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  1. Hi there, Some information about your system and what viewer you are using will help us help you a lot. Have yuo detached all attachments? I mean absolutely ANYTHING that might be scripted. Quite often, a corrupt script can cause this type of issue.
  2. Hi all, @ Mikki, I'm glad you're finding your way in V2. Certain aspects make it a none option for me in the largest portion of my SL. There are some great features, some that I love but some make my life in SL almost worthless. @ Arton, Unfortunately, a V1 viewer that can render mesh is impossible from my understanding. There is in the works a V2 based viewer that can be customized so to be almost indestinguishable from V1. The Phoenix developers have got their Firestorm viewer in public beta at this time. With a little tweaking and time it looks and acts very much like a V1 viewe
  3. Hi Jasper, While from a processor standpoint, theese devices would have enough power to run SL, that really isn't the problem. The graphics load required I believe would be far to much for their graphics display. There are text only viewers available that You may be able to run on a windows based phone, in fact I know that some do access SL from their phone on text only apps. Brynn
  4. Hi there, LL will get involved once they are made aware of the actual sharing of IM's. So far as I can tell, saying that you "can" do it isn't a violation where catually "doing it is. Therefore, once you know that someone is sharing private info inside of SL you can file an AR and then LL will act. Of course, this can be rather difficult to prove as you likely would never encounter someone with whom your IM's were shared. Your best option is to just avoid such people. If you've already entered a conversation with them and then notice it you can state that you have not given permission to s
  5. Hi Greek, I agree that LL could and should do a little more when dealing with their customers. There have been many instances where their actions have flown in the face of what would seem to be popular among the residents. Some of these have had little or no real consequence to our actual lives here while others have had a more pronounced effect. Some that are upcoming will have similar effects both for the good and the bad. With respect to concurrency in general and club traffic specifically, I have some thoughts. First on concurrency. Several things have changed which factor into
  6. Hi everyone. I do agree mostly with everyone regarding what makes a good shape. Proportion is important as is living within the limits of the SL mesh. Of course, varying slightly from the norm in one area or the other can lead to a very desirable and unique look. The one thing that I haven't noticed is mention of the skin. This is a very important part of the overall appearance of any given avatar. I can put a new skin on my existing shape and get a very different result than what was previously there. This is particularly true of the face. I have tried demo's of skins which w
  7. That really depends on the question. There are several forums for certain categories, also SL Answers for most.
  8. I use a combination of inworld and Marketplace search. I'll usually try inworld first and if the results are unsatisfactory I'll go to the marketplace. One note, I never purchase through the marketplace unless it's a vendor that I have used many times and always been happy. Otherwise, I'll find their store inworld so I can look closer at their presentations. If they don't have a store..I keep searching. Brynn
  9. Hi Deej, I'm a huge fan of improving the avatar mesh. trust me, I would love for it to be more detailed. There is one small problem with "simply" increasing the counts in key ares. You'll render (no pun intended) a vast amount of clothing unwearable. You have to remember that those amateur content creaters spent a good bit of time trying to make that texture look as good as possible on that mesh. Change the mesh..change the texture. Brynn
  10. Hi Kasya, I do agree with you one the fact that LL could do a few things to improve grid performance. Faster asset servers might help a bit, more servers might help a bit as well. However, the fact remains that the vast majority of content in SL is user created. Another fact is that far too many people access SL with machines that are far from suited for the demands that SL requires. Do I have a gaming system? No, my machine is the best I could afford at the time and honestly is not up to the task of running SL at it's optimum. Of course, you never hear me comp[;ain about graphics
  11. Hi everyone, I just have a few questions and insights from a purely customer/resident point of view. Let me preface this by saying that I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my avatar and am always looking for tweaks to get exactly the look that I want. So, the thoughts of an improved avatar intrigues me. I do see some issues though. 1 - There is the issue of existing clothing content being compatible with the new avatar. Obviously all pants/jeans, all shirts/tops and the vast majority of jackets will be rendered useless. Also, skins and anything that relies on the avat
  12. Hi Kerri, Yes, sadly you do have a choice to make. For good reason, PG sims must be governed properly as teens can access those venues. All of your other huests are there because they choose to be, not because they are limited to PG only. As for changing the rating, yes you may see a dropoff in visits as teens will no longer be able to access and some of your adult guests may stop coming since they prefer a PG venue. That dropoff may or may not be offset by an increase in visits by those who prefer a more mature setting. From a search standpoint, I'm not sure that rating fact
  13. Mike, If your grand plan to screen individuals is "voice", I suggest you think it through seriously. I know of many fully mature individuals who sound quite young as well as many early teens who sound quite mature. The human voice, is a lovely thing, but is by no means an indicator of age. That is without even consicerring the quality sound cards and voice morph technology available for little or nothing.
  14. Actually Shockwavew, you couldn't be more wrong regarding the guy at 7-11. As someone who has been involved in the food and beverage as well as retail industry I speak from first hand knowledge. If a bar-tender serves a minor, even if they look to be 40..or accept a false ID, not only arethey held criminaly liable, the establishment is also held liable. The fines are heavy with possible jail time and nearly certain termination. This has been the case in every state in which I have worked, which is somewhere north of 15. Your risk has been no more mitigated by the fact that they had to
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