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  1. That is indeed a retarded nonsense config. Even more idiotic is the way to turn it off: Change the single-click-on-land option to "None". Just for reference if anyone else is ever looking for the solution, since the OP already left SL.
  2. I'd second the MSI gaming laptop suggestion, or the ASUS ROG series of laptops. I have an ASUS ROG myself and it runs SL flawlessly. Bought it with a regular HD in it, then added a SSD myself and running OS and apps off the SSD, leaving the HD for storage. Only complaint? The thing is massively huge.
  3. If you want the cube to look solid but have two faces you can walk through, you'll need to make a physics mesh for your cube. Easiest way? Delete the two faces you want to be phantom, save the altered mesh as your physics shape. In the upload floater, select this as your physics shape and don't click analyze. That should do the trick for you.
  4. Aside from Blake Sea there's another estate cluster linking Corsica and Nautilus - until recently sailable, now thanks to orb+banlines impassable. If I am not mistaken there's also a handful or so of private estate sims connected around Corsica, but I may very well be wron about that.
  5. Gadget Portal wrote: SL voice quality is terrible no matter how you do it. No headset can fix LL's system. Worse, half the voice users in SL are connected via potato and using cups on strings for audio. I've been using bluetooth for SL voice for a long time, works great when you're talking to someone else with a half decent setup. Oh yes. With some, voice is lovely: Crystal clear, works well. With most it's like they never bothered to test their setup.
  6. Thanks, that is indeed very good information! Time for me to do more research
  7. Thanks for the helpful pointers, Qie. I do not plan on using it for anything other than voice, which I think makes A2DP irrelevant for my purpose? Most headsets seem to have it though. Right now I'm using a Logitech wired behind-the-head headset which works well and sounds well, but it makes my ears hurt after a couple hours. I'm hoping a bluetooth headset would ease that, and of course portability would be much better. I would not be tethered to the desk as long as range is halfway decent. Spatial sound for voice doesn't matter to me. I'd only put voice on the bluetooth headset and leave all other sounds on the regular speakers. What worries me a bit is this: I'm not a native English speaker, and even with the crystal clear audio of the wired Logitech headset I often - VERY often - don't understand what people are saying, especially in local. Granted, that's partially because at least half of all people seem to have their mic settings messed up and/or have very poor mics. I'm fairly worried that a bluetooth headset might make things considerably worse for me if the audio from it would be either very low volume or simply noisy.
  8. Hi everyone just contemplating a bluetooth headset for voicing on SL. At the moment I'm looking at the Plantronics Voyager Pro HD, but i've not ever used a bluetooth headset (I don't have a cellphone), but I am open to suggestions. Main reason is portability, minor reason would be convenience. I've used various regular headsets and hate them passionately: My ears hurt after a few hours of talking. Thanks for any feedback and experience anyone can provide. Jenni
  9. Oh good point... automatic algorithms definitely suck in determining what's adult and what's not
  10. 1) DirectX is Windows-only. SL gets used on Mac (and by some morons on Linux) as well. Heck it even gets used on mobile devices which usually only have OpenGL ES. OpenGL is simply more portable, DirectX runs on Windows and nothing else. 2) SL is very, VERY old and has plenty of old ancient legacy code in it. 3) ...meh, why bother.
  11. Just curious: Why would that affect GLBT+ ? IMO such pages tend to be mostly support/experience blogs and not usually explicit in any way?
  12. It's a long-standing wish for LL to update the avatar, or at least provide an "Avatar 2.0". To some extent they tried that with the new mesh starter avis I think, but they failed so badly it's not even funny. As usual, residents stepped up to the task and tried to come up with something workable. They definitely got it more "right" than LL ever did, but they have to work around/live with limitations imposed by the system. One of those limitations is ultimately a deal breaker for me, for _any_ human mesh avi: Lack of multi-layer clothing support, even with appliers. The alpha issue wouldn't bother me tooooo much: Just copy a fully configured body into the matching outfit. Realistically, the mesh body makers are massively lagging behind the tech curve: * Provide an easy way for clothing designers to "set" the required alpha for a mesh body (i.e. simply a gesture saying e.g. "/1234hide:hip,leg,whatever" - of course more detailed, but since there's already a HUD for that, why no gesture interface?) * Provide an easy way (gestures/chat commands) to pose hands. That's a no-brainer. Yet the ONLY creators who've done that so far are furry avi makers. Human avi makers seem disinterested or unable to do anything such. Not rocket science, and a BIG pet peeve of mine.
  13. "They" can't. It'd have to be LL coming up with a new avi mesh, one that supports all the old alphas+clothing layers but has better topology and morphs, accepts 1024x1024 textures, has separate textures for left/right arm etc.pp. Chance of that happening? NIL.
  14. AFAIK lip "thickness" is a setting in the shape and has nothing at all to do with skin.
  15. Oh ok thanks @Teagan: Btw, Kokua does support RLV (off by default though, and enabling it breaks a few things in the latest 3.7.25)
  16. Neat. I was wondering about that a while ago but never got around to mucking with it. Thanks for the link Ohjiro!
  17. AFAIK you can set some/all debug settings with RLV, if your viewer supports that. Unfortunately I don't know much about RLV, but it might be worth looking.
  18. Not sure what you mean by "weird". Some mesh clothing needs an alpha layer to be applied before wearing it. MANY meshes require body shape to be within a certain range to work without odd glitches, that's what you see with "standard sizing". Unfortunately there's also many creators who use Meli Imakos templates. While they're excellent, they do not seem to follow standard sizing at all and may or may not work right. There's also fitted mesh which should work in theory with ANY body shape, but not all of it is very fitting - it'll take a few years for some/most creators to get up to snuff. Some work better than others, and again it tends to fail with extreme shapes. Since extreme shapes seem to be more common in SL than halfway realistic shapes... you may be SOL. One alternative is to use a full mesh body and only buy clothes for those bodies. They should fit reasonably well, though I have no personal experience with mesh bodies at this point.
  19. I've had some oddball voice problems today... anyone else with voice not enabling in local?
  20. You say the OBJ looks fine, but the imported DAE doesn't... why not go ahead and export the OBJ as DAE from within Wings3d? Just to eliminate a faulty conversion from FbxConverter. Alternatively you can use Blender to do the same.
  21. Not sure how to accurately answer that. Let me start with "I began using SL because I had to". If not for a very patient friend I would not have stayed, and truth be told I'm not terribly attached to SL. If it'd disappear tomorrow I doubt I'd shed a tear, nor join any other virtual world. In many ways I fall outside of the majority: I strongly prefer animal avis because they don't get asked to dance, they don't get those horrible, icky Horny Net Geeks hitting on them, and I feel comfortable being in animal shape. I utterly despise being in human shape in SL when I am around people. That does somewhat reflect my RL personality: Shy, introverted, not interested in people nor caring one iota how I come across to people. Did SL affect my RL? My appearance in SL certainly did not It did however make me overall more content and happy because I can do things in SL that I can't or don't want to do in RL. It also taught me that block/mute works in RL too. Just zoning out despicable, hateful, unpleasant people and surrounding myself with positive, happy people made a huge difference. SL taught me that drama is created by losers for losers and that there's never anything good coming from it. It did affect my marriage though. The love of my life is in SL as well, she joined a little bit after I did. I would say in the beginning it affected us negatively as we spent time online, sitting next to each other in RL but not interacting in RL nor SL. Nowadays it actually brought us closer together. Somehow I doubt that it was due to the appearance of our avis. If anything, it was the different interactions and activities that brought us closer, because it gave us both a creative outlet, something diverse enough that we could always talk about and of course it gave us new friends. Last but not least, without SL I would probably not be alive. Only thanks to people who barely knew me back then was I able to afford the cancer surgery I had three years ago. That experience alone, strangers showing profound kindness to someone they did not know, changed my generally pretty negative view on humanity. Now I know that there's other kind souls out there, people who love to help, people who selflessly enjoy making others happy.
  22. Sorry to butt in, but from a customers perspective I'd like to add a view: Standard sizing is a decent idea, but it doesn't deal with extreme shapes. Neither does fitted mesh. Anything skintight is always going to be iffy (think bikinis and such). However: I still personally prefer fitted mesh. Why? Only ONE piece of clothing and since my avi is halfway proportionate it works very well.
  23. There's an auto-derender function in the SL Viewer, yes. I do not think the function is exposed in the UI, but it's there and works quite nicely. Any avi hit by it just flat out disappears from view, which works fine for me
  24. SL is a lot like RL - same prejudices. After all, same people. However... SL or RL, there's always places that will be more tolerant than others. The trick is to find them.
  25. It should run SL just fine. Screen freeze sounds to me like the GPU driver locks up.
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