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  1. if you can't get somewhere because it is saying you're not Age Verified you need to go through the age verification process you can do this by logging in to your account dashboard > account > age verification if the form doesn't work and you have a premium account you can submit a support ticket to manual verify. your PIOF is enough to adult verify you and get you on adult sims providing you've set in your viewer to search/access PG, Mature, Adult it is not enough for any land that has required AV's be age verified
  2. you should send a support ticket live chat or phone call LL don't read this and as this is a resident to resident help forum there's next to nothing we can do regarding a blocked or banned account
  3. if you haven't changed skin recently and your wearing the one you started with that skin has an underwear modesty layer painted on as part of it you can change it for any skin that takes your fancy some places like LAQ have a freebie skin on offer some places like skinthesis have lucky chairs with free skins or you can look in any freebie center like freebie dungeon or on the marketplace if you can't afford a skin by and large they will be anatomically correct with no modesty layers
  4. you can always try one of the third party exchanges on the L$ marketplace http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/L$_Marketplace it might not be ideal but it is a solution if the lindex is down
  5. the thing i like best about being a merchant is when something sells the building's enjoyable and all when you have an idea bursting to get out but there's a little sense of pride that someone it may only ever be one person likes an item you've spent time and effort making enough to buy it even if they never rezz it
  6. sounds like some kind of ban if you have no reason to be banned or any notification by e-mail it's possible you have a dynamic IP and your modem/router assigned you a random IP on LL's ban list you can always re-set your router/modem by unplugging it for 5 minutes it should assign you a whole new IP that with luck won't be banned if that doesn't help you might want to send a support ticket or try live chat if your premium
  7. if your adding multiple items to your shopping cart you might want to try buying items one at a time i know multiple items in the same transaction causes failed deliveries if you have a transaction history for any item you bought and have not received send it in an IM or note card to the seller if they are decent they will send you a replacement i don't know if this makes a difference but the marketplace is having an SSL issue it's been like that maybe a week and thats not normal for the marketplace according to chrome's help page "The site uses SSL, but Google Chrome has detected either high-risk insecure content on the page or problems with the site’s certificate. Don’t enter sensitive information on this page. Invalid certificate or other serious https issues could indicate that someone is attempting to tamper with your connection to the site." it sounds unlikely but this might contribute to deliveries not arriving
  8. without creating aother AV the only way i know of that comes close to a multiple store front is to change the store nameuse your store name and the name of the brand your co-creating when you list an item if it's not part of your main range make sure you indicate the brand in the product title
  9. i don't think there is any IP issue at all if you look at the first chair and compare it with the other two the concept might be similar but the first chair uses different sculpting for the tounge and teeth if someone wanted to sculpt a similar chair there's nothing stopping them, if it was an exact prim for prim sculpt for sculpt copy i could see where the IP issue was
  10. for me the biggest turn off when buying things that need to be rezzed is no copy i started out with rezzing on a free land sim i soon learned after a couple of the twice monthly cleans that if you rezzed a no copy item you never saw it again, if on a very rare occasion your stuff got returned you got it back. a lot of my stuff i make copy/mod for convenience naturally sculpts are copy/mod/trans i don't tend to offer no copy/transfer perms unless i do clothing layers or get a special request, with the gifting option on the marketplace and inworld vendors that can send gifts no copy/trans perms aren't really needed edit: reply was to OP
  11. log in to your account dashboard click account > age verification fill out the form if that doesn't work you have to become a premium member to be able to fill out a support ticket to request manual age verification
  12. you might want to create a support ticket AR or if your premium live chat LL won't read this and as this is a resident to resident help forum there's next to nothing we can do if you keep chat logs you might get the date you were 'cursed' from that
  13. you might want to check your graphics prefs make sure local lights is checked with that your face light should work
  14. if the web form is not working for you your only option is to go premium (this will adult verify you) then create a support ticket to manual verify if you don't need to visit land restricted to age verified adults simply going premium or getting payment info on file by buying L$ on the lindex will suffice
  15. if you're a premium member or can go premium you'll have the option to manual verify via a support ticket this'll mean you'll be verified permanently you won't have to fill the form out every time or ever again just to add you will have to do this for every av you want to verify
  16. all that means is it could not find an object in the contents of the prim where the animations are held called ~ball which is the poseball you and another person would sit on to use the animations if the bed is modify and you have another bed with this object in you can take a copy out of the bed and place it in the one that does not have it, if it's no mod you should contact the creator get them to sort it
  17. they can't not charge you you'll be charged if you bought 1 month 3 months or 1 year even if you cancel straight after you'll remain a premium member till your next billing cycle
  18. nothing wrong with 10 items if it worked 100% of the time with zero failed deliveries but it's nothing like that every part failed delivery i've seen in my sales history has 3 or more items in the buyers total transaction with a min of 1 failed delivery and that number rises the nearer you get to or on the 10 item limit. it may be more time and effort but buying one at a time seems to be the best way to minimize failures
  19. i don't care too much for appearance i've been friends with & dated guys that were everything from a small glowing particle orb to a clear glass dragon to every newbie av in the library, even a plywood cube. i remember one guy he had a real problem with my hair and bought it up every time we saw each other inworld i had to go through what hair i had and went for the one i hated least
  20. Dante for future reference always use the lindex or L$ marketplace the particular exchange i use on there is called eldexchange (others are available) when i want to buy L$ using paypal i've always been paid within minutes of buying my L$ but i suggest checking out all the exchanges in the list some sell L$ in block amounts for a set price some sell them by the £1 $1 €1 etc depending on local currency some will let you buy L$ with your phone and charge it to your phone bill
  21. the modern newbie get's dumped at an orientation land they learn the basics of SL then at the end they are given a choice of places they can further explore in SL, no more laggy welcome island
  22. if you are genuinely banned LL will send you an e-mail and in that e-mail will be the procedure on how to appeal the ban LL don't just ban you and not inform you. you might want to give your spam/deleted folders a check the e-mail might have wound up there
  23. Darrius Gothly wrote: When a user runs into a problem with Second Life, they are encouraged to file a Support Ticket. In fact, for many people .. and especially those not aware or comfortable with the Forums .. a Support Ticket is the only way to obtain any help. Yet Basic Level accounts are prevented from filing tickets for some very critical and common problems encountered. assertion that "Basic Members are nothing but Freeloaders" is equally false. I've never been Premium, but I have put lots of money into LL's pocket. In the beginning, I did so by directly purchasing L$ with real-world currency. i bet nowdays if a new user was told to file a support ticket they couldn't even find where to create a ticket when LL moved it and hid it away under support history it took me a very good while to find it. the most important ticket basic accounts would need but don't have is viewer log in issues i used it several times when i ghosted before it got restricted to premium members i also used manual age verification before that too got restricted i think basic accounts should have that too i too never been premium but i have put RL money in game albiet through one of the many third party L$ exchanges and i've used paypal a few times back when xstreet was around and LL owned i seem to remember from a NC i had it was supposed to be enough get you PIOF and adult continent (Zindra) and adult rated land access evidently it didn't
  24. as well as the excellent answers given some designers sell full perm flexi skirt maker kits on the marketplace these include a blank ready made skirt(s) they're designed for you to texture and sell in your creations but there's no reason why you can't use them as a learning resource there's also a tool called LoopRez that automatically rezzes a flexi prim skirt on touch
  25. i use chrome exclusively it doesn't have all the annoying crap that internet explorer has but i have noticed there is an issue with the https usually it's 128bit encrypted according to chrome when you click the https there is some high risk unsecure stuff on the page that could be modified by an attacker hopefully it'll get fixed
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