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  1. /me rolls her eyes 'ok
  2. I'm boh sexy in RL and also on a huge play for power ...right on and power to the peoples:matte-motes-delicious:
  3. amazingly sadly and pathetically yours, I remain Moxie Ansar PhD, DDS, MD, DVM, Esq )
  4. do you ever think before you post stuff? It doesn't seem so
  5. as long as they don't have freenises...who cares...but you, Love, I probably would not wish to see clothed, naked or whatever ...
  6. wassssssssssssssuppppppppppp? my homie ..how come you ain't never hooked up with me on skype or the web cams???? I went out and bought me a HD web cam complete with a flexible scope just like the doctors use when they do the colonoscopies so you could get 'up close and personal' with my mommy parts...I'm totally eager and moist just thinking about how much fun it's gonna be to hear you drool and slobber.... check you later, Romeo xoxoxox ~moxie~
  7. will support help with 3rd party viewers? probubbly not... I lost an expensive dance HUD full of dances (costing 250L each) while using emerald...support said 'tuff luck' we can't help you...
  8. Howdy and Doody Doggie...yup I got my early release from Parchman Farm and am back in society with a brand new assitude...hope to see you around the campfire some time xoxox signed Moxie, partially rehabilitated and ready to kick arse ::matte-motes-evil:
  9. bad idea.....it reminds me of big brother and his plan to install a chip in my head to monitor my RL coming and going..((btw if my RL parole officer Hymie Lipschitz is listening in..."Don't get any big ideas, Bub..I'm not even gonna wear that stupid ankle monitor you keep yapping about)) Power to the People
  10. what's the name of this 'stupid' ex-boy friend? is he your RL bf or just some inbred jagoff here in SL? If he's in SL...a) does he have money? b) does he like ghetto bishes like myself? c) is he gullible? I'm curious 'cos I like doofuses like him as they are easy to connive and exploit... let me know as this sounds like someone I could easily con and make a tidy profit ...let me know thanks a lot `moxie~
  11. I'd run and tell the teacher and hope it earned me some brownie points:))
  12. what would I do? probably not a damned thing....why are you so concerned...as it's really none of your beeswax... Butt out and mind your own affairs and you'll be plenty busy enough...either that or hunt the guy down in RL and go medieval on him with a blow torch and a tire iron.....Seriously...if you can't decide which course of action is best, get yourself a nice Ouija board..that's how I make all my crucial life decisions : xoxox `moxie` astrologer to the stars
  13. I don't know the answer to your question.....but as someone who has been banned twice (/me waves and gives a big shout out to all you haters that can't refrain from AR'ing me...you know who you are) I am shocked that you used the phrase 'what the hell is going on here" that kind of harsh language is intolerable muwahahahahaha just kidding (sort of) xxox ~moxie!
  14. you wanna buy my avatar? no problem..I figure I've spent at least a couple thousand $$ us currency...so you send me 4 thousand USD$ and I'll think about giving you my passwords and all that crap....good deal, huh? ps wise up,,,this ain't gonna happen
  15. seems to me this Master is nothing more than a master douchebagg...my advice is to tell him to step the eff off and go bugger himself...if he is so fickle as to drop the first girl, what do you think he'll do to you when some split tail lures him in to her lair with her seductive ways....He sounds like a piece of trash and I'd kick his stupis a** to the freekin' curb...but you do what you want...You're gonna do that anyway regardless of what people say in here ~moxie! xxo
  16. good for you, Squashy In my opinion, there is nothing more satisfying than humiliating some fake wannabe Master(bater) with well placed insults and bitchslaps.. then I likes to pull off their little man skirts and put the gorilla squeeze on their nutsack until they get all watery eyed and beg for mercy ) it's fun:) also any tardlet master boy stupid enuf to pull out a whip, will be wearing that whip up their arse ... thanks and have a pleasant day `moxie`
  17. The demographics are in and here are the results...your 'average' Dom is actually a RL teenager between 15 and 17 with acne, a high pitched squeaky voice who has yet to 'hair over' (he's pubic hairless at this point in time) he masturbates 8-12 times a week ...he combs his hair ala Justin Bieber and he rides a bicycle with training wheels.... soooooooooo have fun with your 'Dom"
  18. be rude...it's fun and besides this thread deserves all the rudeness it can get )
  19. this is confusing....what do you mean you 'possibly' have a master.?? You either do or you don't...and go ahead and jeopardize your RL marriage over some silly cartoon game if it's that important to you.... like previously stated, this topic has been beat in the freaking ground over and over ad nauseam.../me curses the mod process that forces me to refrain from more 'colourful' language....you is really cramping my style you overly zealous mods (I liked the old forums 100 x's mo bettah)
  20. Hilo Mister....the most intimidating, most hostile unpleasant place for me in SL would have to be my home. My partner is an insanely jealous, manipulative control freak and I pray daily that he will fall in the ocean and drown.. If anyone would like to make a few L$ by exterminating this hideous monster, please let me know grazi;;;and have a pleasant day ~moxie~ xx
  21. no worries..you do not owe me any apology whatsoever..... )
  22. /me falls asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and waves to Lovie hiyas buddy
  23. why oh why did you feel compelled to post the picture of that brat? I should AR you just for that
  24. my pay pal account deducts payments directly from my bank account
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