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    Loving Clarity wrote:


    Will there be another OH this week?  if so, could we get some sort of update about the time/place/agenda?

    I try to post this info the the SLCM inworld group but can't if it's not announced somewhere.  lol


    According to the info posted, that was the last OH. Going forward LL will have User Groups. The Commerce UG will be comprised of a cross section of merchants -- you can volunteer to be one, then a representative group will be chosen.  Not the same one every week. So I imagine Brooke will be informing us all how we may volunteer, before she announces anything else.


    Maybe us Merchants need to get the contact info of CEO LINDEN and start expressing our concerns to him.

    Forget the small group meeting between Brooke and a sampling of us Merchants.  This meeting should be between a sampling of us Merchants and CEO, LEGAL, COMMERCE.  We need to talk with the persons that actually have the power to negotiate and make changes


    Okay Toy then you and those who think like you confront Rod Humble and LL legal advisors l and be sure to let us know how that goes.


    dana Archer wrote:


    Thank Brooke for the list, it's quite comprehensive.

    I would just like to add to  edit item/create item improvements

    when creating/editing a listing and you make changes or create the item, the page takes you back to the first page of your inventory, tells you it's successful or not. It resets the number of items back to 10, which you then may have to change up to 100 and find your new item/just edited item or you have type the name into search. Then you hit preview...and each time you make a change you have to rinse and repeat.

    Why cant you preview your listing/changes from within the editing screen?


    Yes, please -- so annoying.


    Darrius Gothly wrote:


    Brooke Linden wrote:

    ... Here's the agenda I've pulled together:


    *blink blink* That has got to be the most exhaustive and comprehensive list of issues I've ever seen from anyone. AND this one was put forth by the Linden in charge of fixing those issues.

    Oh yeah, I'm feeling a LOT more confident that I'm backing a winner in this race. And that's no bull.

    Thank you Brooke!

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is either not paying attention or has not been paying attention for months.


    We have been asking for a "We hear ya!"  as a first step. We have that -- at last. (And without the insults and contempt shown by one other Linden in the Roundtable.)

  5. Yes we were promised much back in May, in the way of reporting and tools, that got left by the wayside.

    It is a shame that this maturity thing has further derailed the fixing of bugs (though Brooke says that remain a priority) and the addition of necessary features. But I imagine the Commerce Team would have been the last to want to have to deal with maturity ratings, and are simply doing what they have been told to do.

  6. Brooke has already said she will use only text at the next meeting.


    Honestly, I cannot see how anyone can expect her to do any better/more than she is. She is doing everything we have pleaded the Commerce Team to do, and more. That is not to say that she and the team will do everything perfectly, but she has certainly demonstrated that she will solicit and listen to feedback, and will adjust course when needed.

    I am sure the maturity settings were not her idea -- yet the almost impossible task of doing so is hers.


    Loving Clarity wrote:


    Pamela Galli wrote:


    That was not an OH, it was a quick focus group in prep for the real OH, which will be entirely about Maturity, on Thurs. She is now better prepared for the Thurs. meeting than if she had not taken the initiative to have some questions answered beforehand.

    no, I'm talking about the thread marked "user group 2/3"


    It's confusing as it seems she has renamed her OH "user groups" or she just mistyped and meant to call it office hours and user groups ARE the other little meetings she's spoken of.

    Quoted from that post "In order to try accomodating different schedules, I'm having this week's user group (formerly called office hours) at 9am PST on Thursday, 2/3."

    Was replying to Ciaran, Loving.

  8. No one knows exactly what the User Groups are, just that they will be representative in some way. My guess is that they might be pulled from different time zones, so everyone will have a chance to attend.


    I do agree that OHs as they are, are fine. Since I no longer have any sort of sleep schedule, I am available to attend any that interest me, and would not want to be excluded from those. But I don't see pulling a focus group for quick feedback is a problem.


    Ann Otoole wrote:


    Pamela Galli wrote:

    To me that's kind of like saying successful business people don't burn time reading the WSJ.

    I see the point you want to make. However to compare these forums to the WSJ is ridiculous.


    To me pretty much everything about SL is ridiculous :-) (One reason I like it so much.)

    But this is where I get most of my business news and information, plus hear a lot of discussion about how things work, etc. I guarantee that most merchants in SL have never heard of Brooke Linden or the new maturity ratings.

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