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  1. "I actually think it is an SL issue as they do the logging. But thanks everyone."

    Yes, but the problem is... none of us know, it baffles us all.  Thus the only people who might know why the logs were erased or have any sort of resolution to this issue would be Emerald or LL... yes?   This problem is compounded further by the fact you use Emerald, LL Support will likely reply since you use a third party anything, you're on your own as far as support goes.  Thus my suggestion you go to the source for resolution, pressuming resolution is to be found, maybe I'm wrong but we nor LL seem able to help cut through the haze.  It certainly doesn't hurt to ask.

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  2. "Anyone else have there log disappear yesterday?"

    Sorry, don't use Emerald but ideally I can point you towards the people who might have an answer for you : )

    When inworld do a search on "Emerald"... they have a support/help group you can join... ask in that group and you should get someone who knows about it.

  3. i'll be fixed, eventually.


      Registration and login issues

    Posted by Status Desk on July 6th, 2010 at 12:14 pm PDT

    UPDATE - The land store, new account registration  and the lindex have been disabled while we work to resolve this issue.

    Registration and login issues - we’re  currently experiencing an issue with registrations, and some residents  may experience difficulty in logging in. We’re investigating and will  post here when we have more information.

  4. As far as the following you around to different forums, there's not much LL can do about anything outside of Secondlife... if it happens on a LL forum you can complain; if it's not a LL forum you'd have to file a complain with whoever's forum it is.

    As far as someone giving you grief cause you play Secondlife; ignore it... idiots are everywhere.  Some people say dumass sh*t, thats a reflection on them, not you.  Blow it off, if they wanna have issues it's their problem and don't make their problem and issues yours.  Tell them as much.

    There are people on Secondlife who make a reallife income from the things they sell inworld.  Personally I don't think the mouthpiece you speak of has the slightest clue what they're talking about... even so if they don'r like SL, who the heck cares  : )   Someone from Secondlife, giving you a hassle cause you play Secondlife?   This person is moronic.

  5. "Is there a limit on the number of avis and objects that can be on your  mute list?"

    hiya Dana  *waves*

    nope, the mute list has no limit.  (a few months ago someone posted that their mute list was approaching 1000 people/objects... so you know it fits at least that much lol)

  6. No unfortunately not... age verifying doesn't become an available option until residents are on the main grid.  In the meantime there are lots of places that offer scans - public libraries, private businesses, some internet cafes, etc.

    For info on transfering from TSL to the main grid contact Blue Linden, i think he deals with such things... just send him a private message:


  7. hello Jane   *smiles*

    if your avi isn't rendering, try this... plus i'll add the more detailed FAQ:

    Click on the Advanced Menu at the top of the screen. If it is not next to the Help menu, press ctrl+alt+D to make it show

    Select Debug settings.....a small window will open. select "RenderUnloadedAvatar" from the drop down box and then set it to "True"

    Why do I look like a particle  cloud


    Old default "Ruth"  avatar

    In versions of Second Life before Viewer 1.20, we used a default  avatar loading form known as "Ruth", as  shown at right.  When your avatar suddenly turned into an ugly woman,  Residents called it being "Ruthed", because Ruth is the historical name  of an early avatar form -- not unlike having a great, great-grandmother.

    Default "plasma cloud" avatar

    In the Second Life Viewer version 1.20 and later, your appearance is  that of a plasma cloud while your avatar is loading. This effect is not  permanent and your avatar will take form as things around you begin to  rez (load).  During this time, you may not access the Appearance  Editor.

    Tip: If your Second Life Viewer is minimized, your  avatar may show as a particle cloud to other Residents.

    You also appear as a cloud when some information about you gets  lost on the way from one place to another. However, you are not stuck  this way permanently! Follow these steps to restore yourself to normal:

    1. From your main menu, click Me > Preferences then choose the Graphics tab.
    2. Slide the Quality and speed slider to a lower setting.
    3. Click the Advanced button.
    4. Move the Draw distance slider to the left.
    5. Slide the Mesh Details sliders to Low.
    6. Avatar Impostors is checked by default. If you have  unchecked it, activate that feature again.

    Additional helpful techniques:

    • Log out and restart Second Life (relog).
    • Right-click yourself, choose My Appearance, do NOT save anything, and click Close.

    If those don't work, try the following process:

    1. Access and wear a default avatar.
    2. Re-wear your normal shape, skin, clothes, and attachments.  This step is much easier if you are using a pre-existing saved outfit, but remember not to save anything  before your avatar is restored!.
    Tip: If you tried all of the above, and your avatar is  still a cloud, submit a  ticket to our Support team for assistance.

    To get other avatars to load faster:

    1. Lower your draw distance.
    2. Zoom in closely on the avatar that still shows as a cloud.
  8. "You know what? I've never met a Hotaling I didn't like."

    LOL.  I've never met one period.  There has to be some Hotalings around, either that or after i chose the name people didn't want to be guilty by association.

    Don't feel back for pestering the Lindens, afterall the reply you get might be 'dunno'.

    (this is a very very drastic measure, but if this is a relatively new av without a big inventory full of non transferable items and not many friends yet - you could always create a new account, transfer everything possible from your current account to the new one and start fresh)

  9. "After reading all the instructions, I don't even know if it's the right  thing to do."

    Go with submitting a ticket... even if you reinstalled SL - your inventory is stored on LL servers so you'd just have the same inventory redelivered upon reinstalling anyway.  The only people who can effect change to you inventory other than yourself is LL.

    Are you Basic or Premium, we can help walk you through the submitting a ticket process.  If Basic, hover your mouse over the 'help' tab above then 'submit new ticket'... for 'ticket type' select 'special questions - basic or guest account' then "there was an item in my inventory window that isn't there or isn't working'... then just fill in the blanks.

    Also, if you use the Emerald viewer, when inworld do a search on 'emerald'... they have a Support Group you can join and people on the grid to answer questions - ideally they can help also.

  10. More often than not just cleaning your cache will fix it.

    If not, try this.  If you run XP follow this path...

    my computer.. c disk... documents and settings... your named folder... application data... you'll see a folder titled Secondlife.

    if Vista here's the path - C:\Users\(yourusername)\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife

    open the Secondlife folder, and move the 'cache' folder to anywhere else on your computer, eg to 'my documents'

    restart your computer, relog in to secondlife.  (this forces a reinstall of your complete inventory off the LL servers which should fix everything.  If it does, you are then free to delete the 'cache' folder you moved since you don't need it anymore)

  11. You are very welcome.  we're excited for you also. 

    Might i close by suggesting you submit a jpira and bring it to the Lindens attention, or again call Billing and bring it to the Lindens attention being the answer as earlier suggested.

    Being residents we can't fix it; if you're going to be snide about that snide yourself also being no better at fixing it being a resident yourself.  You came here asking a question which was answered literally hours ago and a few times since.

  12. "I appologize if I hurt anyone's feelings"

    for what its worth no apologies needed as no feelings were hurt... not on my part anyway.  YOU TYPED LIKE THIS so I TYPED LIKE THIS, simple as that... hardly a big deal.  You replied, so i answered... again no big deal.  My answer still stands which was reasonably given... i don't know why LL won't let you use the card vs paypal in this instance , call the people who deal with such things - LL Billing.  We're residents, all we can do is sympathize.

    as for your frustration, ideally we helped you release some haha.  shit happens and nothing is ever a big deal.

    noble apology by the way.

  13. "That, dear sir, was your response.. not a very nice one to say  the least."

    I am well aware of how I responded.  Granted there are those that feel typing LIKE THIS!!! in bold upper case is yelling and rude, yes I could've been an asshole as you describe and flamed you for yelling at the very people who are here only to help you, yes I could've thought screw this - i'm not going to help out or reply to someone who has attitude the second they arrive, etc.  I didn't disparage, or disrespect when indeed i could've opted to do so... fact is i didn't utter one unkind word.

    Instead my greatest sin is typing in the exact style you feel is perfectly fine to address others with.  If the typing style rubbed you the wrong way or i'm wrong in doing so, food for thought perhaps.

  14. "I sought out the answer here because you are HERE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS!   *NOT* be rude, ignorant, self absorbed a$$holes."

    My dear sir, you came here miffed cause you are having issues that displease you... thats fine, but whatever issues and attitude you arrived with and possess remain - yours.  Show me a rude comment made in reply and maybe you have a point, until then you seem to be the only one being rude... which again is perfectly fine - certainly no reflection on us.  Even in that your question was answered, not by people who had to... so chill a little.  Or not for all the difference it makes.

  15. I don't KNOW.

    Why don't you CONTACT BILLING, and ASK?????


    If you have a non-technical issue with your account you can also call  our Billing team at:

    Toll-Free (US/Canada)
    Long Distance

    Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Local Toll-Free numbers

    France: 0805.101.490

    Germany: 0800.664.5510

    Japan: 0066.33.132.830

    Portugal: 800.814.450

    Spain: 800.300.560

    UK: 0800.048.4646

    Support is in English Only

  16. When I first tried viewer2 i couldn't figure out how to arrach a LM for example to a group notice... the group info including composing a notice happens in that sidebar window... the same sidebar window that displays inventory.  To drag a LM for example onto the notice, a person much dismiss the notice to get to their inventory... attaching it to the notice is an impossible task if the notice is no longer there.

    That workaround also is creating a second inventory window, thus having something to drag inventory items out of.

  17. "Sends Unklebob back to school to redo the maths course."

    hahaha  /me mutters 'darn that Nyll...'

    yeah, caught me, i flunked math in school, to this day i still dunno why.

    advice still stands though, submit a ticket suggesting i can't create an account... and forget the rest.

    damn Nyll, you're gooooood!

  18. You need to submit a ticket to  Support, they can help you 

    Select 'account issue' then 'i cannot  login to my SL Teen Account'

    Tickets for Basic and Guest  Accounts


    Some issues are best  resolved by submitting a ticket to our support  staff, but we don't  currently offer full support ticket access to Basic  account holders or  Guests (visitors who don't yet have Second Life®  accounts). We're  sorry; there are just too many of you for us to handle  in a way that  would make you happy. It's something we're working on.

    You can use   special options to reach our support staff for certain common questions   or problems. When you're logged in  as a Basic account holder or Guest,  you should only use the Special  Questions - Basic  account or Guest Login ticket type. Any  other support ticket  submitted will be ignored
    icons_parature_caution.jpg Important: Many of the ticket choices   explained below have additional fields that you need to fill  in  before submitting the ticket. If you supply us  with as much relevant information as possible,  we will be better able to  help you. For example, if you get an error  message, include the text in  the ticket.

    Ticket  types for Basic account holders and Guests include the  following. Some  topics are linked to more information where you may find  your answer  quicker, so click that first:

    Remember, be sure to use the Special  Questions - Basic  Account or Guest Login ticket type from the  dropdown list when  entering the information requested.

    Click  here to submit a ticket.

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