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  1. Just out of curiosity, what did this person charge for 3 months for 1/2 a homestead? Your best bet - find a new landlord, preferably one who puts the environment on their sim as high in importance as the rental income. Can't imagine who I may be referring to in a shameless plug.
  2. From whence does this bacon salt come, and can you ship some to Wisconsin?
  3. OOOHHH a block of cheddar with bacon bits mixed in is aweome on Ritz crackers!
  4. I love bacon too. How great does a food have to be before it is good enough to wrap other foods in and make them great, too? As great as bacon, of course! I mean, water chestnuts or filet, both are better in bacon. A cheeseburger is awesome, but a bacon cheeseburger is like, orgasmic or something. Bacon wrapped skunk shank is probably yummy, too. What is "jumping the shark"? - someone used it in a reply. I'm an old fart, ignorant of your young punk techno slang. As much as I think you're hilarious and great and all, I have to say you DO bring some of this on yourself. But, I'm sure
  5. Here's are some ideas Chess. Darts. Pool. Air Hockey. All of these are games which can keep folks occupied for hours on end and are commercially available for relatively little. So, if you are looking to skirt camping rules, get a couple of campers to play chess all day. Of course, campers really want to get paid for being logged in while they surf for porn, so it will be hard to find campers who really play much chess. There is quite a bit of poker out there. I know some of them get around the gambling by having some form of currency that is only good in their league (like chips that
  6. You can just go to "About Land" on your sim and click the "Abandon Land" button. However, you may want to look at trying to sell it. Linden will give you nothing if you abandon it, whereas someone may pay you a nominal amount to buy it, even work something out where they "rent" you a small part for free for a set time. You can also just stop paying tiers, and Linden will just close it down (if it's a private sim - not sure what they do mainland) If you do abandon it, make sure you give any tenants advanced notice, and get your stuff off first - never know when all your stuff might disappea
  7. Simple. Because it's so full of questions about pregnant avatars and vampire bites. Next question, please.
  8. I disagree with the whole "do as in RL" philosophy on this. In RL, you cannot stand a block away and cam in to look at someone's bathroom, or cam inside a locked room and click "sit here" to get in. In RL, you can steal what is in the house, or burn it down, or mess it up. In SL, you cannot do those things. In RL, you don't have people routinely buying castles for homes, and their are no skyboxes, while in SL what looks like a public building may be private, and what looks like a house may be a club. The idea that RL conventions of privacy and personal space should apply in SL is quaint, b
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