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  1. There are a few comments about the plans for 13-15 y/o's near the top of the thread. My impression is that for the adults at least, it's a good solution, although I appreciate it's a bit limiting for you only to have access to edu sims. Better than having your account put on hold altogether though, I suppose. It would be good if the same safeguards could be put in place for all the teens, but that would be the same as the Teen Grid is now. It's the plans for the 16-17 y/o's which are causing all the concern and we still haven't had any further details about how it's going to work. Time is ru
  2. It appears my previous post has gone ... no idea why, I haven't had any notification so I shall assume it's just a glitch and repost. Anyway, the gist of my post was that the vast majority of SL and of Mainland is Mature - people like that rating. When Adult content rules were brought in, Mature landowners were repeatedly assured that they could still have sexual content in private on their land. It would make far more sense to make the current mainland all Mature and create a small PG continent than it would to make the whole of the current mainland PG. Stats on the number of regions of dif
  3. Hi tina, please look very carefully at what LL are offering your daughter before you allow her access to it. We all know that teens have been sneaking onto the main grid for a long time now, but up until now it has been in their interests to pretend to be older so they are not reported. This has given them some protection from the few rotten apples because they haven't been visible. Now, everybody will know that there are teens on PG. We don't yet know whether their accounts will be marked in some way or whether there will be any restrictions on IMs or inventory transfers. There will be pe
  4. Thing is, mainland can't change. Unlike Estate, even if a landowner owns a whole sim of mainland, they can't change the rating.
  5. Yes, it's very obvious that you don't care about anybody except yourself. Meanwhile, some of us are trying to see the bigger picture and think of ways to make this work for everybody - because it WILL happen. Anyway, if I wanted a nasty sticky bunfight I'd go to the GD forum. I think this issue is more important than that so I'll be skipping past your unpleasant posts - they just make me angry and don't add much to the debate, IMHO.
  6. First of all let me congratulate you on being the first self-admitted 'escort' I've ever met with an above room-temp IQ, and an apparent moral compass, even if it is a little skewed in my opinion. But that's not what we need to be discussing. The fact is, you're absolutely right. Those defending the teen merge seem to forget just how bloody -out there- things can get...sometimes even literally. Now, I'm not into SL sex, to me it's even more pathetic than calling a 1-900 number and talking to "trixie" for 9.95 a minute but hey, to each their own. See, there you go again. So far you ha
  7. Thanks Irene. Wow, that's more jumbled than I thought!
  8. Yay! I've been on various SL forums and blogs for 3 years and this is the first time somebody has called me an alt. I feel like I truly belong now! I stuck up for Ishy because I have seen her post on the forums for a long time now and have been very impressed with her maturity and responsible attitude. I don't know her except for her forum posts and I doubt she knows who I am. She came on here to express her opinions as a teen while at the same time acknowledging the very reasonable concerns of the adults and you and another poster were extremely rude to her. I'm not surprised she's gone but
  9. Yes 80%? I do not have the facts and figures in front of me, is that a guess-timate? Just for fun lets take your figure of 80% and run with it. http://gridsurvey.com/index.php <<< bookmark this, it's a really useful site. Actually, it appears I exaggerated a little - I make it about 72%, or if we exclude Zindra (which we can, because that's already segregated) it's about 76%. In any case, it's the mainstream. If anybody knows of a source of maps showing the distribution of PG and Mature regions on Mainland I'd be very interested. I know the older continents are very jumbled,
  10. (not a post to Irene Muni, general reply to topic) The solution is a simple one. I understand the need of LL to generate or keep any income, from Teens and pre-teens. Make the mainland all pg. Unverified accounts all must get verified. They cannot upload, anything. They cannot buy anything. They cannot sell anything. They do not have access to notecards. They do not have groups or the ability to IM. They cannot teleport off the mainland. They can build in world but their inventory is very limited, say to 100 items. No one over 18 is allowed on the mainland. LL moved ppl to Zindra,
  11. Can we just have Ishy and get rid of you instead? I agree with you that this merge is a bad idea but you seem to be going out of your way to insult people. Ishy is one of the people who has the most to lose. She's not yet 16 so if she wants to stay in SL she has to sign up with one of the educators (if there are any left after the price hike) and can only visit their sims. In spite of this, she has the maturity to consider the concerns of the adults as well. You could learn a bit from her. Ishy, just in case you are still reading, I wish you the very best of luck, whether you join an educa
  12. I have challenged any of these so-called educators, any Linden or that manner anyone who will come on here and explain to everyone how teens to main grid will be an "enriching experience" or be of any benefit at all. These posts are overwhelmingly anti-teen.......so cmon you pro teen pervs...prove us all wrong!!!!!! So far....no takers. They seem to be a lot less cynical and nasty-minded than a couple of the adults posting on this blog. My experience of teens (and I have two myself and frequently my house is full of their friends) is that while they can be a bit boisterous and irritating, the
  13. Why don't you enlighten us with all the real benefits that teens will bring. Uhhhhhh let's see......#1 would be ....uhhhhhhhhhhhhh duhhhhhhhhhhhhh can't remember. We can stop there. There aren't any real benefits. Teens belong with teens and adults with adults. Put this up for vote and you'll lose bigtime! Here you go ... https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-4497 It's a bit pointless voting for it except as a protest because LL have already said the merge is happening, so it IS going to happen ... so, while you're there, why not take a few minutes to look at the related jiras - Grid Me
  14. Why on earth did you bother putting all that effort into sorting a solution for migrating TG educators, just to pull the rug from under them a week later? It's obvious that LL are cutting costs to the bone - firing 1/3 of the workforce, getting rid of the Teen Grid and Avatars United, no more subsidised sims for non-profits and educators, cutting support to barely-there levels ... I can't decide whether LL are hanging on by their fingertips, are polishing up their profitability before they sell or are simply incompetent. ... Customer Support will be available to answer any questions that yo
  15. Hi Ayesha, We are taking issues related to safety and security (for both the 16 and 17 year olds, as well as the adults) around this move very seriously. As I stated in a couple previous posts, many of the issues raised by Residents have been/are being taken into account by us and I will be letting everyone know specifics on this matter. I appreciated everyone's patience until we release more detail - specific timing of this release is still TBD. Please hurry up and give us more details. We've been waiting for over 6 weeks now. While no specific date has been set, you have said this will b
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