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  1. This is on Route 8 on mainland and almost more then half is flat land.  I am asking for 60,128 Lindens which is 1 Linden A sq meter.  If you paid for this from LL you pay the say.  Willing to look at offers as well. We had no lag on this land and we did DFS .. It has the new grass texture that sl put down.. Please take a look 



    Reach me in world 

    Sweetnsexytastin Dumpling 


  2. This is a FLAT mainland parcel so very hard to come by.  7937 prims total for the whole thing.  You must be a paid account to buy this.  There are people on the edges of this sim but you still have nice views as two live in the sky and the other side are done up nicely.  Asking 20,000 Lindens or Best Offer or I can break it up if you want a smaller piece of land.


    In World Contact me @

    Sweetnsexytastin Dumpling

    Sale Land.jpg

  3. Looking for a friendly RP sim for your family and kids...then stop by and take a look at what we offer.

    » Residential only, Families and Children Safe Sim «

    4 Parcels Remaining  Size= 4096m  / 937 prims Only 1495 L$/wk. 

    ♥***♥* Open park area for the kids to play.
    ♥***♥* Full Sim Under Water Adventure
    ♥***♥* Cap't Nemo's Underwater Observatory
    ♥***♥* Full sim Boating Area
    ♥***♥* Huge Multilevel Track  for cars and motorcycle


    Contact Sweetnsexytastin Dumpling or Cindylove15 Resident.

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