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  1. Performance and reliability wise SL is better now than it has ever been in terms of everyday useability. Your PC on the other hand may now be falling behind what's required. There is a poster in another thread who is now describing how her SL experience has improved immeasurably since upgrading her hardware, no client side lag, textures loading quicker than ever and she's able to turn up her graphics sliders and is seeing detail she's never seen before. There are other issues within SL, which need to be sorted, copybotting, search etc but you seemed to be only criticising SL's performance and reliability. Like Venus I remember "maintenance day" that could stretch into days, sim crossings where once started you could go off and make a cup of tea while it progressed, TPing and ending up with my boots and hair firmly planted up my ass and feeling nervous whenever a sim population got to 15+ people. It's not your fault if your hardware is not keeping up, but neither is it LL's fault either.
  2. Errr....no, not strange at all if you have enabled the developer mode, which you undoubtedbly have. Sooooo basically we are supposed to be Wow'ed by the fact that you delved into the crevices of the developer mode and enabled , "Allow Select Avatar in Character Test"? (Thx to Incoherent for passing this snippet). It's a bit like saying, "If you put cheese on toast into a metal casement it melts.", but neglecting to say that the metal box has a grill enabled within it. So it's not really strange, it's doing what you enabled it to do. PS I'm being terse and slightly derisory, but the alcohol has enabled it within me and I'm being up front about it.
  3. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Dillon Levenque wrote: Almost nobody, it seems, agrees on exactly how much of each is involved in any particular case. Half nature, half nurture, half unknown. Too clever by half!
  4. Gotcha ! Excellent for me and photography, but thanks, awesome tip! :smileysad: ETA there is a downside. Even the shader effects burns through. The bright blur is from a window in the room to the left.
  5. Melita Magic wrote: Lol. And here I finally found a Pryor I could post on a G rated forum. Post an A rated and I promise I will listen with G ears...honestly.
  6. Wanna explain how? I've tried this on friends and on alts and I can't do it, which shows how bored I am at the moment.
  7. Must look like a Manhattan skyline round your way then. :smileywink:
  8. Couldn't agree with you more Peggy. Before I put something up for sale I pretty much bottom out all my GFX sliders to see what it looks like at SL's poorest settings and see what visual and/or build tweaks I can add there to improve the look.
  9. If I get stuck for inspiration I just Google, "The world's most (insert adjective of choice here) buildings" and go to images. I may not find anything I like or inspires me, but it's an interesting 5 minutes of eye candy to look at if nothing else.
  10. @Chelsea & Madelaine Thank you both for the ideas, I should explain that I'm building a house (for sale) where I wanted a darkened corridor lit mainly by some wall mounted gas lights for some authentic ambience. Therefore, sun presets wouldn't be a viable option because I can't dictate that to a buyer. For a moment I thought Chelsea had the answer with her suggestion of some PS manipulation of the texture. I'm not sure though whether that's viable (or I'm not understanding the suggestion properly) because I won't be able to dictate to a customer which way they should face their house so that the manipulated texture would work as intended. I will though when I login go check your shop to see what you've done, your marketplace items look great. P.S. @Madelaine Was there any video of that noise cacophony party you invited people to at The Burning Man? I thought I was recording it with FRAPS but ended up with a 20 min video of my desktop with all the noise in the background. :smileysad:
  11. Thanks Immy I pretty much guessed so, but after being a away from SL for a while I was taking a punt that something shiny and new may have come along. I've got a nVidia GT420, I looked at the options and didn't see anything in the global settings for shaders, there was an option for ambient occlusion, but under the settings for SL within that it said, "Not supported by this application"...? Anyhoos, if I can't enable it for everyone who is going to look at my stuff then no point bothering much doing it for myself. That pic though is excellent and is how things should look in an ideal SL world.; lucky you. :smileyhappy:
  12. I'm asking this more in hope than anticipation. In the attached pic is an enclosed corridor, which has no windows or any light source present. The wall on the right though appears as if it is illuminated by the sun, which it is, while the left wall is naturally darkened. Is there any workaround so that the wall texture on the right in this instance will display as if it were in an unlit environment?
  13. I couldn't agree with you more Void. SL is not a game, at one end it's a platform for visionaries and virtual enthusiasts and at the other a unique area for fantasists and socialites. As you say, if a suit were the CEO they would be looking for the most efficient way to get an extra buck out of all us. With Rod I sense we've got someone who understands why we are all here and what the attraction of SL is to all of us. Hopefully his aims are to enhance that core attraction and to add to it what "we" require, and tidy up some of the mess left by previous incumbents. It's also encouraging that he's looking in on our discussions and at least seeing some of the complaints and suggestions. I've just spent nearly an hour watching a lecture/presentation that he gave at where he showed a very critical insight into the power of the games media and posed questions as to how that could be harnessed for the benefit of its users. Whatever else it showed it demonstrated that he understood this virtual world we choose to inhabit and the kind of users that we are. I'm sure that LL has enough people in its ranks and in its shareholders to keep the company profitable and to advise on such matters, but I for one am glad that we have one of our own ilk deciding what's best for SL and its users (crosses fingers that I won't have to come back and apologise for this post in a year).
  14. A three clip montage of misogynistic political incorrectness because Ceka and Stella beat me to Eddie and Bill
  15. R0xx wrote: in part ..... The point my message here is If I own a group..then I expect unrestricted use of that group. I think LL is trying to apply RL people groups to equate to an OS group.. ...I can see a maximum number of users..but minimum? Thats BS So please don't respond with a "People" point of view. R0xx This is the reason why you need a "People" point of view. The problem with the OS not caring about how many people are in the group is that it also couldn't care less if your main can't log in and can't get access to its land either, it neither cares if someone has maliciously AR'd you and got you a temporary ban. It also doesn't care that your tenants or shop users can't get things sorted or rectified because you can't log in. So LL in a moment of lucidity and wisdom envisioned these very circumstances and thought we better put a failsafe in because that damned OS couldn't give a flying toss about anyone. A golden rule of design is, make the machine fit the person, don't try to make a person fit the machine. Your argument is technically valid, but inefficient for many eventualities.
  16. It used to be one of my favourite things to surf/TP through events once upon a time. Anyhoos, a p*ss up in a brewery is not as easy it seems, apparently.
  17. Thanks Peter and Darkie. I've decided to go with just the LSL Editor as suggested earlier for the time being. I've been contacted inworld and told by a couple of people that it runs fine on Win7 except for an occasional exit program bug, which won't affect it or any work saved. Thanks for the quick and helpful replies, much appreciated.
  18. Thanks Lynda. That is pretty much damn near perfect as far as I can see except that it doesn't run on Win 7. :smileysad:
  19. I've decided to try my hand at scripting and would like suggestions as to which offline editor to use. It should be regarded as reliable, likely to be around for at least another 6mths have LSL highlighting and any other feature that would be valuable for a beginner. Many thanks in advance for your help and/or suggestions. [ETA] ...and runs on Win 7.
  20. Good point Innula, I wasn't aware that LL wanted to be paid for someone else to do their job for them. A weird turnaround in externalising a service that I for one would never have guessed at.
  21. On the main part I can see LL wanting to wash their hands of the dirty little **bleep** under the stairs, as we say, and there may or may not be merits in that decision. If the new people are enlightened then they may have a more user orientated feedback loop than LL presently does across its whole user base. This though could cause conflict in the future if their more enlightened view clashes with LL's more corporate public facing view. As regards the wider maturity rated zones on the grid then I don't see LL relaxing their grip (or lack of) on those unless Disney bid to run them, but it's an area where they are sadly lacking. It's been said many times by others and myself included that the introduction path to SL and it's learning curve is sadly neglected by LL. There have been improvements in the starting area but new users are then just dumped in an infohub and expected to get on with it. It's then left to the good will of volunteers or NCI to show them the real ropes in SL. I've said it before, but what business in the world would have a known new customer come to the door of their shop and then only show them how to open the door? So in short, yes to the former and let's see what happens and as to the latter, give NCI a contract to run all the other hubs. They would deserve it after all the years they've spent doing LL's job for them.
  22. Ima Rang wrote: kattatonia Wickentower wrote: I started a post to dis the man, but I decided that would be rude. Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs. What is there to dis about him? He was far from sainthood, as are most of us, but it's neither the time nor the place to trawl over that now.
  23. I remember Agent Smith telling Neo in The Matrix how firstly they created a perfect virtual world for humans to exist in, but humans sub-conciously rejected it because we needed the pain, misery and humdrum of life. Damn you and damn your mowable lawn! :smileywink: /me returns to washing his virtual dishes seeing as the virtual dishwasher has stopped working.
  24. I've just a small observation or rather a recounting of a story to add. I once had to chaperone a senior French bishop around London for 2 hrs before a meeting. At one point in our travels around the sites he remarked with some obvious displeasure about the number of CCTVs in place wherever we went. I paraphrase from memory his questions, "Why did we need so many? Were we waiting for crimes to appear on them so we could justify their placement? Why did British people suffer this intrusion into their everyday lives?". I tried to inform his questions as best I could without expressing an opinion. A question then occured to me that I had to ask in turn. "You don't find it odd or contrary then that you accept an all seeing, omniprescent God that watches over you all the time and can even see into your soul?". His response was cursory and dogmatic and along the lines of that you cannot question the wisdom and acts of God. I draw no conclusions from the incident, but found it an interesting juxtaposition. I suppose as Peter has pointed out, surveillance is fine when it's good people controlling it, but what happens when bad people get control of it? And even aetheists would agree that any particular religion's Godhead is going to be around for a while by definition.
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