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  1. I just made an alt... I want through the Island 1 tutorial thing and found a bunch of new folks at the end. They were stuck there because TP out isn't or wasn't working. It's giving a region not available error... I just popped on chat to let someone know and got told to submit a ticket... I may have well been talking to my cat. Hopefully someone from the lab will help the poor sods out, or maybe the problem already sorted it'sself... who knows. Maybe someone here knows how to get the attention of someone in LL who can help or cares?
  2. You can stop people from joining, you can stop them from appearing in search... not sure how you would hide one though... The best way is probably to not make a group, log off and go sit under the stairs
  3. Jokes aside I'm finding it reliable and fast. I quite happy with it. With so many possible hardware configurations It always going to be an up hill struggle for the devs.
  4. What do you mean? The standard viewer is flawless piece of software!
  5. Right now I'm talking to a friend listening to tunes... before that I went to a live music venue... Earlier I purchased some attractive underware. While I was shopping a new person asked for help and I gave him some tips...
  6. You're better of with RL beer and virtual bears... I would think? :matte-motes-nerdy:
  7. The Colour of Magic was one of the first books I read by choice (rather than from school)... I shall raise a glass to a great author.
  8. When I heard about this I thought it was a great piece of community involvement. To be honest I don't see it as people doing something LL should have done. I see it as people paying to get something done sooner.
  9. The sad thing is the really busy places that us older residents already know about (as well as some of the coolest events in SL) don't list themselves. This means that new folks and up wondering around the map landing in places full of bots!
  10. I've never had trouble listing an event, I use the work Rock all the time .... ... Of course if your friend was listing something like: C*m down and get your rocks off at our super spanky bonking club... Lots of naked humans, furrries and other mamanls... ... Maybe the filter got it...
  11. Seriously though... I didn't post this becuase I was bored and couldn't find anything to do I don't get why the hundreds of events taking place in SL every day are not listed. Events listings are free, easy enough to use....
  12. That's a good example, I've not noticed any Burn2 events listed... (I think I will wonder along for a bit though)
  13. Now I got your attention.... why don't people use the events listings more? I'm in world right now and for once I'm at lose end, no renters want me, I'm not DJing and I feel like going somewhere new. I just looked in the events listing for 4pm and as usual it pretty light on activities. Apparently twelve events are taking place in the all of second Life at 4pm and those are the same ones that are always listed by the few people that remember to use this free service. People look at these listings and if more events got listed more people would use them! Get your events advertised :) Love you all, Emma
  14. I've had that a few times recently. I was always able to log in the next time I tried though. Give it another go...
  15. Thanks for all the responses, personaly I had no expectations becuase I really didn't know what it was about and I had never done anything like it before. I suppose I created a second life that gives me freedom.
  16. Is that a reference to his over sized poor quality 'head' ?
  17. A twitter friend if mine muses about Second Life (which I exposed him too). http://tomstronach.blogspot.com/2011/09/what-would-you-do-with-second-life.html?m=1 He got to the right questions maybe I'll even get him to try it... But for you guys I was wondering, Is your SL anything like you expected? I'm sure mine isn't!
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