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  1. will second Roost i used to use one of their builds
    I love Maven homes for being spacious and contemporary in design https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/42256

    I also like Greymoon https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/134123

    I've never really been a fan of Trompe Loeil builds the outside is usually a lot nicer than the space inside that said i bought this build currently on sale at Fameshed i'm in the process of swapping out my Onsu skybox for it. being mod i was able to reduce the size a little to fit my plot

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  2. I've never heard of a virus in SL so that won't be the problem. If you can remember a name of anything that was in the folder type that in to inventory search if you were moving things around in inventory it's entirely possible you dragged the folder in to another folder i've been there and done that once or twice before. if the folder found it's way in to trash and you purged it or deleted everything in the trash it's gone for good. If you are using anything other than the official LL viewer you will need to make sure the items are missing in that viewer too before sending a support ticket 

    Regardless of whatever viewer you're using here is a helpful guide to inventory loss https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory

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  3. Maybe try swapping anything called classic hands in the Maitreya folder for the bento hands i seem to remember on the rare occasion my hand(s) have become detached between log off & in or i've used another body and i've added the classic hand option by mistake it's asked me to accept a classic hands folder

  4. Sure it's been mentioned before but stores that sell prefabs and don't mention the most important info of both footprint and Li on their advertising/vendor, If i'm having a look round an event demo at something specific then see a build that i might be interested in but looks possibly a bit too big. see vendor, it's great the build is only 40 something Li zero mention of size means i'm not going to risk buying it



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  5. You can't put a specific region or location in to the keyword search if you could there's a particular home i've seen while exploring that i'd quite like to have. Home allocation is random but you can narrow down your search to an extent if you want a specific type of property by putting that property type as a keyword 

  6. There are lots of brands out there like:
    Ga eg etc.

    grab a bunch of demos try them out go with the one you like best don't worry about the price the perfect head may cost more than you want to spend

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  7. 9 hours ago, Tallulah Bilavio said:

    Maitreya badly needs to update the body alpha.  Some pieces are just too big,

    Wait for the BoM version to come out you'll be able to use alpha layers that alpha out just the right amount of the body or make your own alpha layers

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  8. On 11/3/2019 at 1:18 PM, emilymorgana said:

    Ideally I would like to buy, as I hate subscriptions/rents (non-assets that, no matter how much you spend on them, disappear as soon as you stop paying) and I don't have a Premium account due to that either.

    If you can afford premium it's worth it. if you want mainland you buy it, you own it LL is your landlord so unless you stop paying or give up the land it wont go anywhere. if you rent off another resident you have to rely on them paying LL or you'll loose your land. There's no way of buying any land outright with out having to pay initial buy price and a reoccurring premium fee + monthly tier if you go over 1024sqm mainland or weekly rent to another person

  9. Is there any way the body could be made to work with Bakes on Mesh you could get any full perm skin you want and as long as the creators EULA allows pre-apply that as the base skin of the body if you want it to have a skin then the new body owner can use BoM to apply their own system skin. You may be selling the body to a person that wont know how to apply the skin texture you buy them to the body

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  10. 21 hours ago, SleazyWhippet said:

    I didn't AR in case they got into trouble, worked out it was me and came after me for revenge. I don't want my graphics card fried.

    If you AR someone the AR is private and discreet the person you AR won't know it was you. While i don't personally know of anything that would fry a graphics card there are people out there that use extremely high complexity only visible to Ctrl + Alt +T highlight transparent mode mesh objects designed to lag or graphics 'crash' you out of SL for the purposes of griefing. While a few instances of this won't do any harm. If it's happening multiple times daily over a sustained period i believe over time it has a detrimental effect on performance. In theory setting a low complexity should prevent the crashers in reality i've found people above a set complexity don't jelly doll fast enough to stop it

  11. People (not beggar bots) that can't take no for an answer they IM wanting L$100+ for something frivolous claiming they "accidentally" spent it elsewhere, you give some no reason like if you give them the L$ you wont be able to afford rent so they try asking for less L$ thinking you can magically afford it

  12. The marketplace works well for some things and not for others. When there wasn't an easy and obvious way (and still isn't) of finding mesh heads on the marketplace i turned to inworld search looked up all the brands i knew of, Skell gave you a great list plus there's Lelutka & LAQ that aren't in the list i went to the stores grabbed a bunch of demo's and took them home to decide what was best

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  13. 15 hours ago, CandyCole said:

    Why someone spends forever trying to make a mesh head look like their old system head is beyond me.

    Some people have lived with their system head looks for so long they don't want to look too alien to what they have been used to for years. Certainly when i was looking in to mesh heads the one i chose to buy was the most "me" 

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  14. LL don't give personal replies to AR's only the generic acknowledgement of your AR. When someone on a neighbouring region was using multiple offensive particle spammers to grief my land and that of LL welcome centre our regions both border it took several as detailed as possible AR's over a week before the griefing particle spam went away so if you think AR's are a waste of time and nothing comes of them, there are times when they do work

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