Now given that at no point was there a reduction to zero community transmission states still reopened.

    Here is where the states stand in May 2020 when according to the data cases were still rising in the USA This is where all 50 states stand on reopening - CNN.com. Just unbelievable that in some cases like Oregon where they did the right thing and extended the stay at home order to July, they were overruled by the court once again, as I mentioned in previous posts, because Americans just cant put aside their liberties for a little bit for the greater good. 

    You can not state that Trumpism was to blame. I get that there is such a thing and had some small impact, but none of those 50 states followed the procedures to zero community transmission not even democratic led ones. Even if there was no 3 stage policy in place, common sense should have prevailed in thinking you needed zero transmission before reopening everything.

    Read the Wikipedia page of the Social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States - Wikipedia specifically under reopening. Now yes it does say that trump was being his usual wishy washy self, however surely States can use their brain without relying on a person that told people to drink bleach or sunlight.

    I will repeat again NONE of this has anything to do with politics. It has EVERYTHING to do with citizens following directives without those citizens trying to overrule by going to courts or influence states in changing their rules. That also includes states being tough and sticking to their guns. Americans have no one else to blame (including trump, democrats, republicans, Biden etc) except THEMSELVES, as in the citizens for the mess.

    If you cannot see past trump then I will just agree to disagree.

    You are not well informed. If you care: Do a search of “Trump pandemic response timeline.” 

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  15. 47 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

    I think Rowan is saying that there are people who's actions actually work against their beliefs. I've run into countless people in forums over the years who retard the causes they fight for because their tactics are counterproductive. There are also people who get behind causes without actually believing in them, possibly because they feed off the antagonism or, worse yet, to sabotage them.

    In the absence of people like Rowan, who'll call out either ineffective or disingenuous support for BLM, the movement runs the risk of being "hampered by helpers".


    No doubt there are people who base their positions on other peoples’ forum arguments. But BLM?? People poured into the streets, not just for a day, but day after day. Not just in America, but worldwide. In Paris, in London — they chanted George Floyd’s  name. 

    Yet people formed their opinion of the movement based on how much they liked forum members? If so, their opinions are not worth much, and trivialize BLM.


    An aside:  About how radical this march was: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/07/03/us/george-floyd-protests-crowd-size.html 

    This world map is absolutely mind blowing:


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