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  1. SL time is american time they get their summer time or to them Daylight Savings Time a couple of weeks before the UK/Europe does so there will be an hours less difference between us and america until the end of march

  2. up until about july/august time last year you could have freely used one of the 3 and a half sims that made up Trilegy Corporation's Free Land for the People then it's owner closed the sim for refurb and disappeared off the face of SL the sims are still closed
    a friend of mine used to have a free land parcel made up of free rooms to live in and free store space all in a huge castle aside from those i haven't come across any other free places

  3. as others have said there is main and beta grid i don't know if it's still the case but with beta grid you had to wait till there was a database re-fresh where new accounts were transferred over before you could get on the grid if you weren't able to or you could request to a Linden can't remember which one to be manually transferred if you've ever changed your password you may need to use an older one for beta oh and the L$ balance your given can't be transferred between grids :smileysad:

  4. it might be one factor but i really think people use phoenix because it's a viewer they can use and doesn't require 3 days to find out where uploads and other commonly used features have gone to :womanwink:

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    Willow Danube wrote:

    Hi Tolomay, I use this for free AO



    i've used the free Tutys AO in the past it's a very good AO if you want want a natural AO and you can afford L$350 the Dainty & Sensuousness ones in the related items of the female AO i can recommend i use both most of the time i prefer to use the Sensuousness AO both can be tried out at the inworld store


  6. i take you are using phoenix viewer if so go in the phoenix menu click asset blacklist remove the assets you wish to un-blacklist your friend should re-appear also change your group tag if your using phoenix pre 908 changing group tag or a re-log should be sufficient

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  7. well you've just discovered one of the pitfalls of renting from a private estate the sim owner doesn't have to give you any warning that their getting rid of the sim you loose a whole load of rezzed stuff and money. if the sim still existed a sim rollback could be possible. as for LL telling renters what has happened to an estate it's not their problem if someone wants to spend a grand buying a private sim from LL then pay 300 a month tier they can do what they like with the land 


    Wicked Galaxy wrote:

    Great thread... but here's a silly question.. how do you get your avi to actually smile?

    I know there are some makeups/skins that do this, but I love mine just as it is, so is there a way to just make my avi smile?

    I am clueless on this one I must admit.



    you can get random smiler attachments and huds or my preferred choice mystitool has a built in face emoter you can make the emote last till you stop it


  9. i've noticed the height in appearance mode and inworld scriped height checkers don't give the same height infact there is a big difference according to appearance mode i'm over 7ft to a scripted device like the one included in Alicia Stella's free cool tools i'm a foot shorter at over 6ft. in RL i'm atleast a foot shorter than my smallest given SL height

  10. i joined second life because of an article i read in a magazine i first heard of SL a year or two before i joined when one day i'd been watching day time TV and there was an interview with a couple that had met and married in RL through meeting in SL and getting married the article in the magazine was of the same vein so i decided to find out what it was all about

  11. http get textures pulls textures direct from the servers and doesn't have to go through the extra step of rezzing on the sim first i'm not sure the feature works 100% properly i have heard of it causing some issues

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  12. i don't think any viewer will greatly effect lag it's more down to your hardware your net connection and LL's servers you can try toggling your bandwidth if your getting lots of packet loss which you can find out via the stat window (ctrl+shift+1) it can lag adjusting bandwidth in prefs can help that i know people that suggest using http://www.speedtest.net to test your connection then setting bandwith to 80% of download speed

  13. LL removed the option for basic accounts which i feel is a poor decision particularly when you get stuck on mainland 
    tips i've found to have helped is to open 2 viewers if possible log in an alt find the ghost use the other viewer to log the ghost as soon as it shows offline make sure you log the ghost in to a quiet region like cyclops
    continue trying to log in repeatedly preferrably a quiet region eventually you'll get in if you know the region you ghosted tp after logging in find where you think your ghost was you don't have to go through tping where you think you ghosted but some people think it helps
    paying a ghost L$1 it's been suggested several times i've never found it works

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