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  1. Yeah. That could be right. The big problem is that I don't know if they have muted me or if it's a failed delivery until they write me back a second time to tell me that they are annoyed that I didn't respond to their first enquiry. At that point, I can be certain that it comes down to them muting me somehow. I know it's inadvertant, but I can't fix the situation without finding someone else to IM them and tell them. Based upon the initial posts, I'm suspecting a large part of it is people still using 1.x based TPVs where some of the advances haven't taken place. I don't mute people, so I'm not really sure how 2.x+ viewers are handling it.
  2. Hmmm. Maybe there are just a large number of my customeres using old 1.x based viewers still.
  3. I can't even begin to count the number of times a customer contacts me with a "I bought such-and-so and it never arrived!" so I resend it with a message and then the next day they IM me again saying they still don't have it and they start to call me names for not getting back to them. Invariably, the solution is to find a friend to IM them and say, "Hey - you accidentally muted him and his stuff - unmute him and he'll send you your purcahase!" It doesn't seem that difficult to create a bit of warning text that would appear on the chat window that lights up if you IM someone who is on your mute list. Could also have another flag on their profile or something. I know steps are being taken to make that "Ignore" button further away so it's less likely to happen on delivery, but... it's still happening and it doesn't seem like it would add much overhead (if any) to check a local cache of the mute list when a profile and IM window is opened up.
  4. Rygel Ryba

    Mini-Map Control?

    I'm pretty sure if you hold your mouse over it and spin the wheel it goes in and out. I think that is standard in all viewers, but I'm not certain.
  5. Make sure you aren't wearing something that has taken your controls too. Take off any objects and huds you might have and if that sets you free - go through each one until you find out what is causing it.
  6. Slow down - they are there. When you return "All Items" - they will often group together in your lost and found with other items that were nearby. They will look like one object, and they will have the name of one of the object. Find yourself a sandbox or other area that is wide open and doesn't have any of your own belongings there (because sometimes they can be a bit of a distance apart and hard to select to pick back up if you do it in a building or something.) Then go through the lost and found folder and drag out the items that got returned - then pick them up one at a time instead of in a group. It'll all be in there (unless you emptied your lost and found already).
  7. Just a guess, but... I do this to myself all the time, so I wouldn't be thorough if I didn't ask. Are you using the number pad and not the numbers above the letters on the keyboard? If you're using the Number Pad - hit the Num Lock button. If that's not hit, it'll act like your arrow keys and not numbers.
  8. Even LL doesn't necessarily know if you have an alt or not. Use a different e-mail address and they don't know you're the same person or not. So, even if they would provide all the documentation to someone (which they won't), that isn't even conclusive proof. Tell your SL Hubby that if he doesn't trust you it's time to break up and find someone else not to trust.
  9. If I remember correctly events (and maybe classified? I forget) are still broken. Back in the olden days, around 768 meters was as high as you could go. They lifted that limit almost 2 years ago - and then we spent almost a year being unable to use SLURLS and various other things that pointed to spots above that old ceiling height - they finally fixed that - but I think events might still be broken. Yep. I found the JIRA on it: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-814 If that club is the only public attaction on your land... What you can do to get around this annoyance is turn on that "Teleport Point" thing in the dropdown that you found earlier. This will make any LM or any SLURL redirect the people to that landing point that you set. (This won't work for you - you, as the land owner, will still be able to set any location and go right to it - but everyone else will be refirected). Thus, you can set your event location to a point on the ground, but the people will end up in the right spot because of your forcing their tp to that entry spot you set. TIP: Have a friend come by to test it before you post the event. Go down to the ground and create an LM at (about) the spot you want to set the event for. Have them go to another sim, give them the LM and use it - if they end up in the club, you did it right. If not - check the settings again and try again. They WILL need to be on another sim to get an accurate test or else they will get a "Can't TP closer.. The downside with this, of course, is if you want people to be able to TP in to the ground level. I personally HATE HATE HATE forced TP locations - if I make an LM, I want to LM to take me to the place I made it, not some place else - but in this case, it's really your only choice unless you want to move your whole club. And - since that JIRA was made almost 2 years ago (it's having it's second anniversary in three weeks - yay!) I wouldn't expect them to fix this any time soon.
  10. Mickey Vandeverre wrote: Ami - I asked the are they finished tweaking search question for a reason - - and that's because the things you are asking could change next week. I would be really careful about spending too much time on it. I spent two full weeks tweaking to the max, right before they started adjusting, and had the results I wanted - - - and almost everything I did, is now almost the opposite of what works. They will NEVER be done tweaking it. Really, the only way you can overcome gaming and cheating in a situation like this is to change the rules every so often. This is standard for every search engine. Most of the time it's just a matter of tweaking the importance factor of a certain element on the back end - especially when you start to see people realizing that that has a lot of weight and are using it to get to the top. --- Back to the topic in general - and not as a specific response to any one post... Don't think of parcels as "Keywords" - don't think of anything as "keywords" - except maybe some keywords. If you split up parcels - make them for a reason. When someone lands on that parcel, they should find what they were looking for. So if you are breaking your store down by themes or whatever, then yes - there will be different keywords for that parcel and when they TP in, they will land right next to exactly what they were looking for. Thinking of search from the perspective of getting "keywords" in there is going to get you a bunch of keywords. And it might help you rank. But if you are #1 with a parcel named "Beds SEX Bed, MLP BEDS SEX POSES BEDS BEDDING SEX" with a bunch of other stuffed keywords in the description and everything else and someone else comes in at #3 with "Bob's Quality Love & Sex Beds - Original Animations, Cuddles, Positions" <-- this one makes more sense to the searcher and inspires them to visit the place. You'll see in my title, I did try to fit in some extra keywords in the end, but not stuff it. Make everything in your description and title and "show in search" stuff readable. Make it useful to the searcher. Then go through and say, "I used SEX a lot, but not "Cuddles" - let me swap a few out. Things like that. You can wrack your brain trying to figure out what is important in search but there are certain facts: Everything changes all the time. What works great today will not be the key to it next week. Ranking #1 doesn't do you any good if no one clicks on it to visit you. You not only need to appear in search, but you have that same limited amount of space to give the searcher confidence that it's worth taking the time to TP there and look around too. Good solid and varied search techniques - making good descriptions, readable things, organizing your shop and putting useful descriptions in "show-in-search" that not only help the search engines, but help your customers home into the co-ords of the stuff they are looking for (by tping directly or using the beacon on the map to direct them to it) - a good balance of these techniques will always provide a balance and will therefore not be as subject to going up and down as focusing on one or two things and stuffing it. ADDED: Another benefit to writing in natural, readable language is that you'll get other words out there onto the page too - ones that wouldn't be there at all if you just focused on keywords. You'd be amazed at some of the things people search to find web sites. And I'm sure that people type just as crazy stuff into the SL search box too. And if you just limit yourself to keywords, you miss out on that random traffic - and lower you exposure.
  11. Amiryu Hosoi wrote: So, for optimal search results we should devide our islands into little parcels with specific names? Ami Not necesarily little and not unnecesary parcels, but yes - I have my sim with several different "Landing Areas" - The most important thing for search is the title of the parcel. But if you end up getting too redundant it can work against you in the long run. And there are lots of other factors that go into building up the rank of a parcel - so if you split it up too much, you dillute all the other factors. Do it wisely and it'll work. In general, I give this advice to my RL SEO clients and it works well for me in SL too... If you are doing it purely to raise your search ranking, it's probably a bad idea. If you are doing it because it might help your search ranking and it might help your customers find what they are looking for, and it will make the entire experience from the point of search to the point of sale (or whatever other objective you have on your land) better for everyone, then do it!
  12. Dekka Raymaker wrote: but remember to spell it 'oriental' :-) Hey, serious question, how does search see 'Oriental/Japanese' as two words or as gobbly gook, does not one need to type 'Oriental / Japanese' which wastes two charcaters, but more certain it can be recognised? lol True that! Ooops. And yeah - since most of the "ALL" search is done with modified google systems, the "/" is treated as a space. Interestingly things like "Secondlife" and bring up results such as "Second Life" too. Granted searching for "secondlife" is going to bring up direct matches first, but if there are few, it'll look for the whole thing as a single string. The google algo is also cabable of understand "item" and "items" without you needing to have the singular and plural versions in there.
  13. In regular search, it works more like google. In classifieds, multi-word searches must be exact matches (or at least they did last I looked). You should definitely work on making your descriptions more attractive for users though. People have a natural aversion to things that look like spam. So if they see descriptions like that in chat, a certain percentage of people are going to be turned off by it. Another percentage of people are going to see that and have no confidence that it is actually what it is claiming to be (i.e. they say, "That's just mumbo jumbo, I don't want to buy a mumbo jumbo!"). So in many ways, you end up losing as many customers as you would gain by putting all that crap in there anyway. Better to make something that is readable. And split it out. In there area where you sell mats make this: Item Name: Asian/Japanese Mat and Matting Vendor Description: Great orental floor mats in many styles! And then for the rugs area: Item Name: Asian/Japanese Rug and Carpet Vendor Description: Great orental floor rugs and carpets in many styles! This way - you end up with all the keywords in there, and if the searcher uses the "GO" link in the listing it can take them right to what they want (another big way to convert sales quickly). If you just have a bunch of random stuff, it doesn't help. If you get specific in the areas you have the specific things - it all helps for search and if you make it readable, it also helps the customers find what they want.
  14. Try to delink one prim - make sure that prim is full perm, then relink it with that as the root. If that works, you should be able to repeat the process to get the original root prim back. (Also - make sure "edit linked prims" isn't checked when you are doing the perms on it - sounds simple, but that has driven me mad more than a few times before I noticed lol). Also - sometimes just toggling the edit linked parts on and off again can do something. But that unlink, then relink thing has worked for me in the past. It was a long time ago, so it could be a whole other bug though.
  15. Look through your active gestures. It sounds to me like you have one running that changes "/me" into something else. It might not be easy to find though - especially if it was created by some wiseguy who things messing with people is funny. So the name of the gesture might not give you any clues. But the "replace with" field if you look at each one will. (If that isn't there - then they could have it say something in chat that is different, but it wouldn't replace your original text).
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