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  1. You shot someone? You don't strike me as the shooting type.
  2. Nah, that's a typical college campus these days. In North Korea, people who disagree with the Dear Leader are simply shot - far more efficient and effective, as dead people rarely continue to argue.
  3. When I win the lottery, you guys can have most of the prims for the 24 homesteads of open water that will surround my new private continent. Good luck with your project, and make sure you post a landmark in the Forum when it's up and running, I'd love to check it out.
  4. Think of the Forum as a everyone hanging out in a bar and talking (and, at least in my case under lockdown, probably drinking). You don't necessarily hear everything every person says, but there are some people you likely pay more attention to than others. People tend to stand in groups based on friendships, likes, etc. but people still can talk between groups or yell across the bar. Now, imagine any topic of conversation being spoken about loudly enough for most of the bar to hear if they want to listen in: If it's about sports, there will be someone who hates the team someone el
  5. Some very good points. Isn't the fact that the models used to make decisions thus far have been terribly inaccurate (and always on the "we're all gonna die!" side), the data is unreliable, and that what works in urban areas vs. what works in rural areas may be be significantly different, all argument AGAINST the sort of state-wide mandates we've seen? Nebraska's approach has been to let cities and counties decide for themselves, for instance. Also, while I could understand Scylla's point (setting the bad use of comparison data aside) in terms of infection rate (people crammed together a
  6. If you wish to continue parroting partisan nonsense from MSNBC, feel free. I'm not going to engage further with someone who is incapable of debating beyond emotional histrionics, especially one who consistently misrepresents what I say. Your blind hatred of any viewpoint other than your own is really sad, but all to common these days.
  7. That is the increase in total deaths in the state. As far as I can tell only 2 people died at Smithfield. But, since I cannot be certain, I stated the upper limit possible. Even if it's 15, it's hardly as awful an outbreak as it was made out to be, given individual nursing homes have had several times that many deaths (thanks to Cuomo ordering them to take Covid patients, which is about the most moronic idea ever, yet no bad press about that). Covid is highly contagious (but fairly low lethality, whereas people act as if it's Ebola) and testing has been spotty at best, so basing comparison
  8. The total increase number of deaths in SD from the start of the Smithfield outbreak to 2 weeks later was 15 (from 6 to 21)
  9. Since we are continuously faced with deciding the lesser of two evils, perhaps it is time we changed how our leaders are chosen. I may be forced to write in Jimmy Carter this time around, assuming he's alive in November, it's gotten so bad. Carter was an incompetent schmuck, but I can honestly say I'd take him over any of the presidents thus far in this millennium.
  10. And I have said I don't care about poor people, where, exactly? I can close my eyes and see the spittle of insensate rage flying from your lips while you slanderously misrepresent what I say. I do hope your orgasm of self-righteousness feels good, but, frankly, the fact that you cannot attribute a difference of opinion as to how to best alleviate poverty to anything but hate and disdain makes you look rather pathetic.
  11. One thing I am willing to say out loud that most people are too polite to say is, everyone is gonna die. It sucks, but that is life. Whether it be from Covid or a bus hitting you or, like I hope for myself, drinking myself into a coma while having sex with 4 women and a midget (replace with whatever the polite term is these days - it's just so I look huge by comparison anyway), we're all worm food. Yes, reopening sooner rather than later will inevitably mean more people dead from Covid. Reopening later will inevitably mean more people dead from suicide and domestic violence and eventually
  12. Trump doesn't listen to anyone, he just babbles. He's like second-term Reagan. Or Biden, but more vociferous. We don't have a single major party leader who shouldn't be thrown into the sausage grinder to make Soylent Green.
  13. What a vile and disgusting insinuation. Pray tell, point out where I have said I do not care about people outside or "Murica". Otherwise, stuff it.
  14. Because we fought a rather long and bloody war to get rid of a king, while they still have theirs, and have 2,000 years of history of relying on their kings (currently, their governments) solving their problems for them?
  15. That "huge cluster" was no more than 15 people. See, the "huge cluster" was only huge because of the low population in the area.
  16. Depends on the vaccine and the situation. I don't take the flu shot, because I'm not particularly at risk. I did have my kids immunized against pretty much everything, because they were. One must weight the risks and rewards when making a decision. Thus far, it seems there is no reward to keeping the economy shut down, yet the UN is projecting up to 130,000,000 additional deaths, not from the virus itself, but from starvation caused by the economic impacts of measures to fight it. So, let me ask the SJW's among us, are a few hundred thousand projected (and we know how inaccurate the p
  17. So what you're saying is that this essential business, which would have remained open in ANY state, accounts for the majority of that states deaths. Correct - and which further proves the point. I mean, unless you want to have no food production in the US and we can start eating out neighbors.
  18. This kind of argument itself exemplifies selective and misleading statistics free of context. I used NY state, not city, but, by all means, use the wrong comparison to try and make your point. Did you bother to look at anything but the most densely populated city in the US and improperly compare it to a state? Did you, say, look at New Mexico, with triple the rate and a comparable population density to SD? Of course you didn't. Or did you similarly compare Louisiana to Iowa or Utah (two more states without statewide lockdowns) and their comparable population densities, yet, gosh, Louisian
  19. I'm starting to feel the need to vent over the questionable effectiveness of shutting down the economy to "save" us, especially as it pertains to the dictatorial actions taken by some governors, including moves that have already been (and will doubtless continue to be) found to be unconstitutional. There really doesn't seem to be much benefit. Seven states declined to institute stay at home orders in the US. One of them, South Dakota, has gotten particularly bad press for refusing to do so. Yet, 5 of those 7states (including South Dakota) are in the lowest 10 states in terms of Covid death r
  20. I'm sorry you're having a hard time with this person, but if anything is happening OUTSIDE SL, the Lab will not (and in almost any event can not) do anything about it. Even if it's happening inside SL, what they can do is limited (and in most cases they'll just default to their, "we don't get involved in interpersonal disputes" line). Nor will they tell you what, if anything, they have done - so for all you know they've done everything they can or are inclined to do, and it was ineffective. You can mute them, ask your friends to mute them, go to places where they are banned or where they ca
  21. Properly processed for mass consumption, they all look pretty much the same. Dinner, anyone?
  22. If we limit what we say to nice things, then nobody learns about bad things until it's too late for them. It seems irresponsible to allow others to live in ignorance and as a result doom them to repeat your own bad experiences.
  23. Sorry, I cannot relate. I frequently wear the same suit for a month! However, my first thought is, basing your organizational structure on designers is only a good idea if you're some sort of fashion writer. Assuming you want it organized for actually wearing the stuff in the future, I'd suggest approaching it as follows: 1: When you go to your closet and ask, "what do I want to wear?" what are all the different answers you might give? Shorts? Jeans? Club wear? ***** wear? Bathing suits? List all of those and create a folder for each. 2: For each of those (and it's lik
  24. I do it all the time. Have one in there right now. If people cannot handle a bit of negative publicity, perhaps they should ensure good experiences for their customers. After all, what's the worst that can happen? Someone reports it, the Lindens actually decide to get involved in what is essentially an interpersonal dispute (which they strenuously claim they will not do) and tell you to remove the pick? BHD. Just because someone can silence you doesn't mean you shouldn't speak.
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