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  1. Hey Cerise, works! Thank you! Ami
  2. hey guys, can we have a negative search like for instance I would like to search my own store for items thet NOT have a special keyword by placing a minus sign in front od the keyword. I am updating all my items and want to keep track where I left updating. Ami
  3. Hi Madeliefste, I think above all the decision you take to sell your items to other grids then SL is an emotional one. We all would like to stay in control of who buys our items and where our items will be sold. Moving to Kitely can make you feel loose control and can make you a little bit scared because you can never know what happens with your products once they are out there. You talk about licenses but In SL you are also not able to "see" or "track" if customers respect your licenses. Same in Kitely and other virtual environment. The idea Ilan Tochner from Kitely explained to me is not about licenses but about trust. All items in SL as in any grid can be copied. Also there will also be a small userbase of people that wont respect any rule and will copy any item they can get their hands on and use it outside or even inside SL. I know, I have ben there. Nothing you can do about that except relying on your customer base to warn you when they find copied items. The idea is about making your items available for anyone with a few clicks. "Make its as easy as the iTunes Store Ilan said" and most people that want to "steal" your items wont go through all the hassle and will buy your items legally. I think Ilan has a good point here. I decided to join Kitely and offer all my items full permission with export license and just hope for the best;-) At lease my items will travel the grids with my brand name and my avatar name in them. That cannot be said about ripped content. Honest people will click, ask and inspect your items and see who the creator is. That will bring them to your store. What you can do is set up a store in Kitely and offer a limited range of items. Then after a while you can decide what to do with your complete store inventory. At least give the Open Sim community some of your trust and an honest chance. Amiryu Hosoi
  4. First of all it is good to see some old friends here ;-) I was reading this topic and feel the need to give some feedback on this. Oz has it right, I am also exporting my complete product line to Kitely. I am updating my complete collection on both SL and Kitely. So far I have done about 200 items and already sold for about 250 USD in a few days, despite Kitely Market just opened her doors and not a lot ppl know about it. It is not especially about the changes in the SL Tos that I decided to also try out Kitely. I have been registering accounts in other virtual world for a while now under the same name I have in SL. Hosoi Ichiba and Amiryu Hosoi are a well known brand and name I dare to say and I like to keep them to myself. A few days agoo I decided to reinvestigate Kitely and it didn't take me to long to see they are ready now for the real game;-) Their support is great, the Marketplace is a breeze to work with, the value you get is unbelievable. I see great opportunities in other virtual worlds for us merchants and content providers. The Kitely Marketplace is not just another attempt to start a virtual goods marketplace. This is different! Kitely will start to deliver to other grids in short time via Hyper grid. Now thats big news. Just one marketplace to serve all other grids out there. Emagine the growth of your customer base... For now, I am one of the few merchants that sell high quality, high priced products in Kitely but I surely hope that other content providers and merchants will join me. Their is good money to make and the people need your content. Just register, and if you are smart use your existing name and brand. Come on in and see what I am talking about, give it a try and see for yourselves. Oh, did I mention listing your products on Kitely is totally free of charge? You can follow my progress on the Hosoi Ichiba blog here: http://hosoi-ichiba.blogspot.nl Amiryu Hosoi
  5. So, I am updating all my products because I also am going to list thef at another place for hypergrid delivery. I like to keep my collection neat. To keep track of what products I have updated I want to use a special tag. In the past I used a few a tag like HUPT001 at the end of the item title. That works. Because I hate it that customers can see the tag I now want to add that tag to the keywords string. Surprise... it does not work, searches on my special tag returns zero! Is the keywords string useless now? Ami
  6. Hey Drake, I didnt read the complete thread but Ilan from Kitely pointed me at it yesterday. I am exporting all my items and when done will maybe close SL down. If it is true that this TOS change gives full and exclusive right to LL over my products I will quit SL and I hope some big shots will file a class law suit against LL. Ami
  7. Hey Nefertiti, Yes, I usually work that way but I was soo frustrated by this;-( I have to update and export 1000+ items and list them in both SL and Kitely and don't have a lot of time searching for bad words;-) I will try to find the words later I guess. LL should make it better for us content providers instead of always putting up new walls and fences. Ami
  8. I think it should be not that very hard to return the editted page with the "bad words" highlighted so we can remove or replace them. The way it works now is frustrating and timeconsuming. LL should look ate the Kitely marketplace, now that's user friendly! Ami
  9. Hey all, I am updating my marketplace but keep knocking my head on this maturity thing. Can anyone please tell me what is adult about the following text? Kind regards, Ami Hosoi Ichiba is proud to announce our new collection of the most beautiful traditional Japanese furnture and antiques. Visit Hosoi Ichiba for a wide variety of traditional Oriental, Japanese and Chinese furniture, antiques, chests, tansu, drawers, trunks, cabinets, commodes, strongboxes. Hosoi Ichiba is your address for all kinds of Asian arts and furniture to decorate your Japanese zen house. Tansu refers to the traditional mobile storage cabinetry used in Edo period Japan. Tansu was first recorded in the Genroku era of the Edo Period (1688–1704). Tansu were used for the storage of food and the carrying of firewood. During the time period in which tansu gradually became a feature of Japanese culture and daily life, 1657–1923, both hard and softwoods were used by tansu craftsmen, often in practical combination for a single chest. Woods commonly used in tansu included Keyaki, Kuri, Ezo matsu, Sugi, Kiri and Hinoki. • Choba-dansu: Used by merchants on the choba area of a shop to store account books. • Kusuri-dansu: Apothecary chests with many small drawers to contain medicinal herbs. • Katana-dansu: Boxes with several long drawers for the storage of sword blades. • Kaidan-dansu: Step chests, often of modular construction with drawers and sliding doors. • Nagamochi Kuruma-dansu: Coffers on wheels, the oldest documented examples of mobile cabinetry. • Ryobiraki Kasane-dansu: Chest on chest tansu were used for storage of women's clothing. • Sendai Isho-dansu: Used primarily for out of season clothing storage. • Yonezawa Isho-dansu: A chest on chest style for clothing storage. • Kyoto Isho-dansu: Kyoto style, known for a sophisticated opaque lacquering technique. • Sado Shima-dansu: To store clothing of merchant families, with unique early 20th century. • Sakai Choba-dansu: The merchant chest to store books, maps and valuables. • Hikone Mizuya-dansu: Kitchen chests both of a single and chest on chest configuration. • Kuruma Choba-dansu: Chests on wheels, the symbol for merchants Japan in the Meiji period. • Kakesuzuri: A seals and money chest with a single hinged door used by sea men. • Hangai: A clothing chest with a single drop-fit door. • Cho-bako: A chest for accounting and writing related materials. • Tokonoma: Also toko, referring to a built-in recessed space in a Japanese room.
  10. hey Guys, been fooling around a bit with the materials settings and I love it! However, i would like to make a suggestion. Would it be possible to add a little button in the texture control window to copy the scale, ofset and rotation of the normal map to the diffuse and specular map. This would make creating so much easier for us. Cheers, Ami
  11. hey Guys, been fooling around a bit with the materials settings and I love it! However, i would like to make a suggestion. Would it be possible to add a little button in the texture control window to copy the scale, ofset and rotation of the normal map to the diffuse and specular map. This would make creating so much easier for us. Cheers, Ami
  12. Hey guys, My name is Amiryu Hosoi and I run 2 Edo Period Japanese roleplay sims. Our visitors tell me that our regions are the best in SL... but thats up to you to check out. Anyway, In the last days I have merged 2 of our best regions into one big roleplay area. The regions feature a full Matsumoto Castle complex, Harusaki Onsen, the old town of Hosoi Mura and a lot more. All of these gems are surrounded by the best scenery you can get. Check out and loose yourself in the stories of Samurai and Geisha. Now the rebuilding is done I am looking for a dedicated blog-, twitter-, facebook guru to help us with our marketing and promotion plan. I am looking for a long term relationship. Do you have affinity with Old Japan and do you think you have the skills and energy, then please contact me inworld (Amiryu Hosoi) or via email at talkto@simscouts.com to discuss any details. Amiryu Hosoi
  13. LL already takes percentage of everything we do, upload textures, buy Lindens, sell lindens, sell items, and not to forget tier... I dont think Valve will take a piece of the pie also, if they do I will be out of here asap. Cant have all people take pieces of pie cant we. It is our pie! Ami
  14. Hello CuteHunny, Please take a look at this page. http://hosoi-ichiba.blogspot.nl/2012/09/wanted-samurai-geisha-and-yakuza.html Ami
  15. LL made a good start once with the Destination Guide but they screwed up by letting in incomplete and low quality locations. Once it was an honor to be listed in the DG but not for a long time. I agree LL should make the first feel of SL much better. The installer checks your system and adjusts the graphic settings accoordingly but that is not enough. Yes defauot avatars should be of the highest possible quality also. Maybe the joining with Steam will force LL to rethink their strategy ane maybe it will make LL to protect their designers and high quality locations... sigh. Ami
  16. Why keep ppl say that? Take a look at our sims and I will asure you you will think different. Its time people stop using bad quality scenery and pictures in blogs about SL. We have lots of good quality to offer. Just look around or ask the right ppl. Moving to Steam will be a big thing especially with improved graphicd. This is aslo SL: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7114/7433848744_f77accf380_k.jpg http://www.youtube.com/embed/PB-xDPVapk0?rel=0 http://www.youtube.com/embed/oPs4FTLjav0?rel=0 http://www.youtube.com/embed/7FIwo96b2DI?rel=0 Ami
  17. Hello all, My name is Amiryu Hosoi and I run 2 Edo Period Japanese roleplay sims. Some people tell me that our sims are the best in SL... but thats up to you to check out. Anyway, In the last days I have merged 2 of our best sims into one big roleplay area. The regions feature a full Matsumoto Castle complex, Harusaki Onsen, the old town of Hosoi Mura and a lot more. All of these gems are surrounded by the best scenery you can get. Check out and loose yourself in the stories of Samurai and Geisha. Now the rebuilding is done we are looking for people that want to join our community. We are looking for peasants, samurai, geisha, fishermen, travelers, etc. Especially we have open positions for dedicated people that will be responsable for running our Sake House, Harusaki Onsen, Yakuza harbour and Hamaguri Sushi bar. If you would like to be part of our community, please visit us and contact Eien Sachin, Kai Serapis, Akiko Omizu or Amiryu Hosoi. More information about our islands here: http://hosoi-ichiba.blogspot.nl See you around, Ami
  18. Well, I would like to thank anyone here for their replies so far. I dont think mesh or no mesh is the problem, The lack of "playmoney" is the real problem I think. I run a graphic design studio in RL and business in RL is also down the drain. People choose to "compose" and print their own letterheads instead of calling in a skilled studio or company. They don't have the cash and they don't seem to care for quality. Economy is bad and if we should believe the rumors it will get even worse. Up untill a month or 2 agoo I was running even or with slight profit. Not anymore. I could keep up the marketplace and 1 homestead to build my RL designs but what makes me most sad is the fact that I am letting all those people down. Those people have been around for ages and won't have a home or place to play in short time. If I had the funds in RL I would keep the sims up even if that would mean loosing USD 1200 a month. Thing is, I am working my ass of setting up this new company and in the meantime there is no cash flowing in. Anyway, I don't think I will leave SL but I won't rebuild the sims eighter. I just dont have the time and energy for it and I need to focus on new horizons Like my nerw My Oriental Garden project. What I am going to do is film the most important hotspots to have something to remember. I has been fun while it lasted. Now I need to go tell my people;-( Thank you all again and best wishes, Ami
  19. Well, I am strolling the web today because today is the second time LL decided to charge my paypal account to pay for tier. I wanted to know if there would be a way to temporary pause a few of my sims. I own 4 sims that are open to the public and lots and lots of people are using them for free. The regions are Japan Edo time based and host several roleplay groups and a lot of residents. My market Hosoi Ichiba is paying for all 4 sims + advertisements + occasional gifts to new residents. I am also using SL as a toolbox to design and proof my RL Japanese themed designs. Since the start of the world wide economic crysis we seem to be in I, like many others, noticed a decline in sales. However my Ichiba was still going strong up to the start of this holiday season. Seems people are finally running out of “playmoney”. Maybe after the summer my sales will start growing again but I have the odd feeling it won’t;-( If my sales doesn’t recover I will need to close down my sims and SL will loose again 4 wonderful free landmarks. I know I am not alone in this. Already a lot of great places closed down to never return and a lot will follow. The idea I have to let down all those people that depend on the scenery that I created over the years will make me so super sad;-( For what I know there is no way I can preserve complete sims to reerect them on the LL grid or elsewhere later. I think LL needs to rethink their business strategy. Like some people here said, LL has a great tool and nowadays their servers and viewers are very stable. If LL should decide to lower tier and startup fees I am sure new people will start using SL and people that moved away to, for instance Open Sim like environments, will come back to SL. I am afraid though that will never happen. For example; a few months agoo I contacted LL to talk about pricing and possible discount on 24 private sims because I was in the race for a very big RL contract rebuilding a complete town and zoo in the Netherlands. (my client didn’t want to use Open Sim) The kind of project that could put SL on the map again as a serious tool and virtual environment. The answer however was NO! LL didnt even want to think about it! I am simply not able to fund the 4 sims (1200 USD a month) from my RL income at the moment. Saying that makes me think about how much I payed to SL in tier and commision, etc. over the last 6 years… it must be in the region of USD 150.000+ So that leaves me with one option only. Praying sales will recover after the summer so my friends, residents and visitors can keep enjoying our little corner in SL. For all people riding the same boat I would like to say; keep up the faith! Hugs, Amiryu Hosoi
  20. When will the magic boxes become absolete. When can I delete them? Ami
  21. Something nice huh.... Well, I found rip offs of my Samurai Armor o the marketplace. I sent a DMCA to LL containing links my own Samurai Armor and kinks to the rip offs. LL decided to do just NOTHING again. Why am I surpriced? Their reply was; I didn't provide inworld locations as where to find the stolen goods... That's right, the stolen goods COULDN'T be found inworld. The goods can be found on the marketplace. LL own marketplace! Whats wrong with those people! Ami
  22. Everyone that loves horseback riding is welcome to enjoy our 4 sims in the Hosoi Cluster. The sims are packed with beautifull scenery and atmosphere. The sims are themed to fit Edo Period Japan around 1600. Best point to start is Japan Chubu, home of the famous Matsumoto Castle. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Japan%20Chubu Save travels, Hosoi Cluster Crew
  23. Hello, My name is Amiryu Hosoi and I am the owner of the Hosoi Cluster. The Hosoi Ichiba sim group (4) is the home of a history-based role play region. The role play areas includes the town Hosoi Mura which is separated from the Matsumoto Castle by the great Hosoi Ichiba Marketplace. The region is known as The Hosoi Empire and it's history is a blend of Japanese history, Hosoi's role play culture and a large dose of fiction and fantasy. We are looking for people with great love for the traditional Japanese culture that like to join our community and share experience, passion and time in our wonderful traditional scenery. Please visit our sims and start at the Hosoi Mura, our Edo Period settlement for a taste of the best Edo Japanese atmosphere known in Second Life. More info on our roleplay and regions can be found on our blog http://hosoi-ichiba.blogspot.com/: http://hosoi-ichiba.blogspot.com/2011/05/history-of-hosoi-empire.html For a preview please look at the following machinima: Matsumoto Castle: http://www.youtube.com/embed/PB-xDPVapk0?rel=0 Matsumoto Dojo: http://www.youtube.com/embed/eFbdvYYrq3c?rel=0 Lotus Farm: http://www.youtube.com/embed/Q9Y_a7XxhIE?rel=0 Ama Diving Area http://www.youtube.com/embed/oPs4FTLjav0?rel=0 Harusaki Onsen: http://www.youtube.com/embed/7FIwo96b2DI?rel=0 If you feel attracted to our invitation or just want to share your thoughts please contact one of the following people inworld for more info: Eien Sachin - Matsumoto Castle Daimio (Samurai Clan) Katsumiyo Kahane - Myagawacho Hanamachi (Geisha) Hvile Hax - Kuchiki Clan (Samurai Clan) Kenpachi Salamander - Sakura Harbour (Harbour community) Akiko Omizu (overall information) Kind regards, Amiryu Hosoi
  24. Hello Nam, For the sample here: http://simscouts.com/lights3.jpg This shapes come from a sim next to the sim where they showed up. When I turn off the lights in the neighbouring sim the shapes dissapear, so, I think all are some ghost shapes are comming from the neighbouring sim that I also own. Ami
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