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  1. The hunt is alive and well i got all the prizes quite quickly gift terminals are large and quite difficult to miss the one at campwich isn't located anywhere near the train station. When i went to do it earlier the hunt was listed in the in viewer (FS) destination guide under "featured events"
  2. Not sure if this'll be any good it's 1 Li L$10 mesh https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Anna-Erotica-Meadow-Grass-1-Prim/8008408
  3. I first started seeing SL on the news and it wasn't very favourable it was all about paedophiles and virtual playgrounds with kid av's. Then stories started popping up on magazine programs and other day time TV about people that met in SL married in RL. Then i saw a true life story in a magazine about a couple that met and married through SL and that was what prompted me to give it a try. I don't know where i first landed in SL it never rezzed properly but a kind person gave a couple of LM's for Freebie Dungeon and another freebie place which i promptly went to
  4. i've been to/featured on a national radio station and wound up hanging out with someone now mega famous before they were mega famous and only had their first proper single out. when they were a guest of their then more famous friend whose since disappeared off the face of being a celebrity. I was invited as their 'fan' to be part of something they were doing all because another famous person reneged on a promise they made me. The person i was invited to meet turned out to be not that great in the flesh and my liking for them quickly waned
  5. It's BoM one of my pals says they see that sort of thing on my head which i use BoM on i have suggested them getting the most recent FS/other BoM viewer each time they bring it up
  6. I do have a tip jar in my store there is zero obligation to make a donation no matter what product or service my location has to offer having an inworld location isn't free, i don't just sell things i have a basic photo studio too originally set up to take pics of my poses that anyone is welcome to use. I don't see having a tip jar as a sign of having zero confidence in what i or anyone else have to offer it's just another way for people to show appreciation
  7. I chose to make myself tall in SL too because i could, If i tried to make myself my midget sized RL height i'd probably get mistaken for a child av a lot
  8. If you don't find the perfect sofa It is modify so if you are au fait with editing things you can stretch the feet section to be taller
  9. The "Eternal Forest" sofa from Lisp Bazaar looks very similar to the one you linked https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LISP-Mesh-Eternal-Forest-Sofa-with-Props/7643797 I have it rezzed in world has lots of good animations and activities that will temp attach props
  10. Any time you see these on an item of mesh clothing it means that item is rigged for that particular brand of body that is worn to replace the system body rather than shape if you search for these brands using search the store you can buy them in will come up except for TMP/Legacy where you need to search "The Shops". If these bodies are BoM enabled you can use an alpha layer otherwise they include an alpha HUD that allows you to alpha out certain sections of the body. well worth demoing all the available male bodies, If you want a body that's easy to shop for you won't have much trouble finding stuff rigged for Signature Geralt & Gianni, Slink, Belleza Jake & TMP/Legacy
  11. Being added to a conference call IM of someone whose store i may or may not have shopped at along with a bunch of other perplexed people wondering why they were added or what group was it just for said instigator to only say hello and give no reason for the conference call
  12. Have you tried toggling the neck fix on the Maitreya HUD you may need to pick the neck size that has the most seamless fit, or worst case hide the seam with a choker style necklace
  13. Wasn't actively in search of a new home and not normally a fan of Trompe Loeil builds, saw this at an event had to have it, slightly too big for my 1024 sky platform so i reduced the size a little which also knocked off about 15 Li
  14. Don't use mesh unless the outfit comes with it i do use applier knickers minimum for those times when i don't log in to my home location and my outfit decided it didn't want to stay worn. Even though it wasn't as necessary in the system days i still wore undies just in case i was maybe in a PG sim changing outfits
  15. Done that too with builds, rezzed things and what not most commonly when i'm moving everything around to fit a new building luckily i'm on the 0,0,0 corner so i can restore to last position. things i've accidentally deleted most often are now locked to prevent it
  16. will second Roost i used to use one of their builds I love Maven homes for being spacious and contemporary in design https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/42256 I also like Greymoon https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/134123 I've never really been a fan of Trompe Loeil builds the outside is usually a lot nicer than the space inside that said i bought this build currently on sale at Fameshed i'm in the process of swapping out my Onsu skybox for it. being mod i was able to reduce the size a little to fit my plot https://trompeloeil.biz/belasco-modern-cottages-kitchen-snow-add-on-for-fameshed-november/
  17. I've never heard of a virus in SL so that won't be the problem. If you can remember a name of anything that was in the folder type that in to inventory search if you were moving things around in inventory it's entirely possible you dragged the folder in to another folder i've been there and done that once or twice before. if the folder found it's way in to trash and you purged it or deleted everything in the trash it's gone for good. If you are using anything other than the official LL viewer you will need to make sure the items are missing in that viewer too before sending a support ticket Regardless of whatever viewer you're using here is a helpful guide to inventory loss https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory
  18. The image i uploaded as my profile pic is 742 x 610 in size and a JPG if that makes any difference
  19. Maybe try swapping anything called classic hands in the Maitreya folder for the bento hands i seem to remember on the rare occasion my hand(s) have become detached between log off & in or i've used another body and i've added the classic hand option by mistake it's asked me to accept a classic hands folder
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