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  1. The bots specifically -- said from one fish to the other in the same tiny, inconsequential fishbowl.  :smileyindifferent:

    I'll admit to a bit of personal botcism (is that a word?).  I don't like the idea of bots, pathfinding, driverless vehicles or the other things some people want to introduce to SL because, to me, SL should be about life and about people.  Live people.  An army of mindless drones carrying out whatever inane task their creator has set for them just feels like death to me.  Is this the world they wanted?

    I tend to imagine most of these bot owners hunched over at their computers with life-sized cutouts of people behind them in their room, because that's exactly the world they're forcing on the rest of us.

  2. Speaking from absolutely no experience or insight, to me it sounds like just another bot infestation, perhaps for traffic or monitoring purposes.  What has me shaking my head in disbelief is the fact that any person behind the keyboard would think it's worthwhile to spend so much time and talent on such a foolish thing.

    But as Perrie asked, are they all Resident or are they all using display names as FirstName LastName?  Or might they be legacy names?  ( Already imagining an army of Brendens and Natalias constructed years ago for nefarious purposes. )

  3. Drake1 Nightfire wrote:

    Janelle Darkstone wrote:

    I'd like to think I'm not a boring person.  However, when I'm really,
    bored, SL is the absolute
    place I'd think of to get un-bored.

    Masochism is a different story, though.

    Re-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-ally... Well now.. that... sounds like fun.

    /me makes a mental note to hang out with Janelle more, remembering a tunnel excursion that ended up with him in a RLV trap..

    I should clarify...

    I completely understand the OP's sentiment.  For me, SL isn't boring as much as it is frustrating and annoying.  Yes, you do have to make your own fun if you want to get anywhere in this virtual world but sometimes it's just so pointless.  I mean, there are dozens of ideas and projects in music and machinima I'd like to do with SL, but once you get into it and realize the amount of effort to get it done right, you understand the futility.  It's like pushing molasses uphill with chopsticks; it's doable, but why bother?

    So, for me, SL is boring.  The SL world is boring.  With the exception of a very, very few wonderful souls I've met, the people are freaking boring too.  I'm one of those introverted weirdos who can stay home on a Friday night and be perfectly content in my own mind, and I sure don't need SL for that.  :smileywink:

  4. At times like this I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to call a phone number and have someone come out to your house, hover over your shoulder and show you this stuff.

    This is all just my opinion, but I think you should take all of the information offered on the official "Knowledge Base" with a massively huge grain of salt.  It's my firm belief that Linden Lab couldn't write a proper, square-one, common sense FAQ or help article on how to operate a toaster.  Take Controlling your avatar's appearance page for instance; it's most likely the first page a totally new user might click on looking for information on how to change their appearance, and as you can see it's painfully, criminally brief, with half of the page dedicated to 'avatar physics'.  Avatar physics is one of the absolute LAST things a new user would need any information about when they're just starting out and everything is frustratingly convoluted and confusing.

  5. In my humble opinion, I wish SL had:

    The smoothness, continuity and lush color and flair of World of Warcraft ( and the music! )

    and the size and the ability to get lost, like, really lost -- of the original EverQuest.

    and still kept the boundless options for customizing and open-endedness.


    Of course, being able to strap an oversized view-master to my face and wave my hands around like a moron would just be icing on the cake.

  6. Madelaine McMasters wrote:

    Janelle Darkstone wrote:

    The picture of the family all wearing headsets and ignoring each other even though they're all within arm's reach?

    The cat appears to be leaving.  He's the only one with any sense.

    He's actually returning to his room, where he'll log in and have virtual sex with everyone in the family. What's not clear from the picture is whether he's playing human, or they're playing cat.

    Some questions ( and their associated mental images ) should never, ever be asked or brought to mind.

    This was one of them.

  7. I'm using a LOGO Sadie mesh head at the moment and in my opinion it has its plusses and minuses.  Knowing what I know now I would've stayed with my previous skin and face.

    On the plus side for pictures, the face looks really good from all angles.  Lots of makeup, eye color and hair base options.

    On the minus side the facial expressions are static and very limited.  The mouth doesn't open at all.  Also, when you TP in somewhere you appear as a giant head for a moment or two, and knowing how a lot of other users see the world (with slower computers and rendering capabilities) that's kind of worrisome.

    On the whole I wouldn't recommend mesh heads unless you have specific needs in mind, or after some time in which they are designed a little better.

  8. Another thing to remember about SL is all advice should be taken with a grain of salt.  Everyone has their own idea on what works and what doesn't and in a lot of cases you should find a possible solution and test it to make sure it works for your specific situation, every time.  I clear my cache somewhat regularly like you do and I refuse to be swayed otherwise.  For instance, it doesn't make much sense to me to have a cache full of textures from a single trip to some tacky store I'll never visit again.

    Am I misinformed?  Probably.  Do I care?  No.

    Do what works.

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