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  1. I'll have you know I am more than slightly cranky, as you are well aware.
  2. Fine. But you're the one who told me I needed to start posting on the forums again. The penguins say hi, by the way.
  3. I was going to say 'kind of like Scylla' but that would get my head pelted with books and my shins kicked.
  4. Like you haven't taken on making me fit for civilized company one of your biggest hobbies. At least I can dress myself now. So progress!
  5. if we spoke about it, it wouldn't be an unspoken agreement
  6. We have a longstanding unspoken agreement on this
  7. Is this where I post this? [18:42] Scylla Rhiadra: I do not need an obedient penguin. I need an honest and true one
  8. Is this where I post this? [18:42] Scylla Rhiadra: I do not need an obedient penguin. I need an honest and true one
  9. You would never, ever, ever in a million years do that. Ever
  10. and I said I would alert the media and she didn't indicate that I shouldn't so I'm alerting the closest thing to the media but it's not like anything happened after she pressed, sorry pushed, the button it just caused another button to appear but that didn't seem to do anything either for her new fancy-schmancy pose thing.
  11. I thought for sure that was going to work...
  12. Maybe I have been there. I have NO idea who the person in red is next to me, though.
  13. I've got a lot on my mind! There's a top buffing service - they come in twice a week, whether I need it or not.
  14. Since this is apparently a thing now, if I had gone to this place I've never heard of and took a picture tonight, this is what it would look like.
  15. I know of no such place, though I would probably go to events there if I did know of some such place. Which I don't. Nor do I know why anyone would ever say 'Janet Reno'
  16. /me pops in, reads, agrees with your assessment that you were a little sarcastic but you mostly kept your temper, contemplates changing my sig line to drive the small minds of the blog detectives crazy, wonders how the oven cleaning went, gives you a very chaste peck on the cheek so as not to give the riff raff the vapors, pops out again
  17. If that really is him, what does it say about this place that he's posting there and not here? (I think we all already know the answer to that...)
  18. Dres, feel free to give me a follow on Twitter (NathanScorpio). You can then follow most of the Twitter regulars through me. PM me if you need any help doing so. Oh, and follow Torley. Torley is essential. So are the main SL accounts. The thing to keep in mind is that a twitter conversation is much more like a RL conversation than a forum conversation. When you talk with a group of friends in RL, you're doing so in sentences, not paragraphs. So adjust to that mindset. The biggest key for Twitter in general is to figure out who to follow. No matter what the subject, no matter what the interest, there are people on Twitter tweeting about it. For example, I’m a big Cardinals baseball fan and Packer football fan. All the regular beat reporters who follow the Cardinals are on Twitter, so while I’m listening to a game, I can read their comments on the game. Most of the big name Packer players are on Twitter, and while they obviously can’t tweet during a game, I can see what they say before and after, without having it filtered through traditional media. And it isn’t just sports. Movies, music, books, politics, finance – whatever your interests, you can find people talking about it. Again, drop me a message if you need or want help.
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