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  1. Imnotgoing Sideways wrote: Since telling people I prefer to type in text makes them go hmmmm... I did this. =^-^= Weird, I unscrambled the morph, played it backwards and it says you play your vinyl normally. :smileywink:
  2. As Six said and don't worry about somebody thinking that you have access to their email addy, it's just a redirect by LL who of course do have their's and your email addy to bounce the message between.
  3. I just looked and you are on the "watch" list Eloise. It is weird though because I don't see any recent update, but then again I could be looking in the wrong place as I hardly ever visit the JIRA. And yeah i see what you mean, I'll leave it to more experienced JIRA folks to comment.
  4. Eloise Baily wrote: Then why did I receive this in my email notifications today? I'm guessing because you signed yourself up to the "Watch" list? Therefore, there might have been some new info added today/yesterday, which has been emailed to you?
  5. Stop comparing it to your other games. More than likely all your other games have their scenery, models and texures stored on your HD for super speedy access, meaning those games will always be smoother than SL. SL demands that your "connection" can handle all the scenery, models and textures being piped live down to your PC as none of it is stored on your HD like your other games. Also, if your PC is new you will still be rebuilding your viewer's cache up to store textures etc for the first time, once stored some things you see regulary will rez much faster than before. Go see if your normal login rez point is loading faster than before. As everyone has mentioned to you it sounds like a connection problem unless you can provide further details.
  6. Linden Lab wrote: Here is a useful link to the Second Life Community Resources Portal: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Community_Resources_Portal Here is a useful link too, Wikipedia. I think though that neither of our links, very useful as they are, addresses Ms Petrov's question. If there is no dialogue happening in the Feedback Forum with LL, if the "Community Manager" refuses to make themselves known, if Viale Linden hides in the shadows and turns off his feed and if CTUG meetings are as poorly chaired and unproductive as the last meeting then where are residents/users/customers/posters supposed to have a dialogue with LL concerning fora management and issues. . . ? A lack of a response to this question would lead to the inference that no co-operation or dialogue is desired by LL. If this is not the case then could somebody please give an informative and detailed answer to Ms Petrov's question. However. if it is the case that you wish to have no participation or involvement from your customers then have the decency and integrity to say so. Regards, Sy Beck.
  7. I remember circa 2007 LL published a whole set of user data including age demographics. These showed that the overwhelming majority of the population was 25+. I forget their actual age banding, but you may want to trawl the electric interwebz tubes to find that. I don't recall seeing them publish anything similar to that after 2007 as I suspect that the 30+ users are probably the pre-dominant group of active inworld users and the largest long term users and LL doesn't want their product pegged as an elderly users' [sic] platform thus putting off young, immature hip users with no disposable income from joining.
  8. Phil Deakins wrote: Charly Muggins wrote: I have no followers but I am now following Rodvik Linden. Oh but you do. According to Cinnamon (previous page of this thread), we are automatically following everyone in our friends list, but they don't show in the Followers tab. You're assuming Charly has friends though and I think I can say from observations of late that he definitely has none in high places around here. :smileywink:
  9. Nah, we been there over a year ago when we filled up the tag cloud with the word Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis or something similar to show the pointlessness of it in a GD forum.
  10. Jo Yardley wrote: Reading that made my brain hurt. Is there such a thing as a grammar ban? I think that pretty much disappeared with Pep. :smileywink: I think grammar was pretty much banned throughout that OP though.
  11. Well you really need to get more of a polish on your oral skills it appears. Has any partner been less than impressed after you've given them a good mouthful? While you are at it widen your breadth of oral skills by learning another foreign tongue technique. There are quick ways to do this or as it is often termed "a quickie", so it's worth the extra effort to search out a professional cunning linguist. Failing that, another good way to get banned is to abide by the rules, submit critiques when you feel necessary and sticking your head up out of the trench to ask WTF is going on? Good luck on your adventures into censure, it's not too hard, it's becoming a well trodden path. :smileywink:
  12. Best of luck to you Void wherever you've gone to dwell, I applaud your integrity and SLF/LL has lost one of it prized jewels, a very sad day. I hope that LL reflect long and hard upon this. My best wishes and I hope to bump into you sometime, somewhere in SL. Sy :smileysad:
  13. Void Singer wrote: meh, that's not real alcohol... heck it's not even real beer, but rather the sort of water that makes yellow snow. Yup, what we would call,"making love in a canoe" beer.
  14. OK I can guess from how you've framed your entreé that you are a student, but please be aware that this kind of thing is chucked out here every week by marketing , spammers and people less than those (yes there is a geological level lower than mindless dinosaurs and marketing). There was a time when people were happy to help because they felt like prophets and disciples of a new age, but the time when that was true or not has passed so now when these questions are asked they feel like lab rats being asked why they like that quirky cheese instead of normal cheddar. Better sociological and social psychological studies exist, SL is not indicative of what is going on more widely and more popularly online with humans. SL cannot be extrapolated. Hell, we've spent years trying to define what the platform is and discussing what each of us are her for. My best wishes, Sy.
  15. No, you're right to point it out, my mum said never to follow a tinyurl.
  16. Ian Undercroft wrote: If you've watched the video, Venus, the address of the video webpage suggests that you may have visited a dodgy website. You might want to run a virus check. It's just a variant of a tinyurl isn't it? My Norton AV says the link is safe and it does lead to the You Tube site. I just done a scan and there were only the usual tracking cookies from ad sites. *crosses fingers and prays
  17. I'm confused and curious. Why would you purchase 3 new 3D modelling programs when you would only need one at most and even then there is an excellent opensource free version called Blender. Also buying Win 7 is not going to make you a better builder, likewise with higher end support and a fancy gfx card though they may increase your workflow speed in modelling programs by minutes. Similarly, if you were just interested in building aircraft then you didn't need to buy a sim + a homestead. A sandbox to build or a quarter or a half sim would have been plently with a temp rezzer if you wanted to display all of them for sale. It seems to me that you have unnecessarily invested too much money without thinking the whole scenario through. Your contention that there was BIG MONEY to be made was never advertised that way by LL and neither has it been true for 99% of the userbase. Your comparison of SL's performance to other MMOs such as WoW is false as they are predominantly client side based/cached with no unique content being created every second by it's users having to be uploaded. There is much more in your post I would argue and disagree with, but you are on your way out of the door so better luck next time, but I'd advise you to have a look at how much you contributed to your disillusionment as a guide to how to do it better next time round where ever that may be.
  18. Prokofy Neva wrote: Alisha, SOPA has definitions and defense remedies written within the bill. Read it closely. Why all this hypothetical hysteria about "abuse" instead of focusing on the need to fight the billions of loss from piracy? It's truly nuts. I was talking the other night to a prominent and wealthy media owner. I thought because of his lefty politics on many things that he'd oppose SOPA. To my surprise, he didn't. We talked about it in detail, and I told him my theory of technocommunism. He was more blunt -- and said it's worse than that, it's techno-suicide -- content owners gi ing away their content. Insane. There are normal legal checks and balances -- it's called "our entire legal system" that functions in just this way. Many of the people in this thread responding to this query just spout other people's ideas. They paste links and youtubes of other people and call it a day. They aren't thinking for themsel es. This is sheeplehood, truly. I took on Chris Parillo (notorious in SL circles) and Brian Rowe, the expect lawyer he called in (I would call him law-farer). I http://3dblogger.typepad.com/wired_state/2011/11/copyleftist-law-farer-opposes-sopa.html BTW, once again, let me pre-empt the snarks that say that if I put a blog link in, I'm only shamelessly dri ing traffic to my blog. Um, that's ridiculous. My blog is no high-traffic wonder, and such traffic as it has, it has on its own without me ha ing to go around and hype it. It's simply not significant. So spare your nastiness for some other more worthy fight. The idea that because you don't know people's identities and RL politics you can't really tell what the body politic thinks is silly, as you don't hae to gi e a real name in order to identify your politics. SLuni erse.com for example is filled with lefties and progs and such, hardly any Fox watchers there, and you can see that without knowing a single RL name. I don't know why people pretend this is rocket science. SL is a perfect example of a protyping world for the entire Internet that has re ealed exactly how SOPA could work, and work well. Oh noes, looks like somebody's hacked you and has stolen the Vs from your PC and keyboard or is it because you have given the Vs Up to so many people over the years that you are depleted and grabbing them from where ever you can now?
  19. Void Singer wrote: Light is a lie. It shows you only a little of what's hidden in the dark, and will blind you to the truth past it's borders. Use it, but do not rely upon it. There is a moment when all lights fail. We're talking the same thing here yeah...in vino veritas et al.
  20. I dislike Oprah, Opera and would probably find Operah objectionable too. You seem to have mixed feelings about all three of them and to have been eating some decidedly dodgy and suspicious cake.
  21. Surely the point is that we will know what their "regular timescale" is whenever they repeat the process, whether it's in the next 5 minutes or the next 5 years. Nothing can be said to be regular, occasional or even intermittent until there are, at the very least, two instances of it.
  22. Try Phil's suggestion it seems the last remaining idea that hasn't been tried. Just to check all bases here, but open the edit box of the item go to content and check that the scripts and anims are still there. Also, are you sure it was your landlord? Have you given any mod/edit permissions to a friend who might have accidently or maliciously deleted the scripts or borked them? I can't think of a way your landlord could deliberately break/delete the scripts unless the object was rezzed and you enabled group members to modify it or you gave him edit/mod permissions as a friend. I can't recall a time when somebody has had an object's script disabled by an EM or owner using top scripts disable and it has borked it, but anything can happen I suppose. In which case you can't blame the landlord that's just SL doing one of its usual screw ups.
  23. http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2006/03/what_is_the_fic.html
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