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  1. if you mean you've bought a pregnancy pack and decided to simulate a pregnancy the birthing clinic location would probably have been included in the pack you bought or you can contact the creator to get a location to get your baby

  2. nothing wrong with finding an av free area to dress i often change clothes in my skybox it always used to be out of the way of other av's then i got neighbours that often get within 96m on my mysti-tool within the double click to perv cam range of Phoenix/Firestorm's radar.
    if i'm honest i'll dress anywhere it's very rare that i'll get totally starkers before putting on a new outfit 

  3. the blocks and or squares are unicode characters your computer doesn't support i used to find it a problem on an old computer i used to use i couldn't really find a fix for it. 
    Edit: i think you need to install extra languages on to your computer to get rid of the blocks and they might come on the OS disc 

  4. kalliopi Ziplon wrote:

    they are so many others things like it , for ex. i have many tattoos and clothes and art , when someone opens my marketplace store she or he must view all of them and get upset , if the marketplace had pages so you could say i want to view the clothes only or the gestures you could  see the menu and click to what kind of stuff you want to see from that store . when a store has so many pages is hard to view them all if you only want a kind of item .


    not the case when someone visits your store they can view every single item or on the left hand side of the page they can view your items by category so if they click say apparel they can view all your apparel items or refine their search further by clicking say womens and refine their search ever further by clicking say footwear or swimwear. all through out from the moment they enter your marketplace store they can also sort items by price prims or perms 

  5. there are several ways to make cash inworld that don't require you to work for someone those that i have used include:

    Meetro - initally pays you in points which you can later redeem for L$ at selected locations you get L$1-2 per average 6 minute stay (some places require you stay longer)

    Bletaverse - pays you as long as you stay in a location a set number of minutes usually 10 minutes you get about L$3-4
    SL Travel Money Hud - pays you to visit locations as long as you wander round the location and don't afk you can get L$2 for 3mins up to L$20 for 13minutes you cash out via the hud

    Coin Hunting - all the coins i've seen (scrap coins) give you L$0.05 though there are higher value ones if you collect enough coins you can exchange them for L$

    Earn2Life - not one i'd recommend at all it works in a similar way to the travel money hud except the e2l hud is more complicated to use there are different user levels and the lower your level the more days you have to wait before you can get your earnings after cashing out on their website also you can get hefty fines (a negative balance on the hud) you have to work off with the hud and if they think you're someones alt you're banned 

    Linden Realms -  this is a new Linden run game you complete quests and collect different coloured crystals when i 'played' it all i got was 3 misely L$ for completeing it 

    selected Lucky Chairs & Boards - some owners allow their boards to dish out money as low as L$1 in exchange for the user's name starting with the same letter on the device

    Camping - if you can find it the typical payout is L$1 per 10 minutes

  6. if you are using the all new mesh version of phoenix you might want to revert back to 1185 the previous non mesh version or switch to firestorm while it brilliant the devs have bought out a mesh release their website/blog says they haven't been able to garuntee it's stability and if you have problems to go back to the non mesh version

  7. Sena Selona wrote:

    I was trying to find on Marketplace but nathing. 

    on the marketplace you need to change your maturity rating to General, Moderate, Adult or just Adult if you want to search for genitals if you're not after anything with all the fancy scripted sculpted bells and whistles on a good female skin will have the female parts 'painted' on to the skin

  8. why not view web profiles through your web browser it's not too difficult just use https://my.secondlife.com/ if you want to view someone's web profile just do https://my.secondlife.com/username where username would be a person with just a user name and https://my.secondlife.com/firstname.lastname where firstname.lastname would be someone with a first and last name. or with the in viewer browser click the option to view the page in your web browser. it might not be what you want but it is better than trying to view web profiles with the inworld tools

  9. you might like to change your water windlight setting to default if it is not already i got afflicted with transparent water on firestorm after playing around with all the the new fancy graphics settings i looked at the quick prefs and noticed i'd somehow got some water windlight activated and changing back to default fixed it for me

  10. the only reasons i know of for gov linden to come along and return stuff is when the land owner vanishes from SL doesn't continue to pay tier on the land and some time later the gov comes along claims back the land and returns all the objects. the other when the land owner abandons the land it automatically reverts to gov linden when it get's sent to auction it's cleared 

  11. i got the akeyo kimchan AO as a gift i love that you can go to the store buy an animation or dance and it's auto installed or you can buy animations from other stores drop them in to the contents tab in edit mode while wearing the hud it will auto configure them, if only all AO huds did that then there wouldn't be the pain of creating a custom AO with NC's

  12. if you have an xploder they are perfectly ok to use they are primarily a traffic aid and rewards entrants in one of three ways high rollers where some people win big and everyone else wins nothing, everyone wins where all entrants win a similar amount if there is enough in the pot and mixed mode which is a combination of high rollers and everybody wins.

    if you don't own an xploder they are free to enter and there is a pot tracker hud which you can use to find the high paying xploders there are people mostly those running bots from my experience that spend their days doing nothing but track and enter xploders

  13. i'm not really convinced by listing enhancements i have tried them in the past when i've released a new product but only did a single week per product i used the L$0 check out enhancements as they were the cheapest i found in the week i could get 2000 plus impressions and only 1 click through 2 if i included my own after re-freshing the L$0 checkout page enough times after buying a freebie to find my enhancement. i can't really say i noticed increased sales because of the enhancement but it did provide my brand extra exposure and on using a listing enhancement for just a single week i think paying out L$300 on the cheapest enhancement is worth a punt for a new product

  14. there is a phoenix mesh viewer all thanks to the hard work henri beauchamp did to get mesh in to his own V1 viewer 'Cool vl viewer' i did notice a few brave souls in the inworld group were using phoe mesh, it might be worth while switching to the latest firestorm viewer instead the phoenix team are fazing out development and support for phoenix and the new mesh viewer may not be very stable at all check http://www.phoenixviewer.com/downloads.php for the latest release

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