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  1. I agree with Mari. The former teen grid, Nova Albion duplicate, should have names unto it's own history and experiences. All history and opinions of current residents should be sought out.
  2. This. I've observed them when there are 2 particular avatars in the waters of Nova Albion. When these 2 are there so are all the ones in the waters north of Bay City. Maybe a connection, maybe not. Just an observation. The 2 avatars in Nova Albion do belong to TE group.
  3. Thank you Blondin for all you have done for Nova Albion and all of\ver the grid. Wishing you great success for the future! You will be missed here though. Take care ya.
  4. As always it's Great to see you anywhere Cybin! Although good luck in getting into Miramare now. It is there but nobody can access it. "Failed to grant capabilities" it says /me shrugs
  5. I wish to relay to everyone that Nova Albion, the first official Linden themed city is 7 years today. We held our annual Laggy parade with a set of live music right after from a current resident of Nova Albion. The experience was awesome and wonderful as always. Second Life is 7 years old and now so it Nova Albion!
  6. /me feels faint. Thank you Blondin!
  7. I don't like them. It would have been polite for the owner to contact the owners of each sim explaining the intent and let us say yay or nay. I personally loose 10-15 fps as they enter the region of my home. So even though on LL land, they affect my experience.
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