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  1. Suspiria Finucane wrote: How do you feel about your skin and shape? Does it represent who you want to be in SL? Is it a dream combination or does it reflect your RL appearance? Quite comfortable in both, and don't mind showing the results of all my hard work. I'll stay with what I have until I find something else that better conveys the sense of detail and realism that I relentlessly pursue. The result is an exaggeration of my RL appearance but at the same time very similar to it. It's that exaggeration that I choose to live in SL as, because I can. Matching skin and shape, and actually getting them to match, is very tough. What I've learned from skinning character models in other games is that the shape is more important to acheiving an intended look than the skin is, and SL is no different which is why I do things the hard way. I mold the intended shape using a blank or completely detail-less skin, so as to not be influenced by the details, and then find a skin that matches it. Only then do I do any micro-adjustments to the shape. It's easier getting matched results the other way around, starting with the skin first, but it's also the quick way to getting a finished product that looks nothing like you envisioned at the start. I'm stubborn that way, relentless too as I've probably deleted more skin demos from my inventory over the years than most people have total items. Was only a matter of time before a skin maker included what I wanted, and for me to find it.
  2. Storm Clarence wrote: Would you tell a girl her facelight is brighter than she? *I* would, sure..if it was enough to merit mentioning, but then I'm like that. But for a guy to say that... umm.. better be ready for some of the possible responses if you do.. "Someone has to light the way for you dimwits" "Consider it my contribution to your mommys dark basement" "I can turn it off if it makes you feel even more insignificant" "It's only a fake facelight... you should be used to women faking stuff around you by now" "So you're saying my attachment is too much to ignore and yours isn't, right?" "It's my way of showing people I'm not a man, what's your secret?" "You're just mad that I have something worth highlighting and you don't" "If I'm not that bright, and I know about 'Render Attached Lights' and you don't, what does that say?" "It's a prototype idiot attractor.. Yaayy! It works!!" "Yes, it uses a lot of batteries too, but not as many as your girlfriend does" "They're powered by inner personality. Did you detach yours or is it just that weak?" "These lights only illuminate the AVs faults.. I can see why you're so pissed" "The On/Off switch is in my finger.. come here and pull it" .. etc.. etc..
  3. ZenCho Balhaus wrote: If a girl asks ..Does My Bum Look big in this????? Never say Yes It's ok to say yes... just never say "no, it's your bum that makes it look big"
  4. I don't know about anyone else, but my first test of the mesh implementation when it arrives on the main grid will be to rig and upload all the parts of my AV shape model... that way I can hide the actual AV and make the mesh "me" that's seen semi-transparent and ghost-like. Always wanted to create a ghostly aparition AV, but since they totally screwed up the alpha layer implementation by not allowing actual "alpha gradients or transparencies" like a real alpha, I'll have to attempt it the more difficult way with mesh. I somewhat expect that meshes also will fall short of many peoples expectations, but that's what happens when the failure happens at the implementation stage of these sort of things.
  5. I made my zombie a little less "cartoony" this past halloween, and it didn't turn out too bad considering I started very late and ran out of time. Even looking like this though I had an old acquaintance hit me up and want pixel secks.. yeah he was really drunk, but talk about drinking someone pretty.. wow.
  6. Yes, what Nika said.. the bloating of the lower pant leg starts at length 91 I believe, so setting 90 or below will correct it.
  7. The only time I'll wear system skirt outfits is if it's some sort of poofy ball gown or formal dress, where the waistline can be hidden. I remember the very first thing I said on the old, old SL forums was to ask WTF about the goofy system skirts. My shape is so non-standard that modifying it to use with system skirts doesn't work for me. I also have the most difficult time making any prim skirts and belts even fit. I'll stick with the few heavily modified or homemade prims skirts I have until the new rigged mesh makes it onto the main grid, whereby I can make my own flowing mesh skirts.
  8. I killed my chalet on the mountainside because it never got used... so now I'm homeless and live in the forest...
  9. SID Riler wrote: Blake Sea will always be my favorite place, pic of house and outside house That's awesome. Wonderful lighting on the pic as well. Makes me miss the protected all-water lot I had several years ago.
  10. Pinky Pixelmaid wrote: Took this pic for another shoe thread...but they're still my fave shoes these days. Venezia by Similar Italian Footwear...super sexy! I remember seeing those posted before. I would sooo buy those if I could get them without the pointy toes because they're gorgeous.
  11. One more, because I can and already had it uploaded...
  12. Void Singer wrote: instead of pre-"squishing", pre-expand.... it'll up the pixel density for the final product giving it more detail. ETA: the point being, is that you lose information when you downsize and image, but with stretching it, you are actually adding (although most of the addition will be lost visually on your object.... of course if you are working with huge images to begin with, perhaps chossing the other dimension for working to the closest ratio for downsizing may help) Very much agreed. Never squish your texture, expand it.
  13. Venus Petrov wrote: You have a lovely avatar, Dana. If you would like to post photos of your favorite boots on another thread I've just created in Your Avatar, please do so! It helps if you ID the boots and why you like them. Thank you :smileyhappy: Ok sure, although I'm fairly certain that I don't even own a pair of boots I'd consider "favorites" lol. Certainly not these 2 if I did.. will have to look and see.
  14. Storm Clarence wrote: Great shots Dana; you look lovely. I like the boots in both photos, too. Thanks :smileyhappy:
  15. Kylie Jaxxon wrote: You did a wonderful job with it. Maybe you could do a tutorial of sorts to help the rest of us realize just what can be accomplished? :smileytongue: Thanks. I'm as much of a noob as anyone else is around here though, just happen to have old software that converts fonts & text into vector graphics. Creation time on the above: about 2 minutes, render time: about 4 minutes.
  16. Only when I've had too much chili :smileytongue:
  17. SID Riler wrote: I still dont know how to make the little square in the badge to have a pic also, help ;P It's under the My Settings --> Avatar tab, then choose a default one or click the "From Uploaded Images" link to use a custom one.
  18. Maryanne Solo wrote: Wow fantastic badge .gif Dana! u cheeky thing that's awesome Thanks :smileyhappy: Got held up by the 500k size limit, but I've just figured out how to use all sorts of machinima, video, screen savers in that spot... and I'm plenty bored so there's more to follow lol.
  19. Veeeerrryyy interesting.... must go profile snooping now :smileytongue:
  20. Thanks for the useful info! Will have to mess around with the options to find something I like. To those posting about using firebug to revert to the white bar default style, post the damn specifics please.
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