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  1. all your missing is the orange fingers and mouth. lol But it looks like you just opened the bag. Love it!
  2. Well, I save outfits..But if I remember right, there is HUD addon, (included) that you can save copies of the heads.. (with the Lelutka) I am here for almost 14 years and I am still a noob..
  3. Get demos and find the one that looks closest then edit it in appearance. There will be a mild learning curve with the new heads. I change my look on SL so often I never remember what I look like when I sign in. I own 5 lelutka heads personally and I often use the older ones. I create my own skins so it’s easier to match for me.
  4. Barefoot servants it’s still being constructed. It’s mine I am not strict with users. But it’s unfinished as I have been working much more in the summer less time. You can visit though.
  5. There is a neck piece you have to wear if I remember correctly
  6. ahh, those were the days! I do not miss them
  7. I think it is all about who pays the most dollars anymore, not so much traffic.
  8. Firstly, I do not think this is funny at all.
  9. I see you got derailed a bit there. But, you know. If you want to look like yourself in world then do it.. If you want to try new looks and so forth do it. If you want to be more cartoonish, then so be it. We are not here to tell you what you should or should not do as far as that goes. It is always personal preferences.
  10. One of the most attractive faces I have seen. Love the maturity and compelling eyes.
  11. It is the name given to a strong pronounced jutting jawline. Tom Cruise, for instance has this, Jay Lenno, and many other celebrities. More often an under bite. You might want to view this https://www.listal.com/actors/mandibular+prognathism Sorry if I offended you or you took offence.
  12. Just doing some photo practice for flickr portfolio . https://www.flickr.com/photos/tarinasewell/with/51008632405/ and my blog https://theuselessweb.com/
  13. ok... So, let me be a bit more explanatory on myself.. as that is what I was speaking of, and not of course you. I am often off grid for my work, I am in places with 0 internet reception.. So even logging in for days is not uncommon for me. As I find out, often when I do most groups notices are quite capped. I wish I could log in after work like you every day.. But I can not and there are many who also can not. How joyful for you that you have a nice office job you can do that. I would not know a 40 hour work weeks looks like..
  14. I understand that, I was replying to another post that stated it was available still.
  15. well its 6000L now... unless I am missing something.. https://gyazo.com/c50a83407623b8204cc5c9b94f42fd1b
  16. Well, not complaining, but there are some of us that actually can not get online every day all day long. So, yeah there is that.
  17. Well, I have not been online in a few days, at least lelutka gave people time to actually get a head... 1 day? really....smh
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