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  1. In addition to what others already said (causing rez/physics lag): My own tests seem to indicate that phantom objects are a fair bit easier on the sim, but still causes a hit on sim performance. Though, as a conclusion _I_ would say to never, EVER rez non-phantom objects "temp". Plus there's a bug: If the rezzed object contains a mono script, the sim takes a disproportionate hit. I've read that's about to get fixed, but right now it's apparently still true.
  2. Send them 1L and look at the transaction log. Gives the sim the "target" is in.
  3. Please use the forum at http://modularsystem.sl for such questions. Emerald is a 3rd party viewer, and as much as I like Emerald: The only place to get support at is the 3rd party webpage. They're likely better able to help anyway.
  4. Very true about the privacy warning I wonder if there's a hardcoded minimum cap about avatar impostors... to me, the only thing the avi limit switches is between impostors and "true" avis. Curious, curious. Also, I use Emerald primarily, who knows what they changed in that code segment
  5. These things stop working as soon as you TP out of their sensor range.
  6. I may be mistaken here, but IIRC all avatars render regardless of that setting. It's just that only up to 35 (or whatever you set that to) actually get rendered 3d. All others get rendered as flat "cardboard cutouts". I often set this value to 1 because it gives me better (client-side) FPS in busy venues and I couldn't care less about anyone else nearby anyway.
  7. Making the avatar invisible is definitely possible, even easy. The nametag will still float around, though to some degree it can be hidden too. Hiding from radar - even looking at the viewer source, I don't see any obvious way of doing so. I could blink my avi around so it would show in the wrong place on radar, but not entirely remove it. What is however possible is camming across multiple sims. My av may be a few sims over from where my camera is. That feature is called "FlyCam" and only requires a reasonably good joystick, dual analog gamepad or the SpaceNavigator, which is even specifically supported by SL.
  8. As it's generally good practice... make sure you have an antivirus program on your computer. There's plenty of free ones (for personal use) available. On top of that, an anti-spyware program might help if you want to go that route. Items in-world that track you require YOU to have the "beacon". As someone mentioned, many slave collars do that, but there's other items that can do so too. Last, you cannot identify the stalker as such. You see the avatar, but not who's behind it. Only LL can (maybe) link that to a person, or to alts. That limits your options to AR, ignore/mute the offending avi, or go the legal route.
  9. If you changed your account as well, there's only two possible ways someone could track you. Number one, you have an attachment or item that tracks your whereabouts. Number two, your PC is compromised and that person has access to it. AR first. If it persists take it to an RL attorney.
  10. Don't worry about it too much as the previous poster said. Turn off streams and media if you're worried, or use any of the gazillion open unsecured proxies or any of the equally obiquitous anonymity services. No need to panic.
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