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  1. You can split a mainland parcel any way you like. Just remember to lower your tier setting on the dashboard once you abandon the excess land.
  2. A good way to start would be to attend the various discussions and classes, for example these from the Adult Community Education Society group, here's their calendar: https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=2pakplu8i9gdn1ls3picgrrm2o@group.calendar.google.com Hanging out at various friendly chat circles might also help. My personal preference for hanging out is The Velvet Thorn chat circle, they do have occasional classes too, are usually busy and have generally helpful staff. Dances and bi-yearly auctions help to get to know people if desired. Their webpage is at http://velvetthornfemdom.blogspot.co.uk/
  3. Hi in the last few days I keep having completely strange issues. Occasional packet loss spikes to >8%, strange error messages like the one below. Based on the error messages it appears to be an error on LL's side of things. I've even gone ahead and verified that I had no packet loss to various servers/sites I own or manage all over the world. No packet loss anywhere there, not even when sending 1000 1k payload packets. Screenie of the latest weird failure (on login screen):  Anyone else seeing increased failures in SL?
  4. Nefertiti Nefarious wrote: Wow ... she's really good. BUT: why can;'t we get mesh that flows and drapes like that instead of stiff forms? Because not many SL residents have computers that are powerful enough to handle ONE avi with flowing clothes, let alone a club full of them.
  5. You can't change the TP destination on Picks I think. All you could do is remove the pick and re-add the pick. If you just want the pick to provide some generic info, go to one of the public Linden sims and create the pick there. I set my picks generic to secondlife:///app/worldmap/Rosedale/92.535/107.401/61.3143
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ur4KQakkmA8 No more couch potatoes :) ...instead need to convert the biggest room in the house to a huge VR room!
  7. I'd split it into smaller meshes: The railings are repeats of each other anyway. Roof part another. Upload them separately. For the railing parts you can get away with simple box physics, for the roof part you could possibly too, or a pyramid even. Beyond that... yes, use distant impostors for the lower LODs (textures with the ironwork on a flat surface). IMO it should only have this model on highest LOD, everything below almost HAS to be an impostor. Depending on size, the LI for this might end up still relatively high. But well below 50, IMO.
  8. I think it's still there, they just didn't make it the landing page anymore. On the right side, a little down is a "Recently Created" section, which gives you the option to view recent new posts or recent new threads. For the record: I think the change sucks.
  9. Just adding to jjccc's excellent suggestion, here's the LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Voice%20Echo%20Canyon/128/128/23
  10. Me and my partner seem to have a very strange issue. Voice in local is fine - no issues, good quality etc.pp. As soon as we go to private call (with each other or with someone else) voice changes to something that sounds vaguely like low bitrate audio or maybe CB radio. To make matters even more strange, we're not on the same network, not on the same ISP, don't use the same OS nor the same viewer. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? My system: KUbuntu 15.04, PulseAudio, Kokua 3.7.24, Comcast (from 3 different connections and PCs) My partners system: Windows 7 on an MSI laptop, Firestorm (latest, don't know what version that is), Time Warner Cable
  11. Since there are already limits in place for the amount of temp-rezzable items... I fail to see where Mesh could be any more damaging than Prim. I've noticed that Mesh didn't get counted as temp when it got first introduced but I shrugged it off as a bug. I'd still say it's a bug, for the exact reason Innula described. I mean, if necessary just introduce a throttle for the LI rezzable in a given amount of time.
  12. Hi just a quick Q, realizing that Linux is no longer supported by LL... To get sound working in the SL viewer I recently had to disable the bundled OpenAL and have the viewer use the system OpenAL instead, by doing this (could probably just have linked to the system lib directly, who knows): # From within the Second Life viewers "lib" directory cp /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libopenal.so.1* ./ rm libopenal.so.1 ln -s libopenal.so.1.15.1 libopenal.so.1That got general sound going, but not voice. Any idea where to look to get voice going too? Coincidentally sound and voice work fine with the TPV I'm currently using, regardless whether I use their 32bit or 64bit version. I just need it to work with the original viewer too. Thanks Jenni
  13. Oversubscribing is a fact of business life. Everyone does it, most notably ISPs and Airlines. Usually it isn't a problem - except when it suddenly is ~g~.
  14. Actually you can AR for unfair use of region ressources... I've done it in the past and the breedables were gone in no time at all.
  15. Premium wuerd ich auch empfehlen, aber nur unter folgenden Umstaenden: * Premium auf Jahresbasis ($72/Jahr), wovon man L$300/woche "Taschengeld" von LL bekommt * Du willst entweder irgendwann eigenes Land oder bist mit einem Linden Home zufrieden Die Rechnung ist dann naemlich wie folgt: Ausgabe: US$72/Jahr Einnahme vom Taschengeld: L$300/Woche x 52 Wochen/Jahr = L$15600/Jahr, das sind ca. US$63 wenn man die per LindeX kauft, oder rund US$58 wenn du's wieder in US$ zuruecktauschst. Anders gesagt bezahlst du pro Jahr damit nur gerundet US$10 pro Jahr und bekommst noch ein Zuhause kostenlos dazu. Wenn du z.B. Land von irgendeinem Vermieter in SL anmietest bezahlst du aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach mehr pro Jahr. Lohnt sich also eigentlich selbst dann wenn die restlichen "Premium Perks" wie z.B. Zugang zu besserem Support uninteressant fuer dich sind.
  16. Always worked for me when teaching, and seems to work well even at large discussion events. No idea about group chat though... the largest I've ever tried it was smaller than the largest discussion (about 60 people there).
  17. Jenni Darkwatch


    RLV is a viewer modification that's only available in third-party viewers. It allows scripts to modify the viewer behavior and impose certain restrictions on the user. To control it, one needs to wear an item that can take advantage of the modified viewer. Collars have a relay in them which essentially allows other users (e.g. a Domme/Dom/Master/whatever) and/or objects to control the viewer. While it has uses beyond the kinky folks, it's pretty much made by and for kinky folks. Depending on the relay in use you may be able to query for its presence. Depends on the privacy settings... though I believe many (most?) relays at least respond to a version query. Check MP, there are scanners available for that purpose.
  18. i personally think moap could be useful - IF LL implemented a simple permission system similar to those used by some tpv's. i see no chance of that happening.
  19. probably intercepts the movement key and uses llmovetotarget to move the avi via script... that seems to be the more common method
  20. A note on ReneMarine: They're VERY script heavy, unlike the other choices suggested so far. That can quickly become an issue if you sail with friends (and definitely if you cross sim corners). Before you buy a boat, check how many scripts it has. Less=better. Same goes for your avi when you go sail of course. On the other hand, the ReneMarine boats also pretty. My faves so far: MLCC: Oceanic when I just want some lazy sailing. No HUD required (and none provided). Trudeau: Francois Jacques or New York 30 for some classic yachting, while still easy to handle. Kinda requires a HUD. The Mesh Shop: Bandit 60 - a bit more of a handful for sailing, but still fun. No HUD required (none provided). Has an "autotrim" mode which makes sailing quite painfree if desired. ReneMarine: Skipjack Katarina when I want to go for looks, or Pride of Baltimore for a bit of a challenge. They require a HUD.
  21. You disabled camera constraints. The effect of doing so is that the camera goes through walls.
  22. Troll indeed. If that's all they see in SL, they've either not ever even used it, nor tried to find out what can be done in SL. I'm not a fan of LL, nor really a huge fan of SL - if it'd be gone tomorrow I wouldn't shed a tear. That being said, in SL I've never stood around anywhere, don't like dancing in SL, never even visited any prostitution sim or had virtual sex or even virtual kink (which I and also law do not consider prostitution btw), not done terribly much RP. Seriously, if people think that's all SL is they've never used SL to begin with. Spent one day in SL and thinks what one user tells them is gospel? Pffft.
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