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  1. You may already know that you have a profile feed at my.secondlife.com (a la Facebook, Twitter... "social media" stuff)

    For example, mine's @ https://my.secondlife.com/torley.linden

    But did you know you can post snapshots to it? (See mine for example!)


    Post to My Profile Feed is one of my fave features. If you want to get in on the fun:

    1. Download the latest Second Life Viewer. (3.2.4 or newer.)
    2. Select World menu > Snapshot (or use Ctrl+Shift+S, the ol' snapshot shortcut).
    3. Click Post to My Profile Feed.
    4. Enter an appropriate caption and click Post!

    In seconds, your snapshot should end up on your feed.

    Got feedback? Questions? Bug reports? I'll be sharing those with our social team. Feel free to post here for the record, but I'll be more actively watching my profile feed so come on over. :)

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  2. Oh friendly greetings! Oddball, thanks for your curiosity — I'm just grateful you noticed. :)

    Yes, best place to check for Second Life updates for me right now is my social profile @ https://my.secondlife.com/torley.linden Although I mainly lurk on the forums at present, I'll post every now and then when I feeI have something especially helpful to add.

    I haven't done a lot of video tutorials in awhile, but am always delighted to hear from Residents over the ages who've found them approachable and... friendly!

    At Linden Lab, I've been assigned to focus on other areas which are definitely a change of scenery. So there's getting used to that, and lots of exciting, fresh ground to cover. I can't reveal too much about the core of I'm doing right now, but I've been working with a talented and tight team... maybe in the not-so-distant future, I can share more! (That sounds crazy mysterious, eh?) Altho I know our CEO Rodvik has already spoken or given clues about some of the projects I'm involved with.

    @Knowl The music stuff is "another Torley" ;) with a distinct career outside of my Second Life work which isn't professionally affiliated with Linden Lab. As you can imagine, all of this keeps me rather occupied. Although the "worlds cross" complementarily every now and then — I've often used Torley music in my tutorials and promo videos

    . And right now I happen to be experimenting with some sound design at LL (yes, that's a clue).

    When it comes to identity, things can get mighty tricky. I'm still in the process of figuring out ways of distinguishing my different selves, which isn't a trivial matter, considering within SL alone, I've taken the form of hundreds of avatars — creative expression through virtual bodies. Here are 123 of them.

    P.S. I need to find a Where's Waldo! costume... in green + pink of course. In the meantime, I'm a landshark.


  3. Ever want to share what your avatar is wearing but found it too painful to type out each part? Do you run a fashion blog that presents beautiful outfits to readers and are sick of how long "style cards" take to prepare?

    Guess what? There's an easy way to "Copy outfit list to clipboard" in recent Viewers, including the newest 3.x! It's kinda buried and not an extravagantly glamorous thing, but it's a "little feature that saves a lot of time". Infact, I didn't know until Jonathan Yap pointed me to this page.

    Simply wear an outfit, click the option, and paste (Ctrl-V) it into any app that accepts standard text input! As shown here:

    Copy outfit list to clipboard.png

    Yes, I hope the next revision will also list item creators. But let me know your thoughts and feel free to share your style cards + piccies in this very appropriate forum. :D

  4. I heard my name? Thanks Keli, altho I think we can do better than living in a "SLum". :)

    (Weird how so many innuendo-laden words begin with SL, hmmm? And we need an easier multi-quote on here.)

    @Dresden Re:

    Has Torley done a video yet that explains all this stuff or do I just have to start posting in various places to figure out what ends up where? I'd like at least try to look like I know what I'm doing... lol.

    I haven't been making video tutorials as I used to, not enough time amidst all the other work projects I've been involved in — incidentally, a lot of my time has shifted to inworld exploration (for promo videos, content research, etc.), another of my other big passions here. Nor have I gotten a request from the social/profiles Lindens to do a vidtut on this whole "social profiles" thing yet. I have many questions myself, and since the feeds are new out of the gates, a LOT has to settle down. But given the opportunity, I'd certainly like to help Residents figure this out.

    Also, even if I don't have enough hours to work on edited vidtuts, I'm concurrently digging into quicker ways to make make and record quick video tips in minutes, using tools like Jing. Some help is far better than no help, and I hate seeing misunderstandings fester due to knowledge gaps.

    @Void Re:

    Torley is a good example, despite his irrepressible cheerfulness and exitment about playing with every new feature, he's been vocal in the past on things he saw as not being right, and done a lot to get them fixed."

    Yes, this is absolutely true, precisely because I continue to believe in experiencing SL as Resis do, and many times when I have a complaint about something, I find many independent opinions which support that, which makes it easier for me to advocate to Linden teams and show why it sucks. While they may not be heard publicly, rest assured other Lindens also raise "WTF?" flags at meetings. Just because someone represents LL doesn't mean they blindly agree with everything, there's a lot of healthy debate that happens before a feature ever goes public, and there's even more debate after that. To paraphrase Tron, "I fight for the Residents". Thanks for noticing!

  5. So, just about all of us can has objects we can sit on. But we want chairs that go above-and-beyond, and cohesively wrap various features into a ball so dense and powerful that it can cause the Grid's tectonic plates to go bow-chicka-wow.

    Here's what we're looking for:

    • One-click sit action to make sitting easier
    • Beautiful texturing and use of sculpties
    • Color or even shape-changing options
    • Low-prim (primfficiency = resourcefulness)
    • Multiple sit poses for males, females, etc.
    • Other novel features I haven't listed here

    Here's a picture of an awesome chair one of us Torleys sat on recently, by Yasuki Beck. Particularly nifty thing which isn't totally apparent because I'm floating, is that the seat cushion dents when you sit.


    But what else is out there? Have you sat on such a chair that it made your avatar butt glow? Hit us up, y0. We are COMMITTED to discovering awesome stuff in SL and sharing it with the rest of Linden Lab so there's greater awareness of the amazing things content creators are doing. FIRSTHAND FO REALZ.

  6. Corinne, I've noticed some screen capture apps outside of SL (like Evernote and Jing) freeze the screen when you activate a shortcut. This reminded me of SL's freeze frame, and what you suggest would be useful there — I've had enough problems with the built-in snapshot tools to where I don't use them outside of sending postcards, but for your workflow, I see how that it'd handy.

    And if I'm understanding you, YEAHHHH "lock your eyes on a fixed point" (without having to manually focus on an object?) would be da bomb, as well as altogether disabling/freezing eye movement. I know that blinking and twitching is meant to impart some organic, lively behavior to avatars, but it makes photography harder. I had a group shot with no less than a dozen avatars the other day, and it was tough to catch them all with eyes wide open. Altho, I thought there was a certain composure in expression in some of the blink-included shots. (This was one example where setting FRAPS to capture a pic every second automatically until I stopped it otherwise, came in ULTRA-handy. I've been doing more of that for time reasons, instead of rendering image sequences from a movie clip.)

  7. Like to stay on the cutting edge? Have you noticed something new while testing the SL Viewer Beta and are wondering where to learn more about it? Keep these resources close:

    If you're using the primary/main/official SL Viewer, you can always start here for Second Life help. As features become stable, help articles get moved to the Knowledge Base.

  8. k2, thanks for continuing this thread with your discoveries — I've found out about a few cool stores with atittude from you, and revisited some others I hadn't seen in awhile, and had gotten a redesign in the meantime.

  9. For both personal and work purposes, I have some "base" minimal looks that I can accessorize easily, and then save more complex outfits as-needed. I really find it useful to do a batch shopping spree with add-ons that I can peruse at a later time, then mix 'n' match to find combinations. Quite often though, my add-ons come through natural exploration: I may start with a fairly spartan look, then by the end of the day (or week), I'll have a fully loaded (and hopefully not too laggy) avatar!

    For my own expression as a human-ish form, I'll usually stick with a given skin for a long time, but vary makeups. I find it helps congeal my sense of identity while giving me the variety I crave. Things have somewhat stabilized now that I have a lot more experience with what's possible and what I want.

    I do check various scenes and Marketplace Featured Items (I love that random scrolling carousel on the front page!) to find out what the latest developments are firsthand, and/or knowledgeable Resis fill me in. :)

  10. Unholy mother of frakness, I just had to post here to let Incoherendt know the sheer lulz I got from that first pic (compounded by looking left both at the DERP DERP eyes in your badge and Cookie Monster). Would surely make a compelling argument for wearing a helmet, if that did any good...

    I'm a big fan of SLWTF pics, and while I don't have a particular weird screen_last at the moment, here's a few accidental and intentional pics I've spotted on Flickr.

    Also, on Windows, if you need help finding specific files or folders, I highly recommend Everything Search Engine (yes, that's what it's called). It's so simple and sweet that it should be included with the system.

  11. Corinne, thanks for taking the time to share! I like your attention to light, shading, and shadow — it helps highlight soft curves.

    Are you referring to the Freeze frame (fullscreen) option in the official SL Viewer? Or another viewer? I haven't really used that feature in ages, but I just tried it and it gets disabled as soon as I try to move my camera. (As I recall from way back, it takes a pixelated, distorted preview of what you see and is not well understood, so maybe I'm missing something!)

    Being able to do a "matrix style" thing would be helpful!

    [uPDATE] Oh, I see! After that distorted preview fades away, the scene is frozen. Cool... I'll have to devise uses for this. ^_^

    Another thing I've been doing more is using FRAPS to capture in lossless mode, since it's essentially taking multiple snapshots each second, which can be brutal on hard drive space at higher resolutions, but is useful for capturing partial emotes. I then load the clip into Sony Vegas, my video editor, and export the desired section as a sequence of still PNG images.

  12. Despite the provocative subject line, I think a more accurate phrasing is: "Why do some Residents love their breastesses so much that — OMGMYEYES!!!!" coupled with the less-sensationalist "What can we do to enlighten the masses about avatar physics?" For the record, I'm a Linden and I celebrate breasts. (Now I know this is going to get quoted. :P)

    As thoughtfully explained though, a lot of this comes down to education, such as this Knowledge Base article. Providing sensible presets and distributing them widely would empower a lot of people to realize that mmm, they can be used, shall I say, tastefully? Otherwise some peeps might just get the wrong impression. I'm a big fan of strong starting points. While I don't know of an LL initiative to do this at the moment, you can certainly propogate your preferred bouncology through the Marketplace, and like any product trend, some dominant themes will emerge.

    Despite that education, some people are going to go for crazy effects you may not agree with (whether this is due to ignorance, intention, lulz, or another curious reason), just like how a lot of muscular male avs have hyperbolically broad shoulders, or how we can make big booties that would humiliate J.Lo's posterior endowments. Fact: I was at a club in SL specifically catering to backside lovers. Avatar Sir Mix-A-Lot would've been in heaven.

    And Perrie, THIS is legend, I'm so sorry that I HAD to LOLOLOL at the visual image. Ali may have floated like a butterfly, but what about virtual silicone?

    Another girl, I thought maybe her partner was a pugilist, her breasts moving like a punching bag Mohamed Ali was practicing on.

  13. For me, it really depends on specific interaction style, regardless of person/company. There's also the perception that a "small business" is a lot more down-to-earth and approachable than a "megacorporation". And some SL businesses present themselves as a lot more fun and responsive than others.

    What I also appreciate is when a person and company make it clear they're linked, like on the Marketplace where brands are often named differently than their creator, and to complicate matters, with display names, you can change your name.

  14. 'Kay, so while I can't speak in-depth about the Marketing & PR aspects of things (I'll leave that to the Linden experts in that area), we actually do advertise on YouTube and other social sites. If there's somewhere — like a specific community — you think we should target which we aren't, say so! Maybe even at a User Group, altho there isn't one for Marketing.

    I've amassed a metric frakton of firsthand Resident experience over the years, and I'm currently in the Editorial Division of Linden Lab's Experience Design Team (or xD for short, if you get the emoticon reference). We've recently added some new team members who bring a lot of aesthetic talent and fresh perspective, and while it can be herculean to enact sweeping change, we're persisting, piece by piece. I'm fond of overcoming baggage while preserving our culture.

    Linden Lab hasn't actively used some of the pics Penny linked to in eons, although I totally agree with the finer points of every time I see appreciation for design. Every time we read feedback like that (and we do read a lot), our heads are like those water-drinking bird toys that keep bobbing up and down. I'm an avid gamer (read: shaderholic) and I've often talked with our engineers about how we can get some more of that expected gloss and shine in SL. Eye candy to support rich social creativity. What are we actually doing to make progress? Here are some examples that we can't toot the horn enough about:

    A big one is, as repeatedly suggested, we've worked with some awesome creators to come up with dozens of new avatars (that post also has other social news). You can wear them right now.

    You may have noticed us increasingly promoting the Destination Guide over time, so PEOPLE SEE COOL THINGS FIRST. We want to put that up front so newcomers are amazed without dickering around, and although we know many SLers are on lower-end hardware, tech keeps getting better and cheaper and there's still a lot of dynamics for improvement. Brett and Gabrielle Linden have been amazing with curating the DG and responding to Resident requests, check out the FAQ to learn how it works.

    Oh, and if you haven't done the "see the world as noobs do" thang in awhile, login in Basic mode.

    What's more, here's what a couple of our recent promo vids have looked like:

    Make sure to view fullscreen in HD! Brett and I collaborated on these, and I can certainly reassure you that while I was filming, at the forefront of my mind was thinking about all the times I've found wonder in SL thanks to our Residents. Then what I can teach to empower you. And I'm always growing and learning along with you, as new opportunities open up and there's a new floor of "Wow! You can do that?"

    And, I emphasize: this sentiment is also precisely why several of us believed we should have login screens (the first thing you see before going inworld!) that show you what's around the curve of what's possible with Second Life, and I took those pictures feeling madly inspired.

    As you can see, these "tectonic plates" are shifting.

    Yet, it's true, doing great things isn't enough. They have to be spread widely where people new to SL don't have to consciously think to ask about them, they can simply enjoy and dive in. Because as Seth Godin famously said, "Ideas that spread, win." And that's where awareness, whether it's word-of-mouth or ad campaigns, comes in.

    Highlighting most excellent Resident content also has the dual-wielded benefit of inspiring others about what's possible. I've heard from so many people who came in thinking they couldn't build or otherwise were subconsciously limiting their creativity, and now run successful businesses, sprawling RPGs, and other prosperous aspects of our community. Experimentation is inevitable, though, and that's why we have sandboxes (both literal and figurative) on our path of growth.

    And re: "social/game environment", our CEO Rodvik has shared some insight in recent interviews, with more to come.

    But, keep persisting with these ideas — I hate seeing great stuff that's still valid in the future get forgotten, and we Lindens need to be continually reminded of what's still true. At least I feel that way.

    tl;dr An excuse for me to share cool stuff :)

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