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  1. Amethyst Jetaime wrote:

    Since we all share this world each one of us has the responsibility to
    • treat others as they would like to be treated
    • show respect and tolerance of others who show them the same
    • use server resources as efficiently as they can
    • create an environment that doesn't  interfere with the enjoyment of others they share an environment with
    • remember that they too were once a newb without a clue and help as they can

    This /\ ... I was going to say "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "if you can't say somthin nice, don't say nothin at all" but I think Amethyst said it better.  The only thin we can take responsibility for is our own actions and reactions.

  2. Its beautiful, but likely heavily photoshopped to achieve the shadows and shading.  Your best bet is to send an IM or notecard to the shop owner which expresses your admiration for her/his creativity in creating the look and (assuming you have purchased whatever they are selling in the ad) asking where you can purchase the skin, hair and shape to complete the look.  That is your best bet but don't be surprised if it doesn't work, the shape, skin and/or hair might be custom made for the look.  The creator might be unwilling to share the info, or the photo might have been so altered in photoshop that there isn't anything in sl to compare.

  3. I would think you already have a child avi in your inventory (that you use to design the clothing) so why not use yourself and a few cute animations and accessories, I would think it would be cheaper than hiring a model in the long run.

  4. I found many of my personal favorite blogs out of date (like me) but you can keep your pulse on many aspects of sl (art, news, etc) at this


    Beyond that use the search within sl, for every interest you listed I think there will be many possibilities, type an interest into search... such as "lawyers" and then narrow that to groups and no doubt you might find some kindred spirits... there is a group called "Impossible IRL"

    I would hazard to guess that for anything you can think of that intrigues or interests you there is a group in sl devoted to it. Have fun exploring!


  5. Me too.... ME TOO!  I am fascinated with building in sl.  When I first started in sl and got my first rental I started to build my own furniture, later I bought and sold land, but my joy was building houses for myself or for difficult parcels (such as sloped lots, or oddly shaped parcels) we were selling, or low prim houses for 512's.  I built a couple of custom houses for clients and that was fun too.  Since sculpties and now mesh I feel out of touch with current building techniques but I still love to create, I use the basic cubes and many of my own textures  Its the only reason I still have land in sl,  Every so often I like to scrape it off and start new.  Would love to chat, brainstorm and/or collaborate on projects with other builders, creators.

  6. Definitely file an abuse report if he has been verbally abusive or threathened you in any way.  In addition, you may need to mute him, delete him from your friends/contacts list, delete anything from your inventory that he gave you (it could have a tracking or listening script if you rez or wear it).  If he doesn't leave you alone after all that you may have to leave groups that you both belong to and worse case scenario create an alt that has no... and I MEAN NO connection to your existing main account.  Only you can decide how seriously malicious this guy is, just don't be blinded by sweet talk. take care


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  7. Like any LDR the danger is that you are both on your "best behaviour" when you are together and that the fantasy and intensity of the relationship won't last in the long run.  Only you can answer that question, take off your rose colored glasses and really look at the man, trust what he tells you about himself (does he label himself as "insecure" or "jealous" or "commitment-phobic" - these are warning signs), 

    Be cautious but be open, be ready to change your life to be with him (either here in the states or there with him).  Meet his friends and pay close attention to what they say about him (do they respect his character or hope that you will rescue him from himself?).  Are you excited to introduce him to your family and friends or worried they won't "understand him"...

    Its both harder and easier to be in a long distance relationship but sooner or later you will have to commit and when/if you do, do so with open eyes, every relationship is a compromise and requires commitment, know what you are getting into in advance.

    xoxo good luck to you and your love

  8. This is my read on the subject... I have a rather old fashioned definition of dating... a "date" happens when someone asks you out and you accept, they plan an activity or excursion to be shared.  Dating is more traditional and suggests a bit of courtship, pursuit, etc.   It does not mean you are having sex with the person but it doesn't exclude that possibility either.  Dating does not imply exclusivity, i.e.. You can date more than one person at a time without being a **bleep**, I think "Dating" to me means more of a social interaction vs. sexual.  

    Of course "being on a date" can be a euphemism for many less innocent activities in SL or RL.  If you are "pleasuring" or "hooking up" then to most people that would be a bit beyond "dating" - its either casual sex or the next step if you are seeing them frequently.   However,  the key is to be honest with your partners, if you are not looking for a relationship let them know, right away and be honest about what you are looking for.  Don't friend a casual hook up if you never want to see them again, but if you meet someone you would like to connect with just tell them you like them and you would appreciate their company on a casual basis... (i.e. you can't demand their presence whenever you are both online - but if you are both free would enjoy their company)


  9. Hi Giselle,

    Finding friends in sl is similar to rl.  First figure out what your interests are and what you like to do... dance? shop? create? Then find groups that are focused on those kind of activities.  Join these groups and you will soon have a group of friends that you have a lot in common with.

  10. Just know that you can't take that personally, follow all the good advice here and know that it has happened to all of us.  When it first happens it is such a shock that you don't know what to do, later you learn to get the name of the person/object and can choose whether or not to file an abuse report.  In my first few months I was caged one time and attacked at my home with flying saw blades, it freaked me out but I learned to deal with it - and also with sandbox griefers... find a nice quiet one or rent a place for your home where you can rez your own purchases.

    Good luck to you and enjoy sl

  11. Step One:  Decide you are worthy and stop whining

    Step Two:  Realize that the world does not revolve around you and reach out to people in a meaningful way.  What I mean is start thinking about how you approach conversations - are you anxious to talk about yourself and your issues, or are you genuinly curious about the people you meet and their interests and/or issues? 

    Step Three:  Is your "picker" broken?  I have met way too many people that invest way too much energy in people/relationships that were doomed to begin with - set your standards high and learn to read people and many will tell you what you need to know without realizing it... if you listen closely and don't discount what they say ("oh he didn't mean that" or "she was just kidding") people will reveal their true selves, pay attention to it.

  12. I am currently wearing Pulse skins - every year around my SL Birthday I tend to do a makeover including a new skin and I modify my shape a bit - nothing too drastic.  I am going to bookmark this thread so I can check out some of the skin makers mentioned.  To me skin shopping is both time consuming and fun!

  13. There are great suggestions and lots of help in this thread - I am going to post this pic just for good measure because being way out of proportion will make you look freaky but of course there is room to be creative and sl is a bit different due to camera angle and default sizes...


  14. Your question is a little unclear... do you want to sell the item so that the buyer can copy it?  If so set the perms for all the items in the box as copy/no transfer.  In general, you do not want to enable both copy and transfer options as that would allow them to resell your item to others.  If you are selling a texture or some other kind of building component then you might want to add the transfer permission with a disclaimer that they are not to resell the item individually (only as part of their own build).

    If its a bundled item then you should be able to set permissions on each item but generally things are set to mod/copy-no transfer or mod/transfer - no copy.

  15. As Alarzarin said, FB and many other social networking sites are really data mining companies (haven't you ever wondered why the ads you see on your FB page are weirdly apropos, or not?) - since they haven't figured out how to market to avatars they find those accounts a useless waste of space... Perhaps they should talk to LL about marketplace ads to avatars but until they do you will find it a potentially hostile and temporary place to network with friends.

  16. People can find you in multiple ways even if you "unclick" for them to see you online.  One way is thru groups you belong to if a friend searches there they can see when you were last logged in.  Another is that many people use HUDs that will show when you are online even if you have unchecked them to see you online.  So the best way to avoid drama with friends on your main account is to create an alt - a new account that you can log in with when you want privacy.  The key with alt accounts tho is to avoid your usual hang outs and friends, otherwise they will likely figure out from mannerisms and even typing styles that this "new" person is you, thereby creating yet more drama.

  17. If I was your friend I would feel pressured, it's her perogative to set the pace of the relationship.  Its true that time in SL is different than time in RL, romances and relationships sometimes move pretty quickly but if she is not feeling it she should put the brakes on, there is no obligation to return someone else's feelings.  Of course its fun and romantic to be swept up in a torrid romance... that's why many people have been partnered many times, when the novelty wears off they move on.  It would be ideal if she could just communicate to him her hesitations, she might end up losing him but in my humble opinion it wouldn't be a great loss.  If you can't live your SL honestly and with integrity, if you are scared to speak your mind then what is the point?  This is the perfect place to roleplay the person you want to be, not repeat rl mistakes.

  18. Love, in SL it is whatever it means to you... is it a word you would only say to your lover, your best friend, a family member?  All of these relationships can and do occur in SL, in role play and all other encounters.  You can never know for certain if the person you are interacting with is sincere or acting for their own benefit. 

    You have to decide if you want to participate in the role play, you have to come from a place of self worth and trust, its ok to take the risk to fall in love in sl but it takes a long time to truly know another person, don't ever EVER entrust your sense of self, your self respect, to someone you've met on sl or the internet in general

  19. There are also some skin makers that make specialty skins, sort of non standard... if you give us an idea of what you are looking for we might be able to help you find something that won't cost you an arm and a leg (so to speak), if you can provide a picture that will help too.

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