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  1. Seems to me that if we don't change, this'll be the view of Sunset Blvd in 2053.
  2. Back in 2008, I owned 2 sims. I was a content creator myself... in that I created a place for people to play and enjoy and socialize. When the financial crash happened that year, I ended up selling my sims. I was sad about it. I couldn't afford it any longer. And not only was I sad about it, a lot of others were too. Regardless, it had to be done. Back then, no one suggested a bit of relief for people like me that hit hard times in SL. "That's just the nature of business, take it or leave it." Jump to 2020, COVID-19, Crashed economy, Social isolation... And at this point, I'm angry that Linden Lab hasn't made any sort of relief effort for anyone on their platform, or made any mention of COVID-19 on their blog, or staying safe, or any real community involvement. So, it's up to us to start the dialog to get things rolling and we should be united in this, and not fighting among ourselves and arguing for the sake of arguing.
  3. The problem with Linden Lab is that they aren't directly invested in SL. No longer do you see Lindens in world at play, or if you do, they're working.. and even then, they are low men on the totem pole. What LL seems to be doing is robbing resources for SL to fund the Sansar project... which, I think, is dead on arrival.
  4. Selene, in my time in SL, a little over 5 years, I've had little trouble with other residents. Sure, there was the occasional stalker, and a few griefers. However, I handled it, and handled it well without resorting to security or alt-exposing devices. It takes using your brain and being level-headed and using the tools provided for you. Ban, Mute, and AR's work well, and if all else fails, you can always log off.
  5. Kabalyero, It's unfortunant; but, that can't be done anymore. Soft Linden has forced the reprogramming of the RedZone alt detector to not display alts. Of course, this hasn't stopped him from attempting to circumvent the TOS. Not only that; but, Soft Linden has blacklisted QuickWare Alts Pro (another alt detecting device) as outlined in the JIRA post. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-24746? Whether you realize it or not; this battle for our privacy is being waged and coordinated on several fronts, to include third party forums (on both sides), blogs, inworld groups, the JIRAs, and the official Forums (though, that's limited at best). I suggest you read up in one of the more popular third party forums (which will remain nameless as it may constitue advertising) for more information. All that needs to be done is too Google RedZone SL to find what you're looking for... and more.
  6. How are the letters F, U, and D being ***bleep*** out on my post. Who makes up these banned words?
  7. Kabalyero, the fact is, zFire sold his product based on **bleep**, Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. He sold it under the pretense of being a security device, and it is to a limited extent. But, what really got people hooked was the ability to see other people's alts. Others would look at it and say, "OMG, I've GOT to have that." It instills a false sense of being better than other residents because now they know something about them that they wish not to know. This can be abused is so many ways. zFire, himself, has said that he doesn't vet his customers with his device. He didn't care who had it as long as they were paying him $3,999L for it.. That's all he cared about.
  8. Kabalyero, the RedZone system links everyone's account that it detects. If you have media on, and have been around SL for a while, chance are that you too have been detected, catagorized, and cross-referenced with any other alt that you may have. In addition, there is a good chance that the RedZone system has erroneuosly linked your account to someone that isn't you. While those that use RedZone feel that it's 100% effective, it's far from it and they will ban you from their estates, regions, or individual parcels based on that information should your account be linked with another account that's been tagged as a "griefer" or "copybotter" or even manually inputted as such for any reason what-so-ever.
  9. In my personal opinion, anyone with a device or method to correlate alternate accounts (aside from one's own brain) would be summarily banned from my properties. It doesn't matter if the individual has good intentions or not, is ethical or not, or feels that he or she needs the device for protection. IP harvesting within SL clearly has only one use within SL, and that is to be abused. This is not in spirit of the TOS or the CS no matter how you dissect it. The ends don't justify the means.
  10. Welcome to SL, Rod. I do hope you don't take a certain page from EA with you here. I.E... Don't have SL go down like The Sims Online did.
  11. After reading that blog entry, I have only one conclusion: The woman is a flake and a hypocrite with way too much time on her hands. I wouldn't worry one bit about that conversation as I saw it, it was perfectly appropriate for the setting. Most reasonable people will see it for what it is... a conversation taken out of context and spun up backwards. Let her be on her crusade as she is only wasting energy.
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