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  1. I would like to thank everyone who responded. It would appear that there should be no problem with using the latest version of GreenLife Viewer. I suppose if Modular Systems were just a little more conscientious about providing some documentation it would have helped immensely. I want to be sure and stay in compliance with TOS and with all the talk of content theft and viewers that helped with this, a guy just doesn't want to get caught up in a guilt by assosication type senario. I do feel that GreenLife Emerald has many functions that I so wish the standard SL viewer had but until that happens I, hopefully, can assume (you know what happens when you do that!) that it is safe to continue using the new version even though they don't tell anybody what the new features are or how to use them. It might even be nice if they at least explained what the new features were for and allow you the option of disabling them for those of us who will probably never have use for them. (Or at least don't know if we do or not for the above mentioned reason) Again, thanks to everyone for your input and advice.
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