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  1. Giving away items in Linden sandboxes, including "buy for L$0" freebies, is fine. What's not allowed is selling up a for-profit store. And yes, if you set an object to sell as Original, the person who buys it will take ownership of the object inworld, wherever it is — they don't need to rez it from their inventory. If you made the object and want to give them unrestricted abilities to modify, make sure all permissions are checked. And if you make something in a sandbox and just want others to be able to move it around, check the Anyone: Move checkbox as shown in the screenshot. The Anyone: C
  2. Raul, delighted you asked. That's a great screencap with annotation — Skitch? That robot is "Sani", a sneak peak at and part of our forthcoming collection of new starter avatars which also includes the tiger on the cake. I don't have a date of release but Renn Yifu, the robotmaker Linden Lab's Experience Design Team worked with, has stylistically related, badass Marketplace goods you may wanna check out in the meantime. DOES COMPUTE.
  3. @Chelsea No offense taken. Besides, I'm more of a Muppets fan myself. It's not easy being green and pink, you know? Another useful tip that's overlooked is to change your camera so that you see the front of your avatar as you're walking, jumping, and doing other stuff inworld so you have a better idea how others are seeing you:
  4. Every year we celebrate Second Life's birthday, there's a lot to see and do. Want to get an easy overview of some of the coolest stuff at SL8B? Check out the Destination Guide's SL8B category, where your Editorial Team has awesomely curated some of the hottest spots. It's a fast way to get a preview before you teleport in — especially considering that some places are initially going to be packed. Is your SL8B exhibit not listed? Submit it to us! Party on, like, totally.
  5. My wife is still in SL. Ravenelle Feaver, rezdate of December 13, 2002. Although she mainly uses her Ravenelle Zugzwang account now. And what has got her interested lately? Why, the new graphical lighting + shadows eye candy, as shown on her Flickr stream! I always had a thing for older women... And yes, Steller Sunshine is still around. She's a living SLegend. Incidentally, her beanstalk appears on one of the new login screens, shown in a "fresh light". My way of tipping my hat in respect to these early creators:
  6. I believe common consensus is that the spiky/clumpy system mesh hair is a sure sign of noobness, or you have a non-realistic avatar which it suits well. (Or you're a griefer, haha.) A tough thing for some is balancing chat between inworld open chat and IMs. IMs to me can be like a cellphone or getting distracted doing texting, where your focus is drawn away from the immediate space in front of you, and transported remotely. So I've learned to be more conscious of that over time. The wearing weapons thing is interesting: I once was discouraged by my managers from bearing arms early in my Lind
  7. You may know that you can change a variety of options in your community.secondlife.com Preferences, but some of those features are also presented more upfront. For example, when viewing any specific board, click Board Options. If you want to change from "threaded" to "flat" view, click Linear Format. Or click List by Topics to go back to threaded. What I fancy is being able to show newest posts instead of newest-started threads. To do this, click Sort by Latest Post Date, as shown here: At the bottom is an Edit My Preferences link that takes you to the preferences I mentioned. Do you hav
  8. As you're getting into SL photography, it can be really useful to compare different graphics settings so you know how they'll affect the outcome of your shoot. Earlier, I did a help page on antialiasing showing why it matters to smooth jagged edges! This feature isn't turned on by default, even on high-end computers, so if you've got the power, switch it on. Due to the curiosity in our advanced lighting and shadows finally being supported in the "main" SL Viewer after an enduring experimental tenure, our Documentation Team has also done a help page explaining lighting and shadows further. I
  9. I dig the somewhat-retro vibe of your poster and the infinity-records design. Also, how you can turn infinity on its side and it looks like an "8". DJ Xilion, is that "special mix" the one I'm thinking of? Courtney earlier shared something with me, wherein I heard not only a familiar voice, but was touched by the Residents wishing SL a happy bday. I was totally smiling massive. Gotta represent, yo!
  10. Some churches and houses of worship can be found in the Destination Guide's Spirituality & Belief category. And because I heart how you guys are sharing pictures, here's a lovely one I found at Mikrokosmos:
  11. I remember some incredible skywriting achievements. Some clever Resis scripted objects that could translate a bitmap image into a face that covered a region. I had some examples that were fairly recent but can't find them at the moment, I'd welcome attempts to compile these into an album. I saw brief love notes on occasion. My own island, aptly named Torley, has a simple 5x5 matrix showing my watermelon colors. Definitely influenced by what I saw before. And I have another island where terraforming is free for all — thanks to Marigold for this pic, how appropriate that she replies here!
  12. I miss when we could landmark a place before teleporting there. I used to build up grand lists of places to explore, one after another without having to clutter my screen with search and profile windows. In time after, the intermediary steps to copy SLurls were clunky as opposed to a one-click "add landmark to my inventory"-type thing. It's often for this reason that I use inworld search sparingly compared to browsing the web externally and saving SLurls from Flickr and other sites I frequent, using my browser's bookmarks as an extended landmark catalogue— plus, it's a lot more visually expan
  13. Peewee's observation is a true sign of real Resident experience. I've been caught by the same problem before — Dana, despite you setting that option, I agree we should make Select Only My Objects (and related features) more obvious if it's silently blocking you from what you want to get done. This could be a simple first-run notification prompting you to disable it. Especially since even though your friend's objects aren't technically yours, you have been granted the ability to modify them.
  14. From my understanding (since I <3 taking photos with shadows and have been updated on recent developments), while shadows is supported in the main SL Viewer at last, it's still being actively worked on and tweaked as we measure performance. This has resulted in some interesting developments, like shadows finally working with Macs that have ATI graphics cards. Of course, it's not cool to have shadows stop working on cards you'd expect it to be fine on as in Dottie's case, and the 58xx range includes some pretty high-performance ones. A few other suggestions for now, if reverting for the tim
  15. I got good info from some Lindens: if your GPU isn't recognized, please list it in this Bug Tracker issue. Share this link with everyone who asks about related stuff in future forum threads.
  16. @Ariel Definitely see this video from your friendly Destination Guide editors, a variety of atmospheres from realistic to surrealistic, all awesome!
  17. I'm delighted that Oz & team have revived WindLight Region Settings and have made it a reality — and not just a virtual one, haha. Some of you veteran Residents may recall the running joke of bugging me every few weeks/months to ask "When's server-side WindLight coming out?" after the then-team made the declaration that 2008 would be the year. And being the keen believer in followup that I am, I made the promise of sharing forth when it came true. YES. NOW. While we haven't faced the marathon o' endurance that, Duke Nukem Forever has had, a la Poltergeist, I'll say: "WE'RE HERE." @Penny Y
  18. Also, for future reference: yes, the System Requirements page is sadly outdated and has been for a long time (which I'm going to plead with my fellow Lindens about, again), but all supported graphics cards can't specifically be listed there... it would be a wall of text. I do want clarity so you can make an informed buying decision, so at least, we should update the SysReq to show the current supported generations, including the AMD Radeon 6xxx series. And I'll notify the right folks to check that this particular graphics card is on our "lookup table".
  19. Yes, that's right, despite all its crashy foibles, I've braved the experimental graphics features that I hope will be commonly used by us in the future. Outside of Second Life, I am SO in love with tilt-shift and other forced-perspective photography that makes skyscrapers look like models! Combine that with nostalgic, lo-fi feelings of our collective childhood memories and there's loads of emotion in there. So when Runitai Linden let me know about DOF, I couldn't resist but shoot some "toy sets". But yeah, those are real avatars shot natively inworld... it's your brain playing tricks on you!
  20. @Melita OMG I would SO crack up over parody breedables! It'd be like what Garbage Pail Kids are to Cabbage Patch Kids... or if you dare, worse. I heart these kinds of inside jokes and cultural humor for those who "get it". I saw an apparently rare Clover Meeroo, which makes me have some hope that if you crossbreed that with a pink Meeroo (do they exist?), you'd get a watermelon one! And then I'd breed those like singularity bunnies until I get ARed to infinity and beyond — sigh, I get carried away.
  21. I'm bumping this thread, as I regularly come across situations where someone would be well-served knowing Con Wylie's Script Generator and related tools exist! Con told me about the following improvements. In his words: I have updated the tool with a mobile (iPhone/iPod and iPad) webapp and created a downloadable offline program for Windows, Linux and Mac. To make it easy to see I have added a syntax highlighter for the code that updates on-the-fly.
  22. OMG OMG OMG... I LOVE cyber places in Second Life and when sound is used to enrich the senses! Do you have specific SLurls to where these sounds are playing? I think I know which ones you're referring to, but they'd help others understand. I like me a hearty stew of whirrs, clicks, bleeps, and other digital glitches. Maybe we should start a compilation of coolest soundscapes in SL. Ever used Advanced menu > Highlighting and Visibility > Highlight Transparent? That can help you find invisible sound sources, so you can contact the creators. Maybe some of them are sound designers that ha
  23. the ominous sound of a thousand prims rumbling from some eldritch vortex beyond my line of sight. "Could it possibly be?" I wondered, heading towards...
  24. Hey, that was rather serendipitous... when did that happen? Last couple of days? I don't precisely know myself. After an internal request came my way, I submitted new imagery some weeks ago. YAYZERAMA FRESH SPLASH-LOGIN SCREENS. Anyway, this time around, after all the requests I got last time, yes, I kept track of the place and cool things featured. These were supposed to be linked to on the login screen itself, but I don't see that yet. I'm going to post attributions linked to the Login screen help page, so check that later if you're curious where they were... taken. @Luc Alas, no change (
  25. Nya, this is a known issue which I've experienced too on a 480 GTX. Do you also notice the Viewer window eventually turns black — and SL even crashes — if you keep toggling those preferences, or toggling the user interface? For my own problems, Runitai Linden (who's been engineering these graphics features) mentioned this is due to OpenGL driver memory fragmentation, and the latest mesh-development build should "greatly mitigate" this issue, though you may still notice problems. I haven't tried that latest build yet but, if you're adventurous for 3rd-party viewers, I've had more stability in
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