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  1. Lol, I decided to try 251 and see how it went, it filled instantly, so process credit requested - waiting to see if it takes the 2 days again.
  2. Well, dang it. I'll have to cancel my 249L sell order then, which has been waiting a few days to fill now, long enough that I almost forgot I had it. Just 3 weeks ago a 249 got filled almost instantly, so something really is going on here.
  3. I cashed out the other week, and it did take only 2 days to process. The thing is, I never asked for quicker processing, and the stage where you go to sell your $L for $ is the stage that draws it out, like Rya says - I think I had one order sitting for a week before I decided to cancel and changed the exchange rate by 1$L and it almost immediately got filled. So at the end of the day, the whole procedure (not counting actual sales, which also can fluctuate) may take a couple of days to over a week, depending what the market is like. Nothing has changed for me in the quickness of this, but I am paying $2 more for the appearance of it.
  4. Thanks for your responses. I will make a fuller response to you all once I have a bit more time to write it all down. And get ready, because I am gonna own you all on this
  5. Hi, it's me again. I was going to tag this idea on the end of the discussion about the beta search thing, but it isnt really relevant apart from perhaps suggesting a way the review system would affect the search results. So let me describe my idea. In the rules about the MP, it is acceptable to give a review about the customer service the merchant has offered, but in my opinion, NO customer service needed after a sale means THE BEST customer service, because, I hope you will agree, when the customer has no reason to contact the selller about any problems, then the seller has done the job as best they can. I get annoyed when I see 5 star reviews about customer service when I am getting it right first time - packing a box with all the right items, making sure scripts work as intended, and making sure all the other things that might go wrong are fixed before I post it. (I sometimes spend up to an hour with a customer to sort out things like: the scripts in the sim are turned off, or the lag is so bad that they rezzed multiple copies and now the script doesnt seem to communicate with the right part, or they rezzed the wrong part so the intended action of the script does not happen. I don't usually get reviews for this use of my time, because it isn't my product that is faulty, but the customers experience of SL.) My idea is this - change the rules for the reviews so they have to specifically be about that one product that has been bought. Then add a review system for the merchant, specifically concerned with customer service (but it doesnt have to be limited to that), so that customers can rate how they feel their interaction with the merchant went, kind of like Flickr offers a 'testimony' on a photographers profile. The assumption is, that the merchant will treat customers over time in a similar way, so the merchant rating can affect this, and either go down or up over time as the merchant gets feedback from customers, but they may mess up with one product, and be penalized (or praised) when they fix that one product. The customers, in turn, can quickly see how a merchant is rated by customers in general, without having to wade through a number of reviews over a number of products, which may or may not adress the issue of their customer service.
  6. "New physics causes lag with mega prims" A customer of mine mentioned this, and she didnt know anything else, just saying that she is removing all mega prims from her land because of lag. Is there any truth to this, a link I can get so I can read about it?
  7. This happened to my private group and I did a major WTF! Really, you couldn't make up stuff better than what goes on at the Lab.
  8. Welcome to being a SL merchant. Your experience is probably exactly like most of ours. Personally, as I have said long ago somehwere on this forum, the best thing that ever worked for me is just to leave things as they are, the less work I put in, the more sales I seem to have. Go figure.
  9. Oh I se, no idea, don't use Casper, thought you were punning on Ebay, lol.
  10. Use what? Are you refering to setting up an external site similar to the Marketplace? As far as I know, several such sites have been made (the Marketplace itself started as a privately made site, which was then bought and adapted by LL). I believe every site has closed, bcause while they could attract merchants who wanted more chances to sell, they could not attract customers - only the Marketplace has integration with an account balance, so other sites had to rez terminals in-world for customers to pay money into, which they could then use to buy on the sites. It was one step too many and so I assume customers chose the easy option - the Marketplace, leading to the closure of all other sites. So, it's been done, and it's failed every time. Some merchants sell items that are not made of prims, such as photoshop templates, etc, and these can be sold through another website, where the item is emailed to the customer, but anything that needs to be rezzed in SL has to be sold through the MP.
  11. Every sale gives them 5% commission, even if the customer doesn't get anything at all. Why would they mess that up?
  12. Another fine mess they got themselves into ... with the help of a merchants meeting? while we are still looking around in surprise and wondering where this all came from, just keep your eyes open for MP listings that use these icons early on - it will indicate the merchants who had 'inside information' about the secret meeting.
  13. Great news? Who said we needed any changes to the Transaction page? Why aren't they making the changes that have been suggested on these forums? So they made changes and got a backlash for it - why wasn't feedback sought BEFORE the changes?? Unfortunately, this is the usual mode of operation of the martketplace team, and Ebbe, if anybody tells you this was a one-off mistake, don't believe them. This has been happening since the dawn of time and we have almost, but not quite, become numb to how they can mess up things for merchants. This kind of mess happens again and again and again and again and no change of CEO seems to make it better.
  14. I think it's pretty typical that the sound of having a CEO is exactly the same as the sound of not having a CEO, and the current one is making the same sound as the former one! (Confused? It's the name of a song by a certain Mr Simon lol) However, maybe it's too much for his poor tired eyes to read all these threads and extrapolate the improvemets we want from all the posts - perhaps it's the job of the MP team but it seems that if they are doing that, then the response is rather lacking. Because we can't post polls in this forum, I am going to make a list of things that I think have been mentioned here that merchants want - and I wonder what your top three (or one, or four, I am easy going!) would be if you could choose. Perhaps the results of this thread will go down in history as the one that they also ignored along with all others, but at least we tried! So, the list - what would you want changed about the Marketplace? a separate category for demosan option to search for items made of 'mesh'option to untick certain categories/price ranges when you search'Land impact' stated along with 'Prim count'deactivation of items after a certain time has passed with no sales (time related to price, perhaps)deactivation of account after a certain time of no log inway to directly contact owner in-world through link in MPinformation when item was listeddeletion of ratings when the site was still Xstreetyour other suggestions?
  15. Some people actually think things are going to get any better around here? When we have given them concrete proof that they can almost do what they want and we suck it all up like good little puppies, or if we don't, they can ignore it and keep us waiting? Wow, someone has taken too many happy pills. Good luck with the next attempt. Only real way to make change here is to leave. Othwewise they just walk over you, because they know they can.
  16. Good luck in your next big quest to get anybody from that company to listen. I am surprised anybody actually has the energy to do anything here any more. I get to cash out regularly, but I wouldn't be lifting my ass to get them to hear me because I know it will probably fall on deaf ears. The start may be encouraging, but it will trail off as it always has. Times have changed, it's their game and they will do as they want.
  17. Seriously, wake up, people! This is a Real Life tax situation, and you come to a forum full of annonymous avatars - you don't know about us and we don't know about you. You would really trust any info provided here? A Linden won't come in here and help, it isn't their responsibility to help in your real life problems. They give as much information as they are obliged to do, and that is all you can expect. Contact a person qualified to advise you on your tax situation in the area where you live, as well as the situation for taxes in the US. That is all the advice you can actually trust from this forum.
  18. I swear ... that's gotta be Rod's alt trying ot get away with the stash he hid while he was ... nah, it can't be ...
  19. Sorry, I didnt include any sources in my OP, but it's going around the blogs at the moment. Here is one source that is probably reliable about his departure: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2014/01/rod-humble-stepping-down-as-linden-labs-ceo-.html#more
  20. Your thoughts? Personally, while I don't know much about what the CEO does, I have a feeling he was kind of in the middle - not really doing much good, and not doing much bad. I could be wrong, but I reckon he may be remembered as being better for SL than Kapor was. Hopefully the next CEo can kick-start SL back into expansion.
  21. It's about a month since the letter was sent, and I was wondering if there is any update. I guess LL haven't responded, and all there is left to do is remind them that they were going to, which they can probably ignore too. I suppose it they could be working on a re-wording, but I suspect it's more like they have forgotten all about it now and this will be the last we hear of it. Continue to upload and use SL, or leave it, choice is ours.
  22. You could, but it would be against the TOS unless you get writen permission from LL. They basically say you cannot transfer your account to a third party, so nobody can share you avatar.
  23. Dont forget there is also a revenue distribution option for every item. You can set what % of the sale goes to another avatar. One avatar still 'owns' the item, but you can share the profit.
  24. I dont own the vendor system, but what I have heard is this: The vendor automatically lists merchants items on a new marketplace website, because the theory is, if it wasnt opt in, very few would do that, and there would be hardly any listings. Merchants can have one avatar, but multiple stores, and demos are part of the main listing, not a seperate listing. Customers need to deposit $L at a terminal (somewhere!) to be able to buy items from the website. This third feature is why I believe it will fail, not obviously and suddenly like the marketplaces that have come before, because all listings will still be linked to a vendor in-world, so purchases can be made there. However, merchant to merchant sales might thrive. But who knows? I have been known to be wrong!
  25. Awesome* quality control and testing from the Lab once again!! Amazed it took an email before anything was noticed on their side, although I guess we can't expect anyone employed by them to actually read this forum, can we? *Magnet's Modern Pocket Dictionary. Awesome: Doing absolutely nothing at all.
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