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  1. Hi has anyone gotten the built in translator to work? I'm presuming that one works for IMs too... but for the life of me I cannot get it to work at all. And the scripted translators leave a lot to be desired. If anyone has a step by step "Setting the Viewer Translator up - for DUMMIES" I would very much appreciate it! Thanks Jenni
  2. Responding to griefers in any way shape or form is just making them happy. It doesn't matter how you respond, they know they got under your skin and their willies get all excited. A griefers goal is to get under your skin one way or another. Responding by trying to get back at them is just fueling their ego and is likely to (rightly) get you banned from SL. The best way to deal with griefers is to completely ignore them. Block/Mute/AR/Derender (if your viewer has that option) is the best way to get them to leave. They'll get bored because they can't get footage for their youtube "look i GRIEFED these losers" channels.
  3. Considering that there are no plans to create anything Linux for "SL2", that does not surprise me at all. The SL Dev blurb just reinforces what has been coming from the Lab in a while: Go Windows or use the for-pay SLGo viewer. Mac is a huge headache and Linux simply doesn't have the userbase, even if one counts TPVs. That's despite the (official) viewer actually running very stable on Linux.
  4. No. Linux is on the way out for SL. You'll be lucky to even get a Linux viewer in the near future.
  5. My approach is usually: Send a nice and friendly NC to the object owner, send an AR if the issue still exists a week later. Btw, Phantom objects are more or less fine, at least I have never, ever had any issue sailing through them in any boat.
  6. Looks good enough to me. Plenty enough detail at a distance, too.
  7. SL uses OpenGL, which AMD never really cared about. Use an nVidia GPU, otherwise you'll just keep banging your head against the wall.
  8. WebVR ist ein trademark der mit VR rein garnix zu tun hat, du schlaumeier. Dass LL mit VR experimentiert ist nicht neu. Und in dem Artikel steht aber auch gar nichts zu WebGL oder aehnlichem, den habe ich naemlich vor einer Weile schon gelesen. Oder anders gesagt, du Trollst nur: Keine Ahnung von nix, aber grosse Fresse.
  9. Odd. For me and for my partner, SL rezzing has progressively improved to the point where most things now rez within a minute even if we've never been at a place before. Did you by any chance check the statistics floater to see what the network stats are? I'd be quite curious to know what you see. And of course it helps to know what viewer you use and what settings for draw distance, network speed and cache (hope i did not forget anything).
  10. erm. SL only has texture(diffuse)+normal map+specular map. To OP: Seriously though, engineering for a detail setting of 4 is just lazy. There's no need to have a gazillion verts for an object thats 10 pixels wide/high, and most objects simply do not need that level of detail at a distance. Often you can even get away with simply creating low poly distant impostors. That is what LOD is for and that is why every single 3D game uses them. That's also why sculpts suck so badly: There is no custom LOD for those. Creators have a responsibility to not lag everyone to hell and back. I know that most creators in SL really don't give a damn but that is not a reason to follow in the majorities footsteps. Candles can be super detailed and still remain 1 LI, I've made plenty myself as have plenty of other creators, without totally falling apart at low LOD. For fine detail use normal maps if it makes sense, but keep in mind that each texture needs to be downloaded and therefore a 1024x1024 texture on a small object is just irresponsible. Adding normal and/or specular to a teeny tiny object likewise is rather pointless. Think of it this way: You're not creating assets for a static raytracer where poly count is irrelevant. You're creating an asset that needs to be rendered upwards of 25 times every second. It is your job as a creator to make that happen. Edited: Fixed formatting mess.
  11. Das ist nur ein repost von einem jahrealten Flamebait, oder zumindest von jemandem der null Ahnung von der Materie hat. So sehr ich WebGL mag, performant ist es nicht. Nur am Rande bemerkt: WebGL kann nur ueber JavaScript animiert werden. JavaScript ist nach wie vor single process (auch wenn sich das irgendwann mal aendern soll). WebGL = low poly, arschlahm und fuer SL unbrauchbar.
  12. I would try to get in touch with the Virtual Ability group, they probably know best about this topic.
  13. DMCAs and in RL trademark/patent has become the new way of corporate bullying and outright blackmail. Sadly I do not think that'll go away in my lifetime. Greed and malice make up most of humanity, certainly those in power and wealth.
  14. I returned to SL primarily because my employer wondered if it'd be useful for us. Bottom line: it's useless for corporations. Generally, work PCs are incapable of running SL at an acceptable frame rate (which was the biggest killer for us) and it's simply too expensive for what it does. Other tools do the same for much less money: Less training, less hardware to buy, less overall cost. * Prototyping was a huge pain in the ass before mesh (with mesh it's easier, if still work-intensive to adhere to SLs limitations) * Conferencing worked fine if you had less than 100 people. We needed many, many more. * As an ad platform it's useless, it's easier to reach a targeted audience in RL. Bottom line is that I cannot see any business using SL anytime soon, and it doesn't look like SL2 will be any more useful to businesses either. As a side note, LL is optimizing their tool chain more and more towards Windows with some Mac support, which leaves my employer in the dust anyway. This seems to hold true even more for SL2, if the old quote still stands of it being "initially Windows-only". In my experience in business "initially" means "forever". We don't use Windows much, haven't in a while.
  15. I'm probably odd, but I do find most such research very useful, too. The chance of a big rock hitting earth sooner rather than later is relatively high. The more we learn about those things the better we can work on possibly defending ourselves. Similar arguments can be made for exploration of other planets and moons in our solar system as well as generally learning more about the cosmos. If humans didn't make "pointless" research we would not be where we are today. And that is why I say HOORAY for the successful launches, and crossing hooves for the japanese probe. Hopefully they can use Rosetta and Philae data to ensure their own success. Yay for science!
  16. If you have an nvidia GPU you may want to try this: http://www.geeks3d.com/20101209/tips-how-to-enable-sli-and-crossfire-support-for-opengl-applications/ No idea if that works, I don't have SLI.
  17. You can always double check how much land you can own with your current payment by going to the land manager in your dashboard. If I correctly understand what you're saying, your Land Use Fees should currently show the following: Square meters owned: 0 (because you haven't bought any Land yet) Square meters donated: 0 (this is for group owned land, irrelevant in your case) Premium Bonus in Square Meters: 512 Paid Tier Level: 512 Available Square Meters: 1024 (basically premium bonus + paid tier) Monthly Cost: USD 5.00 3a) If you get land from LL, it'd have to be via auction. That's the only way to get it from LL directly. Land for auction was (usually) owned by a resident previously but reverted back to LL because either the resident abandoned it or LL repossessed it due to lack of payment. I do believe permissions would be reset to defaults. 3b) If you BUY land from another resident, permissions might be anything, but you can reset those. Be careful though: Sometimes residents "sell" land on privately owned estates, which is not what you want. You can always check that by going to the for-sale parcel in world and looking at World->Region/Estate where it should say mainland, with the owner being either "nobody" or any of the Lindens. Buying is very different from renting. If you rent land it is paid in L$, bought land is paid in US$. For reference, this is mainland: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131012152915/second-life-aviation/images/5/5c/Linden_Lab_Mainland_Continents.png - if you open your map and zoom out a little you should be able to spot most of the continents except Zindra (which is way off to one side). A few notes on certain terms... Permissions: If you own any land on mainland you have all parcel permissions open to you, regardless of who else owned the land before. If the previous owner left anything on the land, you can return it if you wish. You can also edit any of the permissions via World->About Land, without limitations. In most places you can also terraform within certain limits (usually 10m up/down). What you do not have is access to the Region/Estate management options. You can view them via World->Region/Estate, but you can't edit them. Auctioned land: I have no direct experience with auctions myself, apologies for the vague information on that. Generally, auctioned land is pretty "clean", the land has no prims left on it and I believe permissions are set to some default. Regardless of that, you should still check out any land you bid on, again the neighbor issue. I do not know if you pay auctioned land in L$ or in US$, sorry. As far as I know the percentage of auctioned land vs. land sold in-world is relatively low. Personally I would not want to limit myself to auctions. "Owning" land: I think I accidentally introduced some confusion by adding the word "rent" to this. The confusion stems from a little but important distinction: Land we own we pay Tier for, and we pay directly to LL. Land we rent from other residents we pay in L$. If you look at the forums you see plenty of posts where people sell e.g. an Estate or Homestead. Sadly, not all of those are actually sales. Some of those really are renting their Estate or Homestead out to other residents, which muddles the terms. I tend to still use the term "own" loosely even if the land was bought from LL, because IMO we still don't own that land, we merely rent it from LL. Land ownership and management in SL is unfortunately not one of the easier topics. There are many nuances and I've never actually found a good comprehensive guide on the topic. Neighbors: One very unfortunate problem on Mainland are neighbors. Because parcels get bought and sold relatively frequently, neighbors change. Each neighbor may have different ideas of taste and decency, and plenty build quite fugly walls around their land. On the other hand, sometimes cooperation between multiple residents yields some amazing areas. There's plenty of horror stories about bad neighbors, please keep that in mind. On the other hand, in the few years that we had our sim and a mall we didn't have any truly awful neighbors and never had a dispute. There's not usually anything that can be done about that, except to pick a parcel that borders LL owned land (Waterways, Roads or Railroads) or has no neighboring sim on one or more borders. While it's possible that LL changes those it's pretty rare. Those parcels are also the most sought-after pieces of land and therefore relatively expensive. Maturity Rating: I completely forgot about that one. You need to look out for the maturity rating of the parcel you buy! The rating cannot be changed by you, it's fixed by LL. Depending on the rating there are certain things you can't do with your land. Instead of repeating LLs official policy please read it here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Maturity-ratings/ta-p/700119 Sorry for the long post Jenni
  18. If you want to "own" land, i.e. rent directly from LL as opposed to renting from another resident, you need to be premium. If you'd like to rent from another resident, you do NOT need to be premium. If you're premium you can either rent a Linden "starter" home for no extra cost, or you can go buy some land somewhere. One way to find land is to log in, go to any of the mainland sims and pull up the map. Enable "Land Sale" and check what's available. The "Tier" is essentially the rent. Depending on what size land you want, your tier goes up. With premium you can buy a 512 parcel without paying any additional monthly fee. If you'd like anything bigger, you will have to pay (Tier) rent to LL. An example: Option 1: Rent from another resident. No need to go premium. Just go and rent land from anyone (check forums or MP) Option 2: Own your own land (which really means you rent it from LL). Steps: Become premium Log in to SL and go to any of the mainland continents, e.g. Corsica, Nautilus etc. or the adult continent Open the map, enable "Land Sale" and look for yellow parcels. Look at e.g. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ink%20Cap/90/7/20 to see what those look like. That's a random 512sqm parcel btw. Find a parcel you like the looks of and TP there to see it in person. Generally, parcels with "protected" borders are more expensive than e.g. parcels surrounded by other renters. If you like the parcel, buy it in-world (there's a buy parcel icon in the address bar - you can click on that and get more details on the conditions of the sale). That's a one-time fee you pay, after that you only pay your Tier (rent) to LL. If you'd like to own a 512sqm (32m x 16m) parcel, that's covered by your premium membership. If you'd like a 1024sqm (32x32m) parcel, you'll have to pay tier for the additional 512sqm. That is, 512sqm of that are covered by your premium, the remaining 512sqm will incur an additional fee of US$/month and so on, as seen here: https://secondlife.com/my/account/landfees.php?lang=en-US Advantage of renting from another resident: No premium needed. However, there's plenty of horror stories where estate owners just up and left, and there's no recourse in case of disputes. Most land is also disconnected from LL waterways, meaning it's unsuitable for sailing or flying. Advantage of renting from LL: It's your land, you can (almost) do whatever you like. The big disadvantage can be summed up with "Neighbors". If you have nice neighbors you're all set. If you have a total jackass neighbor it can be a nightmare. That's why quite a few people prefer land that's got as few neighbors as possible. On the other hand, having neighbors can be fun - we always do our best to accomodate our neighbors for example. Hope that made sense
  19. I'd hope not, because if i were a customer i'd flag them for deceptive/misleading ads Another good reason to buy from reputable creators, <insert shameless plug> like yourself </end shameless plug>. It at the very least view things inworld before buying.
  20. Pamela Galli wrote: Also, if you look at the "reflections" you will see that they are not positioned as real ones would be. I noticed that, yes. Based on the high LI of the house I figured maybe the creator mirrored it, using the old mirror trick? It'd also explain the odd mirrors where some objects seem to be missing a reflection entirely.
  21. This kind of reflection isn't easily possible in SL, it requires the floor to be semi-transparent with a "copy" of the above-floor geometry mirrored below the floor. Can't tell from the pics if that's how they did it. Materials don't have true reflections. Contact the creator.
  22. Pretty awesome. I've followed both the deployment and the confirmation of successful landing on ESA's page. Very curious what Philae will discover!
  23. AFAIK LL has added flash (more specifically, solid state drive arrays) to their asset servers years ago. No idea if region servers have those.
  24. It depends on what kind of prim you linked to the mesh. As soon as you link it, the entire linkset uses mesh accounting. Mesh accounting tends to be more accurate of the sim/viewer impact of a given object and encourages better building techniques. Live and learn. Set individual pieces to physics shape none, convex hull or prim, as appropriate for your build.
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