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  1. Madelaine McMasters wrote: https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10101319050523971?stream_ref=10 I believe I recently opined that Oculus Rift wouldn't go anywhere. Oops! Well you were correct! The IPR owner of course will be going wherever the f$%k he wants from now on and always in 1st class (grats him!). However, I have a friend who works for EA (only an accountant I'm afraid, nothing sexy or dungeon dwellerish) who told me a while ago that EA and it's sub-developers (*cough DICE - Battlefield series) hadn't planned on developing any games optimised for OR till late 2016 when they
  2. carolinestravels wrote: Hiya. today I published on my blog my first contact with what is called "breedables" and I raised the question: Why are people doing this , what is the point? Please read and comment here: http://www.second-life-adventures.com/ breadables-pets-second-life/ Thanks for your input! Is this like my toaster being bread enabled or do you mean items that are recommended sandwich fillings? Then again to segue neatly back into the topic I suppose the latter could be referred to as in breads; wow these long Winter nights are flying by for me.
  3. Phil Deakins wrote: Jacki Silverfall wrote: Who's Stephen Fry? I'm serious. :smileyindifferent: You may actually know him but not his name. If you got the Black Adder shows over there, he's the general in the final seies - the WW1 series. He's also in an earlier series with Queen Elizabeth the first. He was Lord somebod or other in that. He was the comedy partner of Hugh Laurie (House) before Hugh Laurie set off for America. If anyone is trying to spot him in SL, try looking in the gay communities. Wut?! So if you heard that he was in London you would advise people to go looking
  4. You too raise some interesting points there Sassy. I remember posting a comment to Loki Eliot's blog when the search for a new CEO was on in response to people demanding that SL should appoint a CEO, "Who gets it!" Well after 7 plus yrs here I wish I could define what "it" is. I think I could be happier with a complete a newb to SL than one of us who had their own very clear and concrete ideas of what "they" thought SL is and should be. At least they might see a lot of the problems that we have glossed over or worked around and forgotten. However, addressing what you said, nowhere have I
  5. Qie Niangao wrote: Sy Beck wrote: In conclusion it will not be long till there is a feasible and practical hypergrid in operation for all virtual worlds apart from SL when all those little communities are all interlinked and TPing from one world to another with your inventory intact and attached will be no different than TPing around the grid in SL. LL remains though firmly against if not outright opposed to the hypergrid as it would be the death knell for their present business model. Mainly because it would terminally accelerate the process I've described above where I could live on th
  6. Innula Zenovka wrote: Thanks. I see from your final sentence that the metric you use is the amount of virtual land each grid represents. In a way, that makes my point for me -- the fact that other grids can print as much land as they want, and virtually give it away, and, in general, people aren't interested in taking up the offer, tells me that cheap virtual land, on its own, isn't much of a selling point as far as many people are concerned. The fact that grids other than SL now represent more than 50% of all virtual real estate doesn't seem to me anywhere near as important as th
  7. Innula Zenovka wrote: I'm not sure what metric you use when you say Sy Beck wrote: Last year SL fell below 50% marketshare for the first time in metaverse history and I think is now hovering around 40%. The only measures that particularly interest me are the number of active users and the size of the economy, and -- or so it seems to me -- SL continues to dwarf even its most successful competitors. Whenever I look at the concurrency figures for the different grids, many of them seem to have about as many people logged on in total as would be pretty healthy for a single mainland s
  8. Dear Ebbe, Once upon time SL enjoyed a near 100% marketshare of private sims owned in the known metaverse or leased to be more accurate. It was inevitable that competition would arise and it did. However, LL have always maintained a technological edge over their competitors even though the tools and utilities they have added were behind what was available in a lot of other popular games and platforms if even in sandbox mode in those games. Last year SL fell below 50% marketshare for the first time in metaverse history and I think is now hovering around 40%. Not an unrespectable market
  9. Jumpman Lane wrote: Hehehehe. Ya got me there. You CERTAINLY know about boredom. "My favourite though was the Reverend Simony Beckhander of Littlehope Parish, Adelaide, Australia. Who lamented the story of some talented clergymen who end up in the back-end of nowhere while others less talented, but with better connections end up in the plum jobs. "-your boring wordpress blog. http://sybeck.wordpress.com/ Come on,man Hehehehe. Let me get this straight...YOU'RE blase cool and I'M BORING. What else ya got. Can ya dig up another 10 year ol meme pic to cover that Aww you
  10. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Sy Beck wrote: Maddy, Look again at the question in the title of the OP. Yes or no? I'll argue your technophobia and nihilism in another thread. ETA Steve Jobs was not dumb Mac adherents are dumb, yeah I said it. ETA I know what you think because you write extensively, unless..... P.S Can we have a baby? When did OPs start constraining threads here? I don't believe Glyph is competition for anything. So that would be a "no". Technophobia? I retired from a career as a technologist. Nihilism? I'm an optimist and I've no idea what the future will be li
  11. Hugs you, because it's late and this a big ugly monster I can't help you with and I've never played Skyrim either. However, like in Skyrim there will be another hero along in a minute who if they can't solve your problem will surely carve the heads off some likely suspects and generally make us all feel a lot better that their sorts are no longer around. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  12. CheriColette wrote: Maybe to some Sy but not me. /me shrugs "Have at it then."
  13. LaskyaClaren wrote: I think you're right. And, if not Google Glass, something somewhat like it is the future. Had I money to bet on this, I'd bet on a hybrid of virtual and augmented realities, that liberates the augmentation from clunky mobile devices, and the virtual from boxy laptops and desktops. It will be, I think, something like an enhanced Google Earth that you can stroll through in physical space and time. I love living inside my computer sometimes, but how much more exciting might it be to liberate all of that creative potential and let it free to meld and blend and play with
  14. Maddy, Look again at the question in the title of the OP. Yes or no? I'll argue your technophobia and nihilism in another thread. ETA Steve Jobs was not dumb Mac adherents are dumb, yeah I said it. ETA I know what you think because you write extensively, unless..... P.S Can we have a baby?
  15. Kenbro Utu wrote: I think people way overestimate the number of SL users who frequent the forums. SL twitter has over 37,000 followers. I don't know how many total users the forums have, but I don't believe it is anywhere close to that. Not to say they shouldn't give us the courtesy of reporting here, it is their forum after all, but not for the reason of reaching the numbers. Point well made. I suspect that the forums in total don't have 37K reads/contacts in months, but it may upset some people that SLU fares better, which is why anybody who knows the numbers will ignore this pla
  16. Oooh Maddy I almost saw your flashing rampant eyes before me during that lambast looking to devour all that is unholy about the state of the art. Anyway, while I wipe myself clean, I perceive that you agree with me that its (Glyph was it?) competition is with the Google Glass. Google Glass is not much different than this "thang" other than its one selling point being that it has vastly better alpha layer from the Glyph from the fact that it is glass. It will be down to the consumer whether they prefer wrap around immersion while their car drives autonomously or whether they would like to h
  17. Is this not tediously boring and a terrible summary on life that any one actually cares this much about a collection of pixels?
  18. OMG LOOK Yesterday's News! Back page, Lane says something.
  19. If you couldn't quite get Storm's message earlier, he's appointed for and behalf of the stockholders. He spoke to them first (before Twitter) and will always talk to their appointed representatives and discuss issues with them in preference to you. Afterwards he will let you know what's been decided. If you're not happy then leave or instead of spending Lindens inworld spend dollars in the real world and become a majority or a significant stakeholder instead of thinking you that you are something of imporantce in a virtual world. In a nutshell leave or buy in to be listened to and not hear
  20. Get back on subject you two especially as one of you two is the OP of the question or start a separate thread on what you wanted to really talk about. Just sayin' :smileywink: P.S. It's Oculous not Occulous Perrie.
  21. Just because you have seen an asset that you've seen before in Skyrim or any other game that allows users to upload their own assets doesn't necessarily mean that it's illegal. Many people upload their content as "free to use" usually as a compliance with the game's policies on uploads. To be fair to your point though most add a clause that it is not to be monetised and that any reproduction at least credits them with the original design. As somebody has already mentioned, the amount of staff required who could readily identify an asset from another game would be huge and costly and why do
  22. Why is this competition to the Oculus Rift? It has no true head tracking so it cannot render a 360 3D environment, which is the Oculus Rift's USP. I would also imagine that games or other software developed for the Oculus Rift would not or even could not be rendered on this device. Therefore, gamers who have the cash to splash are going to pick the Oculus every time. However, I do think it has more of a chance, as mentioned in the article, in competing against the Google Glass or in its own niche of a tablet/laptop plugin.
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