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  1. Ann, so nice to read an opinion from a familiar name. Hope you've been well I have not been around as much as I use to be, and probably will never be a SL regular again, I do answer customer questions as soon as I can (usually within a few hours) & keep up with a few SL friends... I've been sick the last few months and am trying to train my husband to run the business if the worst case scenario happens & he has to take over... which is a bit ironic, because I became involved with SL so I could work at home in order to be here to take care of him while he was sick. He had a total recovery, and I was so happy, but now... I'm the one going through Chemotherapy... my next one is the 27th, so I will hopefully have time to deal with this before that makes me feel really sick again. My main problem with this being that I've found the newer viewers confusing and annoying, I still use the Second Life 1.23.5 (136262) Oct 14 2009 12:08:26 (Second Life Release) and really do not want to use any of the newer viewers on a regular basis. so if you, or anyone, knows of any that are as easy as the old 1.23.5 that will work with the new DD let me know I hope DD will be an improvement, but kinda doubt it based on past migration experiences So I agree with you Ann that "I hope it does work. I would love some good news for a change. Might even make me want to finish learning mesh and start making stuff again." I still make textures, and sometimes, especially if a good customer has requested them, I will upload & list the set, but I hardly ever make very many sales on new items, but my good old best sellers I still make a few bucks, like a quarter of what sales were before the last migration. It's still well worth the trouble, and sometimes being a merchant on SL is almost as much fun as it was in 2005/08.
  2. What a freaking mess, and of course, who suffers the most? The residents. SL to me is a fond memory of what once was and what might have been, and sales are dwindling down and my bills are still due... I already gave up my island last fall, couldn't afford it any more, and why, was it because I got lazy? Yeah, maybe, all these needless changes made me sad, which made me want to stay away from the source of my sadness. Excuses aside, though, the main thing was lack of relevant search, either in-world or on the marketplace. I couldn't get sales from search, from making new items, from listing enhancements, from anything, except my rep - earned when things worked halfway like we as merchants were wanted here in SL. And that is my theory, that SL/LL doesn't really want us small time mom & pop types here any more. If they do, they sure aren't showing it. That new viewer is incomprehensible to me, I have no idea why it was needed, what it's worth to residents is supposed to be, or why the new one name thing was needed, if they had focused the resources used for that crap on fixing search, maybe this old virtual world would now be the place it once promised to be.
  3. Mine are not as good as they were before XST closed/migrated... Neither are my inworld sales.
  4. I got an email about this a week or so ago, and after checking it out, I sent a query and my questions were answered immediately, or darn close... so I went to sign up, a little excited about being able to advertise in a way that might actually work. Then I seen the price. No Thanks.
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