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  1. Sinful Needs home is on the Atlan Tu Sura sim; Galathir Darkstone's shoppe full of top-rated demonic wear, skins, A4 HUD, customizable wings and the Sinful Needs rockclub well established for years inworld.  With the busy autumn and winter season approaching we are expanding our schedule specifically seeking late-night hosts.

    Atlan Tu Sura is an adult dark roleplay sim, we welcome all the diversity Secondlife offers with few limitations given what Linden Lab permits - free thinking and age verified applicants only please : )   

    Those interested in hosting 10pm-12m and 12m-2am timeslots, a rarely offered chance at a premier well-established club offers itself!    If you are interested in a job as dancer, host or DJ drop by and visit us - our sim, staff and patrons rule!  DJs must have prior experience; dancers and hosts need not be experienced with training gladly provided.

    Pull up my profile inworld and send me an IM introducing yourself and I can further address any concerns or questions, if you like clubs you'll get a huge kick out of working at one... especially one as good as ours!

    Unklebob Hotaling, Sinful Needs Club General Manager




    Atlan Tu Sura slurl - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Atlan%20Tu%20Sura/200/128/23




  2. Your avatar can share/transfer anything you want with an alt from lindens to clothing and objects to group rights etc etc, just like the avatar could with any other resident with same rule applying - anything can be sent unless it is non-transfer.  : )

    How... by either bringing up their profile using your friendslist or search, and clicking 'pay' or dropping it in the profiles transfer box.

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  3. The people who you used to rent the land from will be little help as for as this going so best bet is to submit a ticket to Support explaining what happened - and get help from Linden Lab.

    Your items should have been returned to you when the land was reclaimed.  Sorry for your bad luck (small consulation is theres many reputable land dealers out there)

  4. "Has anyone else had issues with this? If so, is there any way around it? It's a pretty crappy system that tells you that something is amiss, but fails to give you any clue what that might be so you can fix it."

    There's a whole crapload of discussion based around this maturity tagging going on over at the Commerce side...

    Here is a thread created by a Linden - http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/600756#600756

    And you'll find lots of other threads about the same thing there too should you be looking for people who've experienced the same - http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/commerce

    Everyone seems as miffed about it as you are (and rightfully so); no fixes yet so far as i can tell.

  5. Using your preferences, find out where on your computer your cache is located.


    Go into your computer, find your cache, and move it to somewhere else on your computer (ie 'my documents')

    Restart your computer, login to Secondlife.

    (this forces a reinstall of your inventory straight from the LL servers... using the logic that something in your cache may be corrupted thus the reason your inventory won't load... getting rid of your cache gets rid of the problem, and reinstalling from the server gets you your inventory back in perfect working order.  The reason you move your cache to eg my documents instead of outright deleting it is in case something goes wrong, you still have that cache as a backup... delete it when the problem is solved)

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  6. doubleclick the SL icon on your desktop and bring up the login screen - do not login.

    click edit then preferences... then the network tab and 'clean cache'

    exit the login screen... then raise it again (this will clean the cache)

    once done, login and type a letter into your inventory search box... ideally everything should load just fine.

    ...if not, keep posting here for more solution steps.

    best of luck

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  7. hello   : )

    When you sign-up for a premium account you get a Linden home, a stipend allowance each tuesday, and that one-time 1000L sign-up bonus 45days after you upgrade to premium.

    When you stop being premium opting instead for a basic free membership... you lose the home, lose the weekly stipend, but whatever lindens you do have including that 1k is yours to keep... your linden balance will remain unchanged.

    The only way you lose that 1000L, is if you downgrade before having received it.

  8. So I have a few questions and I have been on Second Life for almost a week.

    welcome to Secondlife Sofiee  : )

    My questions are:  Where are some good places for me to take pictures at?

    You will find your 'search' button your best friend when looking for pretty much anything inworld, it is on the lower taskbar.  Click it, enter "free clothes" or "great wall of china" or "space park" for scenic places; free clothes, free skins, beach, windsurfing... from shapes to sex it's there .

    What are some good places to visit and hang out at? Like clubs etc.

    Depends on what your opinion of what 'good' is.  There are dance clubs like the one I work at that are adult content in theme with DJs who take requests and will play any rock song you ask them to while others on the opposite end of the spectrum do ballroom dance and fancy gowns and formal atmospheres; there is country, jazz, industrial, bet there is even polkas.  Kareoke is big also I hear.  Again, enter search and select what sounds appealing.

    Are there any good modeling school in world? How can I get a job?

    Well if you're a new avi my guess is you might be wearing a free or relatively inexpensive skin and such... from what i've heard from friends only people who have spent big bucks in skins shapes makeup hair nailpolish actually get the big paying modeling jobs.  The average paying modeling job is sitting in a store chatting up the customers, and it barely pays.  That said I could be entirely wrong and my friends entirely incorrect, I've never tried to be a model so, dunno.  You can find modelling places using search also - and best of luck.

    My suggestion is first you find a good club, a place you like to spend time at, where the music and people are good - and try getting a job there.  Might as well get paid by being at a place you like being at anyway  : )   When you're at such a club IM the host or a manager and ask how someone applies for a job there - they will send you an application... fill it out, send it to them, they'd take it from there; much like reallife.

    Have fun!  Secondlife can be great fun.

  9. "I tried to do the age verification and it tells me that I have been verified but then when I go to search on Second Life the Adult box is still grey"

    When inworld click Edit then Preferences... on the first tab you see do you have "General, Moderate and Adult" content enabled?

    (you very well are age verified, just haven't enabled the content)

  10. "It would not only bring traffic to our vendor but traffic to our mall. A very fine and creative idea!"

    Creating thinking, is what a GM does : )

    Asking your ventors if you can spam their groups is another way or reaching outside the box.  Some won't like this idea as it is for their customers and topics related to their business, but if you just spam once per day (ie a daily list of events and times as opposed to each event seperately as is club routine) some will realize the idea is getting people there which benefits everyone including them.

    Have hosts ensure they have giveaways in their inventory for partons; people love quality free stuff plus if your helping people have themed items that get them on the board, bonus.  Do not have the board set to one-winner; in doing so one person leaves your event pretty content, but everyone else is made a loser... if prop take you have more happier people with a reason to return.  Don't have hosts who think they have to do gestures so it looks like they are working, green spam is icky and open chat is way friendlier.  Don't have DJ s what use WinAmp, SAM gives a much higher quality stream .

    I've meant to be in touch inworld actually, I know some dancers hosts and DJs looking for shifts... I'll be in touch.

    Best of luck to your club!    *bites his lip when he says that LOL*

  11. Greetings, and best of luck with your club : )

    "I was able to post our special events on the SL website, however I'm not able to do that anymore, and I'm told this is because I'm not an "admin" on the sim, and my boss has no idea how to make me one"

    The policy changed, here is how the owner of the sim grants permissions for others to post to SL Events:


    "However, we keep losing people or ending up with our djs flaking out on us etc.  Any tips on where I could go to hire people for this gig?"

    Most clubs have reverted to a tips-only wage scale, that isn't all bad as depending on how good one is at their trade they can do quite well in earning tips.  That said there are groups inworld such as 'djs on demand' that freelance (i'm dated, haven't needed to hire outside of staff in ages, but if that group doesn't exist there are entertainment groups that would fill your demand).  You could also post a notice to your VIP group suggesting 'job opportunities' if you're looking for hosts and dancers... the most loyal staff will come from your vips, as they already like it there... DJs being a little harder to come by.

    "I'm at my wits end trying to come up with ideas on how to get the word out about our club so we can hire some people and get the place really moving!"

    Have sponsored events.  Approach some well known latex clothing designer as one example, tell them you'll spread the word to all your VIPs about how awesome their line of clothing is, you spam the event in your VIP group, ask the merchant to spam the event in their own group (in doing so your club reaches a whole different group of people)... and if the merchant wants to throw in a cool outfit as a prize or attend the event giving out gift certificates - you both profit in your own ways.

    "I heard there was a forum for hiring people, but silly me can't seem to find it."


    "Could someone point me in the right direction, and perhaps if anyone has any advertising tips for an adult sim that would be fantastic."

    Do a search on advertising when inworld, join an advertising group that allows you to spam or send notices... thus you are contact people outside of your VIP group... spreading the word and reaching outside of the box and alot of other cliche-ish phrases.

  12. go back inworld, click edit then preferences.   find out where on your computer you 'cache' folder is located.

    logout.   go into your computer, find that folder, move it somewhere

    restart your computer; login to secondlife.

    ... moving that folder will force a fresh reinstall of your inventory straight off the Linden Lab servers; no you will not lose anything; often this fixes wacked inventories.

    ... the reason you moved that cache folder was in case anything goes wrong you still have your old cache, once your finished and ideally everything is fixed, just delete it.

  13. hello Rae : )

    I'm wondering two things. First can you play music in a Linden Home?

    yes you can; tv's and dvd players work also... as does anything menu driven.

    Second; if you can, how?

    depends on the radio/receiver you have... mine i just rezz it and it does the set-up automatically, same with the tv... sets the land url automatically also. 

    So I'm wondering if I missed something

    this might help:


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  14. Nope, I have no idea why it would fail on your dashboard while it seems you can login here.

    Try clicking the SL logo op top, when I do it takes me straight to my dashboard without being prompted to login seperately... if you're logged in here by doing that you should go straight to your dashboard... ideally.

  15. "it seems that visa gift cards are not allowed. Is anyone else having this issue?"

    Visa giftcards haven't been accepted as a payment method for awhile now.


    Apparently if you tie your visa giftcard to your paypal account, it'll work then... I've no idea having never done it myself but I'd suggest asking paypal how to do about doing this.

    Use a pre-paid card that does work... mastercard vanillacards for example.

    If it's lindens you're wanting you can use the visa card to buy lindens from a third party site; this won't help as far as having a payment method goes and keep in mind LL does not support third-party anything.  http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/L$_Marketplace

  16. De-ruthing devices have been around for awhile; a DJ used to rezz one at the club for patrons to use during her sets.

    Whether or not they work I am unsure of... I've never seen one work successfully and my reasoning suggests if they did were there wouldn't be as many residents running around being Casper the Friendly Ghost.

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  17. hiya Aubley  : )

    "Is there any way to detect if an avatar is an alt?"

    Claims that the means to detect an alt exist are make, but just using common sense proves otherwise if you think about it practically.

    The criteria for detecting alts is made by two residents - with a matching computer IP address.  Yes, that could in indeed be one person on a computer with two accounts, positive detection of an alt.  Or; it could be two roomates or a brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend etc etc, both of whom play secondlife who have one computer at home.  That is not detecting alts, that's just matching up computers... and even then many computers have 'dynamic IPs'... computer addresses that change as opposed to being constant; so detecting 'real' alts is hit and miss already but you're not even detecting the resident alt with dynamic IPs... kinda crappy detecting.

    Even using hightech, and knowing it's the same computer, even then you still cannot prove definatively, it is different people  : )   So no there is no way to detect if an avatar is an alternate account.  The only way there exists to determine what is on the other side of that avatar, is if they tell you.

    And even then. you really never know, do you...

    God i love secondlife LOL

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  18. "I have never used a credit card of any sort in SL and I recently got a prepaid gift card. I'm wondering if there's a way to use it to buy Lindens"

    hiya Leslie  : )

    Most pre-paid cards are not supported by Linden Lab and will not work.  Pre-paids such as Visa are not accepted as payment methods but some suggest if you tie them to your Paypal account it's a successful workaround... you'd have to contact Paypal and they'll tell you how.

    As far as i know Mastercard VanillaCards (also prepaid, available in $25, $50 or $100 denominations) are the only pre-paid cards that are accepted as a payment method although they too are unsupported by LL.

    There is no wiki or reference-work that lists this info - you'd have to contact Billing but that's as easy as a phone call.


    If you have a non-technical issue with your account you can also call our Billing team at:

    Toll-Free (US/Canada)

    Long Distance

    Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Local Toll-Free numbers

    France: 0805.101.490

    Germany: 0800.664.5510

    Japan: 0066.33.132.830

    Portugal: 800.814.450

    Spain: 800.300.560

    UK: 0800.048.4646

    Support is in English Only

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  19. you'll find there are things you can detach and things you cannot detach ... the things you cannot detach you just replace it with something else.


    sl has a very steep learning curve... if you go to you tube and do a search on 'secondlife tutorials' created by Torley Linden you'll be able to avoid alot of hassles; asking for help here is a wise move also

    welcome to secondlife!

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