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  1. I think 16 has struck the nail on the head about global warming!

    It's all the bouncing up and down, yelling and breathing heavy at sporting events that causes it. All that extra breathing expelling hot air is causing it.

    /me rereads what he has written and has a nagging feeling that there is something else that falls into the category of bouncing up and down, yelling and breathing heavy and can't for the life of him figure out what it is.

  2. Morgaine Christensen wrote:

    "I think nice D/s RP is good but BDSM covers a wide range of experiences, kinks, and fetishes, which, at times, does involve sex and punishment based on the mutual consent of those involved."

    I agree completely and the club on the sim seemed to have display furniture to show off a sub on. My major complaint was with the statement that the sim wasn't a free sex sim when it had a least one set of sex balls set out on a public street.

    I have belonged to a few D/s clubs in SL that weren't blatantly BDSM and had rooms set aside for some of the kinks and for sex and enjoyed those settings. I have even owned and run a D/s club that had only D/s poses and cuddles.

    I guess my main complaint was that most D/s advertised places are really places mainly concerned with sex, hard core punishment and the public display of the Dom's "Mastery" over his sub. Not the beauty of a D/s relationship.

  3. I was intreged by the discription of your RP sim, so I ported over and had a stroll around. I checked the rules before wandering and was pleased with some of the things you said. I liked that you declare right off that it is not a sex sim. Unfortunately as I wandered around I came across a set of Adult poseballs set out in an alley for public sex and the furniture that worked for me in the club seemed to be Adult oriented. By the way, I don't know if you set out the couches in the club as owner olny or group only or if they don't have animations in them, but they were a disappointment as well.

    To me, it seemed to be just another grunge urban setting, nothing soffisticated at all. I am sure though that with proper role play it will work out for you.

    I guess I'm a little biased, I have wandered SL for years looking for nice D/s RP and always seem to come up agaist the idea that BDSM is about sex and punishment and doesn't have a softer side.

  4. Personally, I put together my own by using the AO function of Phoenix and Firestorm. It means spending a little time traveling to various animations stores, but you end up with the animations that you want and not paying for ones you don't. Putting together a notecard is fairly easy to do.

  5. Further to Darren's post, I actually got a delivery "stuck". It still shows as awaiting delivery in my purchase delivery after a week and LL refunding my money. I had to file a Support ticket to get the refund. The money was refunded promptly (after the weekend when nothing was done)

  6. I'm what you would call a lifestyler. I looked at Gor when I first came to SL over 4 years ago, because I was familiar with the books and found it wasn't for me. I have a problem interacting with other doms.

    I've had 5 what would be considered long term relationships in SL. The first was a M/s relationship that lasted for a year and was terminated by me because of topping and unreasonable jealousies. the second was a dolly/owner relationship that lasted 3 months and was terminated because the dolly was undependable (that one turned into a friendship that slowly faded away).

    The next was a M/s relationship with a Gor based chat RPer that came to SL to see what it was like. She stopped coming to SL after about 3 months, I think because she was unhappy with the ability to use animations instead of using chat to simulate the action. These were not the slex anims.

    The next was a 2 month D/s relationship and broke up for reasons I don't want to go into.

    And finally my current relationship which is in it's third year. We are in a DD/bg relationship, for you that don't know what that is, just call it D/s. Our relationship is going strong and we couldn't be happier.

  7. I'm surprised that you are finding it difficult finding the sub of your dreams! I have heard that the sub to Dom/me ratio in SL is something like 4 or 5 to 1 and I have no difficulty believing it as I own a ponygirl stable and see a higher ratio there. I'm sure you have checked out the "Ranch" but did you know that some of the vendors such as Master and Slave have meet up boards and there this is at least one Daddy Dom club that has the same? I wish you luck in your search.

  8. Vixen you might look at ponyplay, the majority of it is one on one RP. Stables are always looking for trainers and there are RP lessons available from time to time. Check out the Pony Info Group to see what events are coming up.

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