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  1. I'm not certain you can pay for someone elses account anymore... a friend of mine had problems paying for their membership a month back and others were willing to pay to get her out of the jam she was in - apparently they weren't allowed. That said I'd try asking the Billing deparment, if anyone would know for sure the people who take care of that sort of thing would. Here's the number: If you have a non-technical issue with your account you can also call our Billing team at: Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long Distance 703.286.6277
  2. "damn you unkle bob" hahaha check out my profile pic... you're too late, i already have been! i'd say "NEENER!" but the other demons would just laugh at me.
  3. lol nvm, edited, was just an echo of someone's reply who was quicker. *curses his one typing finger*
  4. The new viewer shouldn't affect video streaming, mine didn't anyway. First thing I'd do is go to my preferences ensuring streaming video is enabled. If it is, the problem is more likely the video feed or texture isn't loaded into the land options properly, ideally this will help (and if still no - reply and help will be ongoing) Good luck! Troubleshooting streaming video If you're having problems playing video in the Second Life Viewer®, try these quick tips: 1. Install QuickTime Second Life's streaming video is powered by QuickTime. If you don't have the latest stable version, download QuickTime from Apple's site. After installing it, you will likely need to restart your computer. Refer to Apple's Support for help fixing QuickTime issues. 2. Set your controls correctly Streaming media must be enabled in the Second Life® Viewer. Go to Edit > Preferences. Click Audio & Video tab. Check Play Streaming Media When Available. When you're on a video-enabled parcel, the play button in the lower-right of your Viewer is enabled. If you're encountering audio-specific difficulties: Go to Edit > Preferences. Click Audio & Video tab. Look at the Volume sliders. Master and Media should both be on. Tip: You can also access the volume sliders by clicking the ^ button to the right of the Master volume slider in the lower-right of your Viewer. Related, see "How to play streaming music in Second Life". 3. Check if the parcel has a video If nothing still plays, it could be that the parcel doesn't have a video URL set. Go to World > About Land. Click Media tab and look next to Media Type and Media URL. Some parcels hide the information but if it's not obscured, it should show something like this: Media Type: Movie video/mp4 Media URL: https://vidtuts.s3.amazonaws.com/Using-beacons-to-find-special-objects.mp4 Many, but not all valid movies end in ".mov" or ".mp4". A live stream may end in ".rtsp" or ".sdp". If you're not sure where to find a video-enabled parcel, see the "Test parcels" page. 4. Test the movie outside of Second Life QuickTime Player is a good way to narrow down the source of the problem: if a video doesn't play in QT Player, it almost certainly won't work in Second Life. Here's how: Find a video-enabled parcel in Second Life. Go to About Land and click Media tab. Copy the Media URL. Open QuickTime Player. It's found in your Program Files folder on Windows or Applications folder on Mac. It may already have a shortcut placed in the Start Menu or Dock. In QT Player, use File > Open URL. Paste the Media URL. Click OK. If the video file is valid, it will start playing momentarily. Some videos are huge files (e.g., 100MB for a 30-second clip) and take considerably longer to start because they're optimized for download and playback from your local hard drive. In those cases, the video should be compressed so it retains most of its visual quality but is compact enough to stream over the Internet. You or the video author can do this using QuickTime Pro or another transcoding tool. Note: Only video formats compatible with the default QuickTime install work in Second Life. Add-on formats like .wmv support in Flip4Mac won't work with Second Life. 5. Make sure you have enough bandwidth Playing video can be bandwidth-intensive. If you don't have enough bandwidth, the video pauses as it struggles to download more chunks and show them to you. We recommend having a broadband connection which can sustain 768kbps or higher — more is better. If you're not sure how much bandwidth you have available, check with your Internet Service Provider. 6. Check with your friends. Are they seeing the movie? It's fun to watch movies together but you'll be sad if you're left out: ask friends or other nearby Residents on the same parcel if they can see the video. This is a quick and common test which can rule out whether the problem is on your computer.
  5. *does a happydance that you might wanna take a pic of now that you can* awesome, glad it worked!
  6. Like you I've searched everything including the knowledge base, precious little found so far other than the obvious: Press Esc at any time to snap the camera back to your avatar (same as View > Reset View). Moving your avatar also resets the camera. -or- Hold down the Alt, Alt-Ctrl, and Alt-Ctrl-Shift keys while clicking-and-holding your mouse to camscan around a scene. View menu > Camera Controls is another way to fine-tune your shot. Also under the View menu, Ctrl-0 and Ctrl-8 zoom in and out. Ctrl-9 resets. Best help I am is suggesting if you reinstall SL you go back to default everything, as we wait for someone smarter to post lol.
  7. Well Elba's right, kinda. Some of us do bleed when pricked... my avi's full of hot air so when I get pricked I sort of go PFFFFTing across the room like a rapidly deflating balloon which comes in handly when tp's are down, but I digress. Yes, contact support.
  8. First bit of advice is to contact LL as advised and see if this is really the reason you can't login... you can't solve the problem if you don't know whats going on. If you aren't blocked, thats a good thing... if it is you'll have to try resolving things... either way submitting a ticket to Support gets the process started.
  9. You say "my other avie works fine"... that leads me to believe the problem is with something you're wearing. I'd take off everything, clothes, eyes, change your skin, change your shape, take off your AO... it very well could be something you have attached thats the culprit. Another off-the-wall solution I was told by an SL Mentor was this... I've had appearance issues, the result of a corrupt file in my cache. Their solution: a/ go to 'my computer'... 'local c-disk'... 'documents and settings'... 'your named folder'... 'application data'... open the 'Secondlife folder'. b/ move the 'cache' folder to anywhere else on your computer . c/ move the 'LittleLilly Loon' folder to anywhere else on your computer . d/ restart your computer, login to SL. >>the reasoning being SL recreates a new version of those missing folders, doing that gets rid of any corrupt files
  10. If Secondlife isn't allowing that computer to connect and is saying just that, sounds like someone who uses that computer has been banned (my impression from the error message is it's more LL saying the computer isn't allowed access more than it is the computer cannot access...) Whether I'm right or wrong best bet is to contact LL and ask why you can't login, here's how: Why does Second Life say "You cannot log into Second Life from this location"? This error message generally indicates you have been blocked from the Second Life servers by Linden Lab. These blocks may be automatically placed as the result of: Documented cases of fraud Use of Second Life by a minor Exceptionally flagrant abuse activity Note that these actions may not have occurred on the account you are attempting to log in with! The most common circumstances that result in this message are: Someone in your household has committed one of the "bad acts" listed above Someone in your household has used a Second Life account belonging to another person, who has committed a "bad act" listed above Someone in your household has provided their Second Life account and password to another person, who has committed a "bad act" listed above So what can I do about this message? You can submit a Support ticket via the Support portal. To ensure that Support can best determine what block has been placed and why it was added, be sure to include in the ticket your Second Life account name, as well as any Second Life accounts that log in from that location.
  11. "EDIT: Unklebob got there first !" yuus i'm still waiting for my breakfast to rezz so had time on my hands -waves and grins-
  12. Here is a quick fix, please note this will stop you from seeing yourself as a cloud (not others from seeing you that way): Click on the Advanced Menu at the top of the screen. If it is not next to the Help menu, press ctrl+alt+D to make it show Select Debug settings.....a small window will open. select "RenderUnloadedAvatar" from the drop down box and then set it to "True" This will stop you from seeing others as clouds but not stop you from being one to them. They must change their settings for that And here is the reason why your a cloud and some Knowledge Base fixes: Why do I look like a particle cloud? (Formerly known as: I've suddenly and unexpectedly turned into an ugly woman.) In versions of the Second Life before Viewer 1.20, we used a default avatar loading form known as "Ruth". When your avatar suddenly turned into an ugly woman, Residents called it being "Ruthed", because Ruth is the historical name of an early avatar form -- not unlike having a great, great-grandmother. In the Second Life Viewer version 1.20 and later, your appearance is that of a plasma cloud while your avatar is loading. This effect is not permanent and your avatar will take form as things around you begin to rez (load). Note: When you enter Second Life your avatar appears as a cloud until you are fully loaded. During this time, you may not access the Appearance Editor. You also appear as a cloud when some information about you gets lost on the way from one place to another. However, you are not stuck this way permanently! See the following steps for help on restoring yourself to normal: From your main menu, click Edit > Preferences > Graphics tab. Slide the Quality & Performance slider to a lower setting. Check the box next to Custom on the Graphics tab. Move the Draw distance slider to the left. Slide the Mesh Details sliders to Low. Avatar Impostors is checked by default. If you have unchecked it, activate that feature again. Additional helpful techniques: Log out and restart Second Life (relog). Right-click yourself, select Appearance, do NOT save anything, and click Close. If those don't work, try the following process: Access and wear a default avatar. Re-wear your normal shape, skin, clothes, and attachments. This step is much easier if you are using a pre-existing saved outfit, but remember not to save anything before your avatar is restored!. Tip: If you tried all of the above, and your avatar is still a cloud, submit a ticket to our Support team for assistance. How do I get other avatars to load faster on my viewer? Lower your draw distance. Zoom in closely on the avatar that still shows as a cloud.
  13. The check boxes work to the point you won't appear online on your friends contact lists... so that's good... The "but" is you still appear online on your groups lists. (if anyone was checking out a group you belong to, you're still be appearing as 'online' in that groups membership list)... and if they IM you when you're offline they'll be told "avatar offline, message has been saved"; but if they IM you when you're hiding the message will still get through to you (so if they send a message when your hiding they'll be able to tell you're really online).
  14. "2nd question; I help alot of new ppl and not so new ppl in my group, my business, or when out & about. One of the girls in my group is pregnant using that Mama Allpa hud and she got that way by a minotaur. this is her first time and asked me hwo she finds a newborn that is human with 2 hooves. (Can't believe doing ths one) I s there such a newborn to buy for her and toddlers etc?" Believe it or not I perhaps can help.. a friend of mine had an sl baby, her maternity centre allowed her to custom design her own baby (lol the things you say on secondlife...); asked her if she wants her baby to be a clawed neko, an albino goth, a fanged vamp... for all I know they do hooves also. I'll ask and send you an IM once I find out for sure. (if they'll do a clawed neko I'm sure they can do hooves, its merely a matter of editing)
  15. Fingers crossed this helps... Second Life gives me an error message about being "Unable to find a valid certificate" or "Unable to establish a secure connection to the login server." Your local network may be blocking secure logins. It's also possible that your secure login is failing due to an incorrect date/time on your computer. Try double-clicking the clock in the Windows system tray (in the lower-right corner of the screen), and verify the date and time. Make sure it's not a year off! Be sure a firewall, or internet security or firewall software, is not blocking Second Life access. If you are on an office or university network, your network administrator may have secure logins disabled. In this case, you may not be able to use Second Life on that network connection.
  16. The preamble; sorry if the answers were misleading - I based mine on what you asked. "If an account is upgraded to premium, is the stipend 300 regardless of account age? I read where older accounts still get 500 stipend. I don't have a premium account now - if I upgrade today, do I get the old stipend rate of 500 or the new rate of 300?. My account is over 5yrs old." My answer was no you won't receive 300/500 irregardless of account age, cause you don't have a premium account now - which does seem correct. You didn't say anything about a 50L stipend, which explains why nobody answered 'properly'. A basic account created in 2007, and you're getting a 50L stipend? LL - "Basic accounts created prior to June 6, 2006 receive a stipend of L$50 per week." Sadly i'm inexperienced, what you should do is submit a ticket to support asking why they're sending you 50L... perhaps they're better at explaining.
  17. I thought "Premium accounts created or upgraded prior to July 21, 2006 receive L$500 per week" covered it fine but i do offer apologies for being so cryptic, and my appreciation for your explaining my explanation hahaha. *reaches for the bottle* (i work for the goverment, i'm used to ambiguity in policy)
  18. It can be read sideways also. If you "had" a premium account in years gone back, say 2004 using your example - and downgraded at some point... you do not have a premium account going back to 2004. Correct?
  19. Oh your stipend is due - i guess drinks are on you then. yayyyyy! Here's the breakdown, here's hoping you qualify. Stipends are paid out every week by an automated process that runs on Tuesdays. Payments are based on information gathered from the database as of the preceding Monday. For example: Bob Avatar creates a Premium account on Monday, April 14. He receives his first stipend on Tuesday, April 15. Ekaterina Avatar creates a Premium account on Tuesday, April 15. She receives her first stipend on Tuesday, April 22. Premium subscribers receive their stipend every week, whether they log in or not. Basic subscribers who qualify for a stipend receive one every week that they log in (that is, they are paid Tuesday provided they logged in sometime the week before). Note: While the automated process begins paying out stipends on Tuesday mornings, Second Life's population continues to grow, which means stipend payments will take longer to deliver. Payouts may be expected to appear later in the day on Tuesdays, or possibly even Wednesdays. Depending on what type of account you have and its age, the amount you receive each week may vary. Premium accounts created or upgraded from Basic on or after November 1, 2006 receive L$300 per week. Premium accounts created or upgraded between July 21, 2006 and November 1, 2006 receive L$400 per week. Premium accounts created or upgraded prior to July 21, 2006 receive L$500 per week. Basic accounts created prior to June 6, 2006 receive a stipend of L$50 per week. Basic accounts created after June 6, 2006 do not receive a weekly stipend. Upgrading your Basic account to Premium allows you to receive a stipend at the current rate -- L$300 per week.
  20. Silly perhaps, but if it's not an abuse issue (the reason for 'reporting' being unknown) that would negate the need for an AR; in lieu of anyone else coming to mind contacting a Linden who has exercised influence with these forums (closest thing to a mod i've seen) about an issue pertaining to the forums seems a reasonable alternative... barring any other ideas of course.
  21. yvw, my pleasure. It was a combined effort lol, I did some asking around and my reply seems to be the only answer everyone agrees on... with no moderators or 'report as inappropriate' buttons, we're all falling back on the 'report as abuse of community standards' senario. The only other thought I had was there was one thread in Q&A that ended-up being more of a discussion, the thread got locked as a result by Lexie Linden... she might have some input into things on the forum. You could try sending her a PM outlining the concern, albeit you might just end up getting a 'report as abuse' answer in return.
  22. phew! I had the same problem, thought it was just me and my hamster-in-a-wheel harddrive
  23. Fingers crossed this helps: This article contains tips for people experiencing problems with teleporting. Maturity SettingsIt is possible the land you are trying to access has a maturity rating other than the rating set in your own Preferences. See the Knowledge Base article Setting your maturity preferences for details on how to change your preferred maturity setting. If you are unable to change the maturity rating in your Preferences to a similar rating set on the land you are trying to access, please read How to become verified as an Adult for information about account verification, and Maturity ratings: an overview for general information. It is necessary to have the latest Viewer 1.23 or higher to access Adult settings. Download the latest Viewer. Tip:If you are not sure of the Region maturity rating for the land you are trying to access, open the World Map by clicking the Map button on your Viewer task bar. Search for the Region. Hold your cursor over the Region on the map to see the maturity rating. Take Off Attachments An attachment you're wearing might be preventing you from teleporting successfully. Right-click your avatar. Select Take Off from the pie menu. Select Detach All. Try to teleport to your destination. Teleport to MainlandSometimes, it can help to try teleporting to your intended spot from a different destination. Click Map. Type in "Pooley". Click Search. Select Pooley from the list. Click Teleport. After you arrive at Pooley, try to teleport to your destination. Fly Up, then TeleportYour current location may be preventing you from teleporting successfully. Fly to an altitude of 200 meters. Try to teleport to your destination. Unusually restrictive firewalls block teleporting If your firewall is blocking outbound TCP port 12043, then teleporting, viewing the World Map, crossing regions, and related activities won't work. See this article for more details. Turn Down Maximum BandwidthBandwidth settings might be responsible for an unsuccessful teleport. Select Edit > Preferences. Click the Network tab. Turn down your Maximum Bandwidth setting. If your Maximum Bandwidth is 1500 kbps, try setting it to 500 kbps. Try to teleport to your destination. Show Start Location on Login ScreenYou could try setting up Second Life such that you'll appear at your destination on your next login. Select Edit > Preferences. Click the General tab. Select the Show Start Location on Login Screen option. Exit Second Life. Before you click Log In, type in the name of your destination region. For example: Pooley Show Start Location on Login Screen needs to be on.
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