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  1. Right now I'm listening to YMCA Don't ask...
  2. Why, thank you! I love it when I'm being original. When it comes to money, I analyze things six ways to Sunday. I've never actually had a Premium membership, because my ego wouldn't let me live on a parcel that small, and even when I didn't own sims, I spent easily $100+ per month (and those were slow months). I'm extremely fortunate in that. Anyone who is going to make SL a regular part of their life should look at is as a budget item, and budget accordingly. Otherwise, SL becomes another stress point in your life any time money is tight and it's not something you're worked into you
  3. My girl and I are currently binging on "How to Get Away with murder". It's fun because I literally want every character to get murdered (I originally didn't want Oliver to, but, nah, through him into the sausage grinder, too, now).
  4. Nah, buy a full sim, upgrade to 30,000 prims, and rent out whatever you don't use for spending money... ...if your budget allows it. Which is the key. How much do you want to spend, total, per month? $20/less - probably premium is best. You get a decent little house and a regular "salary". $20-$200 - probably better off renting a private parcel that affords the space and prims you want, and buying $L as you need them. 300L/wk is a fraction of what your spending anyway. $200+ per month - probably best off buying a full sim. You also get a higher level of service than wi
  5. Isn't "masplaining" limited to when men talk to women as if women could not POSSIBLY understand the "manly arts", such as fixing cars, sports, power tools, shooting guns, and surreptitiously scratching your gonads? While we're on mansplaining, is womanspreading a thing now, too? I mean, there is a very good anatomical reason men generally sit with their legs spread a bit, and while I can only assume (since I lack lady bits and don't wear skirts) why woman don't do the same, I've heard a lot of complaining about manspreading but never see women do it.
  6. If a woman mansplains, is it transplaining, or womansplaing? Or is it genderappropriationsplaining? Before today I'd never heard of "gensplaining" so I want to make sure I understang this new lingo.
  7. If it didn't have lots of explosions, gunfire, and gratuitous nudity, I likely never saw it. Ah here we go with people misrepresenting what I said, whether intentionally or not. The instance you are referring to I specifically said that since you are young you MAY not have experience with long-term committed relationships, which is not at all the same as "incapable of sustaining them." If you're going to get upset at something I say, you may as well read it accurately, then I will not need to repeatedly splain it to you.
  8. Actually, that is not at all a redefinition. SJWs loudly proclaim they are fighting (which is what warriors do) for "social justice", so it's an apt term which, I suspect, they originally applied to themselves, as conservatives tend to be dullards when it comes to making up terms (although they really do meme far better than liberals). I'm not sure why you would be insulted at the term. It's sort of like being insulted by being called a card-carrying member of the ACLU - who isn't for civil liberties? You really should own it. Some actual redefinitions: "Pro choice" - because nobody
  9. Actually, the only way you could truly understand it, Amina, is to have someone with half your life experience say it to you. It's sort of like how a white person can claim they understand how the "n word" (far more offensive, obviously) makes a black person feel, when they really cannot. On the flip side, Gen X-ers (or whatever), boomers, etc. CAN in fact understand how millennials feel being dismissed as "millennials", because the same thing happened to them 20 years ago, 40 years ago, etc.
  10. Yep, I've been there, but it should also demonstrate to you how "ok boomer" is received by older folks. Imagine, for instance, how you would perceive a teenager today using such a term for people in their 30's?
  11. Bitsy, haven't you been paying attention? Redefinition is all the rage, because so many people would rather muddle debates or stifle dissent by turning the language on its head and resort to emotionalism, rather than debate honestly. This is merely a use of it to end any discussion at all.
  12. Good Lord, millennials are in their 30's now? I'm feeling old. Pretty soon you'll be joining forces against the new wave of young punks.
  13. Not that I generally credit Vox with much usefulness, but they were the first result when I googled "Karen". Kinda funny, and those sorts of people certainly deserve mockery. Maybe "You're such a Tolya" will become a thing some day... https://www.vox.com/2020/2/5/21079162/karen-name-insult-meme-manager
  14. Not an unreasonable inference... and besides, you were right
  15. Lol except in this case, as so often with millennials when they think they're being smart, you appear to be incorrect 😛 To paraphrase a great American philosopher, it's not that millennials don't know anything, it's that so much of what they know just isn't so. You may be an exception to the typical millennial
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bye,_Felicia
  17. I'm not all that hip, but didn't that come from some movie like Boyz in the Hood?
  18. Nope, I just know that you sound like someone who hasn't reached the point where they start sounding like their parent. Oops, did you make an assumption that I was talking solely about chronological age?
  19. Where the heck did this "Karen" thing come from, anyway? I don't actually know a single person named Karen.
  20. Spoken like a true millennial. I've been in the workplace long enough to see my own and 2 succeeding "generations" enter it. Each time, the older generations call the new generation lazy, full of unrealistic expectations, foolish, they don't listen, yadda yadda yadda. And each time the new generation claims the older ones just don't understand being young, they ruined the world for them, they're going to do it better, it's so much harder now, their world no longer exists, blah blah blah. The only real difference is, the older generations have actually gone through what the younger
  21. Gensplaining is generally a response to young people with an inflated sense of wisdom and experience who don't listen and look like idiots when they roll their eyes at advice 😛
  22. It's the same with any stereotype, so why would one about age be any different. It's just the latest version of young people saying, "but ma, you don't understand!" as if mom was never young herself.
  23. Surely you're smart enough to not eat at McDonald's. I mean, I eat there all the time, but, let's face it, I don't make good decisions.
  24. lol A Brit (I think) quoting Dirty Harry? My my globalization has come far!
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