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  1. Angelique LaFollette wrote: Best way to find out is to read it yourself, and see what you get out of it. ^ This. Go to your local library, sit down and start reading it. If 15 minutes pass without you looking up then you might want to consider taking it home. :smileywink:
  2. Suella Ember wrote: Yeah - I know that Sy is back. Mainly because I'm currently scrounging off his land which he is allowing me to use for free (well, in exchange for the promise of outrageous flirting and the tease that I might one day let him hump my pixels. I'd ban freeloaders, squatters, outrageous flirters and anyone smelling slightly of dairy products. Here's one I dealt with earlier. :matte-motes-evil-invert:
  3. Ima Rang wrote: And...I do not live in the basement! :smileyvery-happy: Of course not. Trolls don't live in basements, they dwell or lurk. :smileywink:
  4. Mitchell Indigo wrote in part I've tried Dominion homes, but his rooms, some of them have non matching wall colors... Many builders do sell houses with Mod permissions so changing the colours around on paint effect walls shouldn't be too much of a problem for even the least skilled person. Changing to new textures such as changing wallpaper or carpets may present a few challenges to align and resize your desired textures, but nothing that can't be achieved with a little patience or help from friends.
  5. I don't think that's happened to me, but I've asked my diary secretary to check back. I do know though that if there's one animal you definitely don't want to mess with then it's a honey badger. It's mental mindset is usually set at a level somewhere between demonic beast of Hell and a psychotic on angeldust. There is literally nothing this animal won't try to eat, however big, venomous or aggressive it may be. They have been known to kill bulls, take numerous venomous bites from snakes and then eat the snake before going into a temporary coma to shrug off the venom. Men beware though, w
  6. May I humbly suggest "Trolling a Troll Season"? There must be some recognised troll out there who sadly is coming to the end of their cynical and sardonic days and as of last season their performance has sharply declined against other nastier and rising trolls and therefore needs to be put out to pastures fora new, culled, but never out to stud. Maybe they were spotted passing an unexpected compliment somewhere, their ISP is coincidentally the same as the owner of the website, "Dress me in a tutu, spank me and call me Susan" or they incomprehensibly missed a 30 page thread titled, "Fluffy
  7. Knowl Paine wrote: If a writer wrote right, readers would readily read what the writer wrote. Thinking thinker's thoughts throughout the thought, is thoughtful thinking. The Speaker spoke about speaking to speaking Speaker's. English is a wonderfully horrible language. Write each word with care so your reader may intimately understand and benefit from your thoughts as they read and when you hear good orators, speak that unto others. English can be a wonderful and simple language too. 
  8. Hi Scylla, You seem to have started with a question and ended with a conclusion so I hope there's room for debate. And I'm sorry, but after all your well thought out and expressed argument I can't get this out of my head. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: But to start you off. If the LL quote, “Your World, Your Imagination,” is one you agree with and support and said person is here to live that quote, is happy and not unduly bothering other people inworld then what is the problem? If the Lab were about to assert that said person could not be addressed in that person's preferred pr
  9. Is there not a forum in the world where this topic does not come up? My attitude to this is: 1) Is English their first language? If not, then I try to make sense of what they are saying and inwardly applaud them for trying to communicate in a foreign tongue. How many of us can speak a second language fluently and write in it without any grammatical flaws? Not many here I would hazard to guess. If yes then see 2a and 2b. 2a) Is the forum a technical forum? If it's a technical forum then I would want that person to be accurate, both in their spelling and grammar. Not only because they m
  10. What is it about Finance Ministers? I give you Alistair Darling, a British ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer. Not only did he amuse us with a funny name he also threw in some mix and match hair and eyebrows with it.
  11. When you walk into a lumber merchant's yard and want to teach them how to texture and I can't look at plywood anymore without thinking of editing it.
  12. A cool and practical idea in many ways for sure. Any idea how they pay for their rent and utilities?
  13. madman626 Fall wrote: Maybe because they not all the same LOL,, look closer and you see they not same just look at it but any builder can spot the different . I'm a builder, and what strikes me is the overwhelming similarity, not the slight difference and that's leaving to one side that the object info in the copybotted versions is the same as the original. Agree with Venus though, would have been better to title it, "Copybotters Exposed" rather than "Interesting Website"; much more intriguing and risqué. :smileywink:
  14. Sy Beck

    Irrelevant charges?

    Just to be clear, you said you sold your land a long time ago; how long ago? Even if it was 3 weeks and 6 days ago and you regard that as a long time you may still have been liable for a tier charge. The payment doesn't correlate to any membership payment unless you had more than zero in there before the transaction. Your sig says you are a former mentor so I've presumed you've checked your account and any recent transaction activity. Barring all that I can only suggest you contact billing again to get it clarified and resolved.
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