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  1. Because I cant get into SL .. For some unknown reason the apparently no one can figure out .. I have been able to think a bit about SL . . And I will say simply this .. WE dont need a CEO, to us this is not a business, it's a world we made for ourselves. We are residents, not customers. Neighbors, not co-workers. Friends, not associates. What we need is a Leader, this is not to us a commercial enterprise, it's a world without borders. So I'll get back to my screen that says .. and has said for the past week ..on multiple computers (one of them never ever had SL loaded on it) on 2 OS's.. and 4 different Viewers ... so dont tell me to clear the cache again .. Login failed. The system is logging you out right now. (((It has been doing that for a week))) Your account will not be available until 2010-12-29 06:50:02 and the time just steps further into the future .. and soon it will say until 2011.......
  2. Customer Service .. Now its close to a week .. I am Ghosting .. I cant get in to a World you so happily invite people to.. So I have lost friends, they think I am ignoring them.. .I have lost business..I cant help my customers.. I am premium .. so I am losing real money.. If I cant get in to pay Tiers .. I'll loose my home .. Your Live Chat is useless . . Tickets are ignored .. Ok I am not a big player .. But for 4 years I have dedicated time and effort .. I think I have made contributions .. and your workers can not fix what has to be a simple problem .. If you could see my thumb and index finger there is about 1mm .. and I am saying .. "I am this close to tossing it all in."...
  3. .. You know .. I am still seeing that "Help Us ..." blah blah .. Why would you put such a thing on a web page when you dont want our help at all .. After 7 or so years of posting things from time to time you would think the L's would know its just going to piss us off .. Those who pay yearly and monthly .. Dont you get it?? We are the customers...Today SL was horrendous, almost nothing worked right .. How can you use resources, my contribution to this thing, to attract new people with a Gizmo I cant use, and ignore the fact that what you are supposed to be getting right is still iffy ..
  4. .. I want to see this .. Jeepahs .. Premium for over 4 yeras now .. New thing comes up and Im shut out .. That is so SL....
  5. Mac and PC user here .. Can someone tell me why I can see shadows and can use the Ultra setting on my mac at the beta Grid and not the Main Grid ..
  6. Here are my 2 pennies .. Kim .. I often say that if SL just did what was supposed to do .. It would be great ..but that aside .. . here is where I see the "X"..Any day now there will be more than Bluemars and Twinity both are just as SL, just not as good .. You arrive, you walk around, see things, do some things ... I think what has to be developed and I know some work has been done with this.. Is the ability to control the movement of your Av in a more direct way.. Puppeteer was as I know, and I could be wrong, abandoned.. I think the thing to make SL gap the coming competition would be the ability to move your Av beyond what is available with the current Library of Animations .. and while I am here .. What always amazes me is how little people know about what they can do here .. An example ..a 300 day plus resident .. She had no idea you can Swim in SL, had no idea you could Sail, had no idea you could drive around the Mainland Road, no idea there were beautiful large seas (that you cant rez a boat but in a few places, but that is another matter) . . So, maybe a way to let people know what they can do here .. and being in Marketing myself I would say that you have to get to a wide audience quickly and there is no better way than traditional television advertising .. The upside would be probably 1000's coming to SL, the downside .. Well back to the top of this long post more people=more lag=more frustration=more people click and leave .. If SL only did what it was supposed to do reliably it would be great .. BC
  7. If you are just laying a texture on a prim .. then the "save as" I think should be .jpg .. (save as Photopshop option) .. If there is a need to see through the texture then, and only then .tga (but its a bit of a process and for a PS Newish Person this might be a bit difficult) OR much easier and much smaller in file size .png ..I have never had the problem of a texture being too dark, it changes a bit, but usually not too dark if you just lay it over a white prim..
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