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  1. Hello, I own 2 sims and want to subdivide part of it ( the city portion) so the public can access it at all times. However, I want the rest to remain closed to the public and only accessible if one of my managers approves their application. I currently have the parcel subdivided out and set the land settings to public and left the "region" setting for public unchecked. When we tested it, people were unable to tp into the city area which is supposed to be set to public though. I then tried to set region settings to public also, but it then was just all set to public again which defeats the purpose. Can anyone please tell me how to subdivide the city off and allow public access so people can shop but keep the rest of the sim off-limits unless they are approved please? I appreciate any help or advice. Thank you. ~Isabella
  2. Hi, I am the owner of two regions devoted to the Twilight Saga. I am currently looking for experienced rpers to spend 2 hours per week in "character" on the property. I'm looking for people who can play any of the main characters and play them well... All that is required is greeting potential visitors ( although it's usually very quiet lol) and answering questions if they have them, acting the part of your character...ie if you are portraying Bella Swan, act as she does in the books or movies.. you in essence "become" her for the hour you're working, and just watching over the sim. Again, it's very quiet so there really isn't a lot involved. You MUST have your own avi and clothes that are representative of the character you want to portray. You will need to "audition" so to say and I will be taking nc's for this position through June 10th. The days you choose are up to you, the times are negotiable. Starting pay will be $500 Linden per week and will be paid at the end of each week. I plan to do this for one month, until July 10th and then will reevaluate this at that time. Interested parties should contact inworld via notecard either: Isabella Dawlish or bellaswan blackheart I'm very easy to get along with and love Twilight VERY much. If you're someone who loves this series as well, then this may be the perfect job for you! ;D
  3. I would prefer to use a rezz tool, but the one I purchased won't allow no copy items and none of the others I've looked at specify if it's allowed or not. I still am not able to grab all the items at once either which has become a bit problematic as well. I honestly would happily pay someone to move it at this point. Any takers? ~Isabella
  4. Thank you for your responses! They both sound great! I love the Phoenix "hint". I never had any idea and thats a good one to know! Do you know if there is a way to use a rezzer perhaps to take everything in as a build and then rerezz it? I am also worried about the scripts being damaged although logic would dictate they wouldn't be lol. I just put a lot of work into this and want to make sure I do everything I can to ensure it isn't damaged if that makes sense.
  5. Hi, I apologize in advance if this isn't the correct forum, but it didn't seem to fit anywhere. I have a platform rezzed in the sky on my land with an island theme. There are a LOT of things on it and I need to move it to my now connected Homestead airspace.Is there a way to move it without leaving half of it in the air? I have attempted to move houses before by grabbing what I thought was everything, but then found many items left behind. I really put a lot of effort into thsi isalnd and don't want it to get messed up, but I need to open up prims on the main region. I appreciate any help! Thanks! ~Isabella
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