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  1. Profile into NC: Drag your calling card onto the NC. If you don't have it, ask anyone on your friends list to give you a copy of your calling card. Groups... not sure offhand if putting the group SLURL automatically creates a clickable link, feel free to try I guess.
  2. I have the previous gen ROG as well, and it's a beast. It does run SL on ultra just fine. If I may make a suggestion though? If it's within your budget, grab a SSD along with it and run Windows+Apps off it. It does make a big difference. I'd keep the 1TB drive in there as data storage. That laptop has two drive bays. Installing an additional drive is pretty easy, there's even some guides on Youtube about it if you need/want them. One caveat: It's heavy. And huge. You'll need to shop around for a bag that fits this huge thing. Because it's far thicker than most laptops, the bag needs to fit a 16" or 17" laptop.
  3. Doing so is currently not quite possible in the same way it's done on Linden sims. It requires either the "Experience Permission" system which has not yet been released (I wouldn't wait for it either) or a RLV enabled viewer with a working relay or a special HUD to be worn that then executes the teleport via llTeleportAgent or its derivative.
  4. Not all planes are made equal. I have no problem flying all over SL, or sailing for that matter. Some planes are just horribly scripted with 10+ scripts in them, others do the same and more with less than a handful of scripts. How many scripted items you have on you also affects how well you can cross sims - with or without vehicles. As a general rule of thumb I try to keep it below 10 when using vehicles, though lately thanks to collar (OpenCollar scripts are awful in more ways than one) I am at ~30, and it makes a noticeable difference when crossing sim borders.
  5. I was under the impression that the llSetAnimationOverride command only works for the OWNER of the object, not anyone else... I do not think you can animate anyone elses avi with it.
  6. I tend to plan it from the outset, not after the object is already done. My usual goal: Maximize the outside distance visibility, skimp on inside LODs. Outside parts are separate meshes from the inside parts (with all LODs custom made). Inside I tend to only do high LOD and just an "impostor" box for all lower LODs to provide some texture visible through windows from the outside. The overall cutting depends on how modular the design is supposed to be in the end and how many textures I need on each piece.
  7. To clarify: If you can terraform accordingly, all you will be able to do is a flat, non-flowing river. You can simulate some flow with a prim, but it'll still be flat. If you want anything like a wild river with spray, rocks and whatnot, you're left with what you can build in SL.
  8. Just pick a viewer that offers RLV. There's the original RL Viewer by Marine Kelley(?) and Firestorm and Kokua and a ton of others, nothing special required. The RL Viewer itself has no way to turn off RLV, but it tracks LL's code changes quite closely. Firestorm tends to be months behind both in RLV support and in LL codebase, but it is apparently the most popular viewer out there. If in doubt just look at the Third Party Viewer Directory; http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory
  9. If you want it to look a bit more realistic, use normal/specular maps too.
  10. Not trying to hijack the thread, quite the contrary... are vehicles considered objects in the context of "No Object Entry"? Btw, I agree with the approach of detecting unusual object counts/fluctuations. It would be great if we could script parcel permissions in such cases, but as far as I know we can't (short of using a bot to do the changes).
  11. I'm guessing it will always be true. Because even on MMOs which generally are much more simple than a virtual world like SL, even with sometimes excellent in-world support, there's still _plenty_ of user-to-user support. I keep thinking of my boss getting his iPhone... he needed PLENTY of help. It seems a universal issue, people want instant gratification and someone to hold their hand _in_person_.
  12. Original: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Check-Out-the-Latest-Improvements-to-Second-Life/ba-p/2895496 (linked from the new post)
  13. Thanks for trying... it'd be neat to get that working, really. Supporting two APIs though... not sure with the reduced dev staff if they'll have the time to fix that
  14. I'll second the nVidia suggestion, though I've not used Windows in well over a decade - take what I say here with a huge grain of salt please. It's not that AMD doesn't show all the SL effects, it's just that historically, AMD has had problems with their implementation of OpenGL. The AMD OpenGL drivers exhibit fairly frequent glitches (if you do a search on the forums you'll see what I and others talk about) and consensus is largely that the nVidia drivers are just more stable, at least for SL. They have their own problems mainly with unclean/borked driver upgrades, but OpenGL support doesn't seem to be an issue. Also, you sometimes will see people claim SL only supports 512MB GPU RAM which is flat out false and has been refuted by LL so many times, I think they're getting sick of the claim. If you can afford a 2GB card, get it. SL _will_ use it. On the other hand, when it comes to performance vs price, AMD wins hands down. It all depends on your budget and needs as well as your underlying hardware. Talking about hardware: That's something to watch out for if you're upgrading old hardware. Some older mainboards only support PCIe 2.0 (like the mainboard on my main PC) and sticking a PCIe 3.0 GPU into it won't give you as much of a boost as you might expect. With my GTX 760, running custom graphics with 128m draw distance and full light/shadows I get around 30 FPS, in busy venues 20-some FPS. On the other hand I get about 10 FPS more on a secondary PC with the same CPU/GPU as my main but more modern mainboard with PCIe 3.0 support. Both run 3 large flat panels, making the load fairly comparable.
  15. Before you spread more nonsesne: High Fidelity is _not_ the same as the new LL project often referred to as "SL2" (which won't be what it's called, we know that much). High Fidelity is Phillip Rosedale's new pet project and it's not news. There was even a vid last year about it. Instead of posting a long list of links, here's one from a well-respected source that sums most of what is known about "SL2": http://orca.slsailing.co/2015/02/sl2.html Please do some actual research before posting.
  16. I've made a few arched doorways and have seen that issue before - my solution was always pretty drastic, but in the end it was workable: I made the physics mesh a simple door shape (i.e. no arch on top, just a horizontal block) and it always rendered with physics weight well below 1 LI even for fairly big arches. Granted, not 100% accurate but it's really not noticeable since most people walk through those arches and never hit the top anyway.
  17. A sad day indeed, though not unexpected. His witty posts on his nntp fanfeed often cracked me up and his books are a hoot. They'll be a part of our lovely library for many years to come.
  18. Some of the newer starter avis have that, not sure if there's any others.
  19. Update: I did get the Plantronics Voyager Pro as planned. It works beautifully. Pairing with Linux was a breeze, range is quite decent - around 5m / 15' even through walls, roughly 20' if I don't go through walls. I can even use it on the treadmill if I want to. SL voice is nice and clear, though the volume (both for mic and speaker) is lower than I am used to. I don't think I could use it in a noisy environment. Talk time is about 5 hours, which is a bit low for me but it's usually ok. Recharges in less than 90 minutes and gives a voice warning when the battery is running low. The buttons on the headset are too small and too hard to push for my liking, but that may be just me. I just keep the headset volume maxed and use PulseAudio for volume control.
  20. I don't think they use particles. All they do is move the anchor down relative to the boat, extending a prim between anchor and boat and possibly scaling the texture accordingly as the anchor descends. Since SL water is usually at most ~20m deep that's no problem and well within linkset restrictions.
  21. I'm too lazy to dig up the reference, but we already know that the "SL2" (whatever they'll name it eventually) viewer will be "initially closed source". Which is just another way of saying it'll stay closed source forever. Another thing we know (again too lazy to look up the reference) is that "initially" the new viewer will be Windows-only. Again, that's IMO just another way of saying "f* you" to Linux and Mac users. I vaguely recall a mention about mobile devices, but I'm not sure I remember that one correctly. Btw, there's no need to support Win8/8.1/Vista/whatever. A properly written application will run on anything from Vista to 10 (XP had some quirks eliminating it from that list). The only viewer team I could see pulling off Linux support if LL pulls the plug on it is the Firestorm team. And before I use those guys viewer I'll rather quit using SL.
  22. LL _has_ all the facts. They can see exactly how many of THEIR users use Linux, which apparently isn't enough people to make the effort worth the while.
  23. Not a new bug, but a SNAFU from a LL employee. Any group that didn't have a pic set got this fugly abomination from hell as group picture. Supposedly it was fixed soon after but if you still see it, contact support. IMO that was a pretty big SNAFU especially considering the image that went there.
  24. Despite your assurance that the firewall is fine I'd say it has to be some internet security software or firewall issue, especially since it's steam services too.
  25. Qie Niangao wrote: KarenMichelle Lane wrote: The apparent resolution is 1x1m 65536 individual color cubes Not so fast. Only get 15K prims per sim. IIRC, the map data averages color across all sides of the prim (or mesh), but if those are independently addressable (and they very well may be), then that resolution would be well within 8 * 15,000. (FWIW, the vertical striations in the image do seem to me like artifacts of the "usual" object pixel approach.) Correction: You can get 30000 prims on a sim, if you link them in pairs and set them to convex hull. Just a small nitpick.
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