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  1. You can't downgrade unless you get rid of your Land and/or Linden Home the only perk you loose when you downgrade is the ability to own land the rest of the perks stay until the time your premium plan would come up for renewal
  2. Is there a large number of people in the region? if you use Firestorm you can set "Show Friends Only" that will help
  3. Greer should be compatible with BoM if you have an up to date version all pre Evolution heads are now known as Origin heads i'm sure and work with BoM, the demos i had before getting my Chloe head had a BoM option in the HUD long before it went live in LL main viewer. I bought at the right time as with in a day or two FS came out with a BoM viewer and i've never had to bother with brand specific appliers i just use my mesh head the same way as my system head quite pleased that my system layer cosmetics work well. If i was in the market for a new head i wouldn't bother with one that didn't work with BoM
  4. It's going to be starting on BBC 2 in the UK this week or next, i quite enjoyed the first series so will be watching the new one if i can
  5. I created a male alt not that long ago had been thinking about doing it for years and that male noob av was what he rezzed with in the newbie orientation area. In the sign up process you no longer get to choose your starter av it's so offensive on the eyes i couldn't choose one of the other male starter av's fast enough
  6. Doesn't bother me, my door is always open. I've walked in on people having adult play dates on my furniture and had people come in see me and shoot off instantaneously. one time I was afk and a guy comes in to my then skybox decided to join me on the chair or whatever I was on and use me as a tool to get his rocks off with just left him to it while I did other things. As long as someone isn't being an a******e I don't see any great need to eject them
  7. You could always give it a try for a month if there's no perk you feel is worth the fee you can always give it up and go back to basic. The new Bellisseria homes were pretty much the only reason i went premium, the occasional gifts are nice, i frequently use the premium sandboxes, easier access to crowded places can be worth it, the L$300 weekly stipend pays for my mainland. The Linden homes don't come furnished though getting them kitted out cheaply shouldn't be an issue there are loads of weekly sales events whose offerings regularly include furniture & decor brands who have things available for up to L$100
  8. What i've done is use an alt, since i have land i set up a tip device that allows payments to different accounts set it to only pay my chosen alt then set the text to show what ever it is i might be using the alt to save up money for and i can easily see what has been put in to the alt with out logging it in plus i don't find myself accidentally paying the wrong person when i don't actually check who i'm paying
  9. Since its a personal account you are better off doing it yourself you have no idea whoever you give your password to what they are going to do to your account not everyone is honest they could steal your L$ delete your inventory commit ban worthy stuff as you
  10. They could all be accounts used to play Tiny Empires putting all these accounts in sea regions is probably kinder than having them all on land preventing people from getting to homes and stores
  11. @steeljane42's comment is right that sliders only do so much and some heads reach a point where the lips can only go so small before the teeth start poking through the chin and/or upper lip some animations may need a larger lip size to prevent this i noticed this on my Lelutka and have gone as small as i can go with zero poke through
  12. Who knows what will happen in the future.
  13. Which region did you go to there are two regions with the same name one on mainland named Maitreya and Maitreya Isle which is where the store is the region might be down for a while for a restart but i wouldn't expect it to be permanently closed ................yet
  14. Are you using the customisation section of the HUD with media enabled? if so there is an icon that looks similar to = click that there is an option for BoM it's really small click it and it will activate BoM on your body make sure you aren't wearing a full body or full body + head alpha or you will look red
  15. Putting demo all over something is a lot easier than making a skin, if the creators skins aren't hooky the skins are either really bad or they feel a few extra L$ & minutes to create the demo is too much effort Anything above L$50 tops is no demo no sale often the promo pic has been Photoshopped or is a morph and isn't an accurate representation of how the skin will look in SL
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