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  1. "There are also ATM objects that allow you to setup the ability for specific avatars to pull linden from the ATM (which is funded by your avatar's account)"

    i do know there used to be an inworld bank that for example i could put lindens into, and i could allow via permissions certain people to access and withdraw - 'onrez' i think it was.  I do not believe that exists anymore - or so i heard anyway and i'm uncertain if there is an alternative.  Cool suggestion if such a bank does still exist... that was a wise thought.

  2. "Is there a way to transfer Lindens to another avatar without logging inworld.  Can it be done via the dashboard or the marketplace, for example?"

    heavy sigh and alas... no.

    doing so would sure make my job of distributing contest board money easier; and the owner of the club has to login to send me funding; considering his busy life and wise ways as far as workarounds go if there was a way, he'd know.

    the only workaround i can think of is if that person is a vendor you can buy something from the marketplace with the aim being they get the money as opposed to you actually wanting the sale.

    we'll see if theres someone smarter...

  3. "I didn't think of it being a ghosted avatar."

    That's a glitch that will resolve itself in time.  I've banned avs from the sim and 9 times out of 10 things go as expected; however once in a blue moon a phantom image of that avatar remains exactly where they were pre-ban as if this was Ghost Hunters, or the avi will be gone but they're still on my radar , etc.  I'm not sure what cured the problem, the avatar relogging, the sim restarting, but i do know they were really gone despite impressions and they totally disappear given time.

    It's pretty freaky when you ban someone, only to have their ghost remain... we strung christmas lights and tinsel on the last phantom av.

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  4. "A few years ago it was vastly different. Now with age verify I believe that explains the shift. Still a work in progress."

    To start, all the credit in the world to you and Cinn for finding the stats, me bad I didn't look all that hard.

    That said, again I'd question the accuracy of said stats even if they were provided by Linden Lab.   You got teens fibbing about age to get on the main grid; you got people wary about giving out RL info online right down to their name nvm age/sex/location, you got adult parents letting theor RL kids join up using the parents RL info and credit card info so their kids can be with them and better supervised on the main grid, there's countless alts that represent different people when really it's just one person - and who even knows what they entered as RL info...

    Not much on SL is real, including reallife info provided... so you're playing with stats which is all fine and good but the stats are still skewed.

  5. "What are the know age statistics for men and woman on sl?"

    Maybe someone smarter than I might provide a better answer... but mine is good luck finding out.

    Ages and gender are private info with LL does not disclose... so breaking that percentage down is impossible 'officially'.  You might be able to get that info from surveys people have conducted but then you have to wonder how accurate the stats are.

    To my knowledge there are no "known age stats" as such info isn't made available, so here's hoping someone proves me wrong for you : )

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  6. "Please if anyone wishes to explain this to me please do. and also feel free to voice your own unpleasent experiances with hunger here as well"

    Am I a fan of The Hunger or Bloodlines - no.

    Am I going to voice my unpleasant experiences - no.  (then i'd feel compelled to voice my displeasure with tummy talkers, yiffing furry's, scammers who take lindens then don't deliver goods or services as promised and dozens of other things that make me go hmmm)

    If I'm unhappy with a vendor I'll give them the change to do right by me in a reasonable manner and if I'm unsatisfied still I'll post a bad review in the Marketplace and give someone more deserving my business.  If I don't like tummy talkers, I'll mute it by object.  If I don't want to be a yiffing furry, I won't be a yiffing furry.  If I don't want to get bitten or killed, I won't play a game where you get bitten and killed.

    And I will not talk bad about people who choose to have tummy talkers, choose to be yiffying furries, or choose to create and play biting games.  This is SL, if it hurts when your friend does that, my suggestion would be to not do that.

    "Cause right now I'm tempted not to join this Hunger if everyone is this rude to others in there buisness areas."

    Lastly, this has zero to do with Linden Lab.  LL allows the game to be played, your friend accepted the rules and the risks and paid for the priviledge, and it isn't LLs fault they forgot or neglected or were too slow in going dormant... if I was the sim owner I'd be miffed at the player for bringing the crap and the drama to my sim instead of having the common sense to go dormant in place of doing business.  Business is business - leave the games at home or on your own sim.  Don't blame LL for players playing a game they themselves chose to play of their own free will - if you don't like how the game is played; don't play it... but at the same time don't blame others for a game your friend chose to include themselves in.

  7. "why premium account members can't resolve their problems in live chat when their account is suspended?"

    if it was suspended for a payment related issue you could phone LL Billing Support and they would lift any such suspension you'd be under; past that any contact with LL over suspended accounts is done through tickets... why Live Chat aren't Lindens and why can't Live Chat resolve such things... i've no clue.

  8. "does anyone have any clue when the 1.23.5 viewer be removed from the viewers directory and thus LL will disable logins with 1.23.5?"


    "i think viewer 2.xx is very stable and better than some early releases and much better than viewer 1.xx."

    It's wonderful you think that.  It's equally wonderful that many people disagree.

    Thus, correct answer is good thing both are available so everyone is happy - as opposed to one thing being crammed down peoples throats who don't want just one choice.   Hmmm, have a choice of one, or have multiple choice - it's a no brainer.

  9. "Are their services where an uploaded photo can be superimposed upon an avatar face?  Any advice on how to go about this would be appreciated."

    No, not to my knowledge.  There are people inworld however that do custom work, be it on skins shapes hair clothing, you name it.... some for fun, some for profit.

    May I be as bold however to suggest it might be more enjoyable for you to create your own personal appearance.  If in RL would have blond wavy hair... find blond wavy hair.  If you're tanned, look for tanned skins.  If you're thin and short, create a thin and short shape.  Got brown eyes, get brown eyes.  It might be labour and search intensive but it would be something you created yourself... and what better thing to create yourself than yourself.

  10. The best way to correct your avatar when it is a particle cloud is to go to your Advanced tab (Ctrl Alt D to make it show), select Character, then Character Test, select a gender... and rebuild your avi.

    The easiest way is to select Advanced then Debug Permissions... scroll the list looking for Render Unloaded Avatar and select True... however upon doing this you won't be able to tell your avatar is ruthed.   The best way above, is the best choice.


  11. Find out where you last logged out from, and contact the sim owner and/or LL through live support if premium, submit a ticket if not asking they do a sim restart explaining your avi is ghosted inworld due to a faulty logout - it's relatively common.  In the meantime you can create an alt and go visit yourself.

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  12. 1. Should I file an abuse report against this person, who is making the threats towards me, and call his bluff, and his threats of having his group members file false reports, or should I just leave it alone as a few friends have told me?

    >> If that were me I wouldn't yield to threats, unless they were made by a Linden... there may be many reasons I'd rethink a particular position I held, being threatened would not be one of them. (if anything it would strengthen my resolve)

    2. Is there any way to get all the stolen that has been distributed in our group removed? I know a lot of the creators which items I have been given in my inventory in Second Life. Akeyo, Armidi,RQ,Truth,69,etc. These are all in a box, and need to be removed, any quick way of getting LL to do such, or do I have to contact each creator manually to have these items removed? I would generally just delete such, but the fact is that these have been opened, and distributed by many people in our group, and then some.

    3. If I remember right when I read the Linden Lab TOS, and CS Linden Lab can't, and will not take action for any outside posts such as Myspace,Skype,Yahoo,FaceBook,YouTube, or any other social media site. Is this actually true, because some of the threats I have got in game due to some of the posts a few people have posted on other sites say that LL will get involved because of that, but I have talked to at least 3 other friends in SL, which have told me that Linden Lab will not take actions unless those links are posted in Second Life, or on Second Life forums, and such, but outside issues are the responsibility of the person hosting the service, and the LAW?

    >> as for 2 and 3, what I would do is seek out the advice of a Linden.  I'd go as far as to suggest you can say anything you want about a resident outside of SL and LLs domain and be very certain of that; however this is your account we're talking about and do you want to pin your account on what other residents think is a correct answer?   I'd visit a Linden during office hours, and spill it - leave it in their hands; then you can walk away thinking you did your best, you didn't yield to threats of blackmail, whatever happens happens... it's in the hands of Linden Lab.


  13. "Every time, a window pops up asking me to agree to the TOS, but the TOS do not appear, and the checkbox and button to agree to it are greyed out."

    That is a problem related to the viewer you are using .

    Hover your mouse over the 'help' tab above, click downloads, download and install viewer 1.23... once done doubleclick the icon on your desktop, login as usual, accept the ToS and you'll be good to go.

  14. "what a shame you cant find a cheap place in a mature area to do it. why not just do it out in public and let the world see. What is there to hide after all."

    Try hosting a naked event at a club, x-ing off on a tip but accidentally hitting a mass tp, and teleporting your own naked butt out of the event you're supposed to he hosting... all the while wondering where the heck you're going to end up.

    Not that I've done that... three times, including to a General sim.  (got a 5L tip, two dates, one marriage proposal, and three restraining orders out of it)

    /me cheers at sl and all its awesomeness

  15. "I'd like to get his thread out of  the unanswered section too.  but I'm not going to give 4 points to a rude, smart-ass remark ."

    Perhaps you are being a little overly sensative.  I might have been flippant and found some things humourous, but how does anything suggested, like sex isn't allowed where sex isn't allowed, or why that needs to be clarified, or my agreeing with what Irene said translate into my being rude or a smartass?

    Tone down the drama for goodness sakes, smile... it's friday and your answer was replied to in good faith, if you can show me where i'm rude or personally offensive towards yourself personally i'd love to see it.

  16. "I'd give you  Best Answer on this thread too, if I could"

    What answer were you looking for... that sex related stuff isn't allowed on sim where sex related stuff on a sim isn't allowed?

    I'd echo Irene's sentiments in that I have no idea why that needs to be asked - nevermind asked on two seperate forums but good you got the reply you were seeking regrdless of where or who is awarded the most points.  I'm sure i'll still sleep soundly even with the 2 point differecial... my reply is mainly motivated to get this out of the 'unanswered' box since according to the OP it's already been answered one and a half times (which ironically is how many times i've had sex on a general sim)

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