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  1. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Here is the post Nalates did on the current music photos, I think they are great. http://blog.nalates.net/2012/04/12/second-life-interesting/#more-7052 Before the music it was Gogo's photos http://juicybomb.com/2012/03/02/sl-start-page/ and before that we had fairies http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/New-homepage-image-Looks-good-this-time/m-p/1386021#M51293 http://www.flickr.com/photos/51510227@N03/6865308541/ So all in all I think the photos that are being used are fantastic! ^^ This!
  2. Medhue Simoni wrote: Sorry Sy, but you totally missed the twisted logic you are promoting. You don't have the right to inject toxins into little babies because of your own fears, based on propaganda. OH and please cite 1 bogus scientific example posted in this thread? You can't. None of Maddy's arguements are even arguements at all, or they are just twisted logic. Again, you should reread the thread OP. My partner and I have every right to choose what medical precautions or procedures that will ensure our children's good health. We base it on known and qualified medical knowledge available to us at any time. I'm pretty sure sure that not allowing them medical treatment would, 99% of the time, result in being injurious to them and criminally negligent on my part. What other parents choose to do is up to them, but I would only offer the advice that they do their research carefully and not take a You Tube video as the state of the art authority on a subject. For your information and this is something that I would have rather not shared, but my eldest son has Asperger's though fortunately in his case it is mild. This was flagged up to us by a pediatrician when he was about a year old because of what appeared to be a less than usual development of his motor skills and social interplay with us and others. This was 6 months before his MMR injections so like Celestial I tend towards the genetic argument. As regards the bogus, I'll stand by Maddy's observations of the doctor's wayward interpretations of facts. To add to it, I will link Dr Boyd Haley's Wiki page wherein it cites that nearly all his conclusions regarding mercury contamination/toxicity are refuted by leading medical and dental organisations. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boyd_Haley To quote from the opening paragraph, "His views about mercury and dental amalgams go against the consensus held in the medical community." Furthermore, to follow up on the Thiomersal controversy... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thiomersal_controversy The thiomersal controversy describes claims that vaccines containing the mercury-based preservative thiomersal contribute to the development of autism and other brain development disorders.[1] The current scientific consensus is that no convincing scientific evidence supports these claims,[2][3] and a 2011 journal article described the vaccine-autism connection as "the most damaging medical hoax of the last 100 years".[4] I fear we will have to amicably agree to disagree with each other here.
  3. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Okay, I've watched the entire video and have some notes. I have quoted (sometimes paraphrasing slightly) at various points in the video and offer my comments thereafter. 6:40 "You know what, the EPA is right, but you have to interpret it a certain way." The doctor implies that the "certain way" is improper without offering any explanation for why that's so. In truth, one must almost always interpret things “in a certain way”. It’s already becoming clear that Dr. Ayoub is doing precisely that, interpreting data in a way that distorts it to his ends. The transient and chronic effects of heavy metal exposures are different, and treating them the same, as the doctor does, does not mean they are the same. 6:55 “That’s like taking a six months supply (of a cardiac drug) today.” Cardiac drugs do not act on the human body at all like heavy metals do. Digoxin, a popular cardiac drug used to treat rhythm disorders, has a low therapeutic index (the margin of safety between efficacy and toxicity), warfarin does too, it’s a life saving blood thinner at low doses, an effective rat poison at high doses, causing lethal bleed out. The doctor (the video states he is an MD) was surely taught this in medical school. 17:40 “They could have killed a horse with the doses they were giving.” This was offered as proof that mercury was unsafe. On careful analysis, this statement actually works against the claim and simply states the obvious that horses are bigger than people and if you give someone enough poison to kill a horse, you shouldn't be surprised if it kills a human. 34.56 “The number one cause of death in the US is not heart disease or cancer, it’s medicine.” Having read “To Err is Human” during a period in my career when I worked on methods to reduce medical errors, I am familiar with this particular misrepresentation of the facts. There are indeed hundreds of thousands of deaths each year in which adverse drug reactions, medical errors and the like are proximal causes. The suggestion that medicine is therefore the number one cause of death is fallacious as it ignores the deaths that would have occurred in the absence of our health care system. If I wished to make an analogous argument for heart disease, I would claim that, while heart disease killed 699,647 Americans last year, the complete absence of hearts in Americans would produce more than 300 million deaths. So, though hearts aren't perfect, I'm glad we have them. 44:40 Dr. Ayoub posits theory #3, that somebody (never mentioned) might be using mercury as a population control tool (or for genocide). 51:50 It is suggested that, during the Nixon administration, the government decided that population control might become necessary and there was no reason to tell the public if and when the government does something about it. 57:10 A female reporter writes about GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), provoking some unnamed nefarious entity to fly black helicopters over her house for three weeks. This makes me wonder if anyone has done a study of the efficacy of flying black helicopters over people’s houses. 1:00:00 “Doesn’t good health promote (population) growth? If you can’t feed yourself, why would you want ten kids?” Ayoub’s conjecture does not agree with the data, as you can see in Hans Rosling’s research. Population growth slows as infant mortality declines. Rosling's work is known to many people, including me, but apparently not to Dr. Ayoub, who claims to have worked hard to understand these things. 1:00:39 “Nigeria’s growth was leading Africa, so it doesn’t surprise me that GAVI was immunizing the heck out of Nigeria.” Dr. Ayoub is suggesting that governments were conspiring to reduce Nigeria’s population by vaccinating them (presumably to inflict the fertility reducing properties of mercury on the unsuspecting population). Oddly enough, if you believe Rosling’s suggestion that lowering infant mortality and increasing lifespan will lower the birth rate (because women don’t feel the need to have replacement children to counter the infant mortality rate), vaccinations will indeed lower population growth by improving quality and length of life. At this point, I stopped taking notes because because the mountain of logical fallacies was threatening to bow my desktop. If I wanted to curb world population growth, would I taint vaccines with mercury in small doses, causing an anecdotal death rate? Or would I simply find ways to make the vaccines less effective, killing millions of people in the process? Apparently Dr. Ayoub thinks governments are smart enough to carry out genocidal conspiracies of global proportion but too stupid to find effective ways to do it. Simply avoiding intervention in the Congo probably eliminated a few million people, didn’t cost a dime, and placed the blame right in the Congo. The toxic effects of heavy metals are somewhat known and research continues. There truly is a sort of grandfathering effect in medicine, where old methods and practices do not receive as much scrutiny as new ones, simply by virtue of their having been in place for so long, with no obvious deleterious effects. This is no secret. But this not mean that there is no scrutiny. But, to suggest that vaccinations are a tool to control the world’s population by increasing infertility, with the side effect of autism makes no sense, even ignoring intent. It takes very little research to show that any harmful effect of mercury is vastly outweighed by the benefits of vaccination. Dr. Ayoub’s ignorance of some very well understood relationships casts the veracity of his entire argument into doubt. CDC reports a 57% increase in reported Autism cases from 2002-2006. The removal of thiomersal from many vaccines should provide some epidemiological data points over the coming years which will reveal or dispute the mercury causation theory. So Medhue, I have watched your 90 minute video and found it unconvincing. I might have been swayed by Dr. Ayoub if he hadn’t exhibited a convincing lack of understanding of things that were actually not central to his argument (population control) but upon which he dedicated the bulk of his presentation. He also used misleading analogies in the areas where he should have known better. I do hope that the mountain of logical fallacies in Dr. Ayoub's presentation don't dissuade people from keeping track of the issues he attempted to address, and I don't think it will. I have just spent three hours bringing myself up-to-date on this issue, which would not have happened if not for your post. Thank you Maddy for saving me an afternoon of RSI. I couldn't help, but remember when we discussed this subject tangentially before and the dangers therein of giving bogus science, bogus scientists and bogus interpretations, airtime and credence. Fake MMR Scare Causes Deaths As much as a dose of even handed media has to be taken with care there is far more danger in believing internet messiahs peddling snake oils and silver bullets dressed up as credible and evidenced science without refutation or rebuttal. All the latest medical research papers are out there in credible journals and organisations for anybody with a critical mind to examine and to weigh up. To propose that what some fringe scientist might say has credence does not disprove the efficacy of what is already is known in this case or that on balance it should not be continued. If 4 out every 100 children vaccinated died because of a vaccine, but 5 out of every 100 unvaccinated children died of a particular disease then cruel logic says that you should vaccinate.
  4. There is no famous person in Second Life. I'm pretty well known around my own family household, extended family, workplace and neighbourhood, but that doesn't make me famous. Stop a random person in the street while out today and ask them to name somebody famous from Second Life and enjoy their blank stare.
  5. Irene Muni wrote: LOL Officially counts "Watch". Unofficially counts what LL wants +1 :smileytongue:
  6. Void Singer wrote: I had a thought to compile a list of official resources, available from Linden Lab, as a go to source for official information regarding problems one might encounter in SL. The list I'm attempting to compile is of only the LL direct sources, since most of the informal sources (such as these forums) are fairly well known and often suggested, but not everyone is aware of all the official sources... so to jump start this list, I'm going to throw out some categories, and populate a few of them, and would welcome any suggestions for Official LL Resources only (which I'll do my best to update into this post) UPDATED Dec 16, 2:58 PM (PST) Information on current events and changes within SL: SL Blogs (general new features, trends and news) Grid Status (currently known large scale failures and scheduled maintenance, if it breaks check here first) Second Life Server Forum (particularly the weekly deploy threads for news on new features and fixes) Second Life Viewer Forum (occasionally has news from Lindens on viewer changes and fixes) Rod Humble's Twitter Feed(CEO's take on what's trending in SL now, and into the future) Rod Humble's Profile Feed (more of the same, limited to SL users, login required) Basic Information and Common questions: @SupportLinden (A twitter account that redirects users to the likeliest resource) Knowledge Base (a collection of preformated questions and answers on a variety of topics) Video Tutorials (collection of video detailing how to do many basic tasks and showcasing SL content) SL Wiki (only some information found here is official) Basic support: Quickstart Guide (something to get you started if you are new to SL) Billing issues (can't save your payment info? got overcharged by LL, go here) File a Trouble ticket (AKA Support Portal, for problems that you are personally experiencing, should be logged in if possible) Live Chat Support (must be premium member and logged into the website, limited hours) Jira(find out about known bugs, possible workaraounds, and keep updated on the ones important to you) File a bug report (only bugs that affect multiple users or regions, please search before filing) File a Feature Request (got a great idea? submit it here. please search before filing) Active Focus Groups: Server Betauser group (meets on beta grid [aditi] focuses on upcoming features and fixes) Second Life Beta (inworld announcement group for the same) Server/Sim user group (meets twice weekly on main grid [agni] focuses on current server limitations and workaraounds) Scripting user group (meets weekly on main grid [agni] focuses on scripting bugs and new features) Content Creation user group (meets week on main grid [agni] focuses largely on mesh) Community Tools user group (focuses on webside resources for SL) - Closed I only gathered some of the obvious links, it could used fleshed out with contact phone numbers, emails and other direct LL supported resources (one in which an employee of linden lab either directly answers, or can point you to the correct resource) Tired of seeing this bumped so as it can be seen residents new and old alike in preference to the stickied, and less informative LL support at the top? Here's a little tip. Did you know that you too can sticky your favourite posts or useful posts such as this one to the top of your page? PIC 1, Simply go to the top of the page and click "TOPIC OPTIONS" and then select "FLOAT THIS TOPIC TO THE TOP" PIC 2, Then when you return to the forum front page you will see that your thread has now been stickied to the top for easy access. BUMPING for newcomers.
  7. A spoof website known as getafirstlifecom (now gone), which replicated the then SL website and that the lab was going to issue a cease and desist order to till somebody in the lab told the legal department to get a sense of humour - circa 2006-07? Sorry for the poor quality Have just found a tiny extract of the email that LL's legal department eventually sent. It opens with commentary from the author of the website. Today I awoke from my nap to a letter (via the comments on the announcement) from Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life. 'Ah, well', I though, 'here come the lawyers'. But no. To their enormous credit, they sent me what I can only describe as a 'proceed and permitted' (instead of 'cease and desist') letter. Here's an excerpt: "We do not believe that reasonable people would argue as to whether the website located at http://www.getafirstlife.com/ constitutes parody – it clearly is. Linden Lab is well known among its customers and in the general business community as a company with enlightened and well-informed views regarding intellectual property rights, including the fair use doctrine, open source licensing, and other principles that support creativity and self-expression. We know parody when we see it."* *See? They used to have a sense of humour
  8. A very good solution to this in most cases provided by elyeidle on You Tube and dug up by Whiskey Monday https://twitter.com/#!/Whiskey_Day .
  9. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: A tiny universe within our own universe must be subject to the constraints of our universe. One of those is what is believed to be the shortest length possible. I think that's the Planck length. So, since or own planet is subject to those constraints, and yet is hardly even a speck in the universe, a tiny universe wouldn't be possible. A tiny something might become possible, but not a tiny universe with stars, planets, things on the planets, atoms and molecules making up the things, etc. Creating a universe has to mean that it is not within our own. ETA: If we ever came to the point of creating a universe that is not within our own, we wouldn't even know that we'd done it. We may be unintentionally doing it quite often. We don't know whether or not the collisions of particles in the colliders cause new universes to come into existance. There's infinite 'room' for them in Null. Your use of the term "within" doesn't fully comprehend the concept of dimensions. If we are able to create universes by somehow manipulating these unseen extra dimensions that string theory posits, they would not be "within" or "inside" ours, and we would not be within or inside theirs. All universes, including the ones we create, would perceive whatever dimensions they could within the N-dimensional space that comprises the super-universe that contains everything. So maybe it's helpful to consider a super-universe that encompasses all the dimensions ( from 10 to 26, depending on who you ask). This N-dimensional super-universe would contain countless sub-universes. I'm no expert on such things, to be sure, but I think "sub-universe" creation could depend on the ability of any other sub-universe to move "information" along one of its potentially (or currently or practically) invisible dimensions, perhaps from another sub-universe. If that can happen, then one sub-universe could create another, but potentially be unable to probe it, or perhaps even know it had been created. This tangentially hits upon what I mentioned eons back in this thread about how a single consciousness can create/observe a universe and therefore all things are possible within it, including any number of dimensions. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Hamlet Act 1, scene 5, 159-167
  10. The organisation I worked for sent me and two colleagues in to investigate SL's potential for promotion, recruitment and marketing in the summer of 2006. Second Life was becoming the FB of it's time and businesses and organisations thought that they had to have a presence here. We assessed SL as having no potential for a RL business, apart from some vanity marketing, in our minds after about 2-3 weeks. We were only supposed to be on a 3 month project, but we convinced our employer to extend it to 6 months because we were having a ball on company time and expenses. Why we never bought a sim on the company money still puzzles us to this day. After the project ended I was so hooked I came back in Feb 2007 on this avi because I loved building. I bought 3 sims to indulge myself and have been here on and off with varying levels of commitment ever since. I have since ditched the 3 sims after the VAT introduction and now only use SL for socialising with my friends. I spend more time in InWorldz now where I can afford the tier to indulge myself in building. Both my other colleagues are still in SL too. One is now a university lecturer in social and online media and actually teaches classes in SL. Wisely, this time he did get his employers to pay for a sim.
  11. Anybody have any idea of when the universe will end? I think for my own part it will be co-terminus with this thread when it does.
  12. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Does that mean someone has to be around to realise something for it to be? Not necessarily around, but certainly observing and thinking. Cue Schrodinger's Lolcat and Descartes.
  13. Anaiya Arnold wrote: Sy Beck wrote: And what if there is no universe, no space, matter or time and I am just a concious entity alone, but capable of imagining all those things and all that exists around me and able to imagine the physical and emotional sensations they might possess and/or express and all of you are just constructs of my conscience? I look forward to hearing back from myself shortly. Je pense, donc je suis Then I must shift the blame from Morgan to you. I blame you! I accept my blame and forgive me, me.
  14. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Wouldn't it also be possible that this creator was, in a sense, incompetent? By that I mean able to concoct a set of rules by which everything could could evolve, but unable to comprehend the complexity of the result? If we're gonna make up theories, I like that one as I could at least identify with the poor thing. Pretty much a metaphor for parenthood there Maddy.
  15. Porky Gorky wrote: Sy Beck wrote: And what if there is no universe, no space, matter or time and I am just a conscious entity alone, but capable of imagining all those things and all that exists around me and able to imagine the physical and emotional sensations they might possess and/or express and all of you are just constructs of my conscience? I look forward to hearing back from myself shortly. Je pense, donc je suis I think I heard this theory on the afore mentioned Morgan Freeman show. It is an interesting theory and a really neat and tidy one with no room for any unanswerable questions apart from one. If you are just a conscious entity and all existence is a manifestation of your consciousness, then all we need to know is how you came into existence sy? Good reply myself and one I have been ruminating upon to be smartass back at myself again. Before I'm able to answer myself I guess I'd have to answer what is conscious thought. It's not matter, it exerts no force by itself, it occupies no particular space, but in its operation it can be anywhere at anytime and these are just a few of its peculiarities. Once I've nailed that bit of fog to the wall I might have a better answer for myself me. Of course in this scenario I am God, so a touch more respect next time when you're addressing your deity otherwise I'll forget you, by which I mean me. Things get confusing and paradoxical in this concept.
  16. And what if there is no universe, no space, matter or time and I am just a concious entity alone, but capable of imagining all those things and all that exists around me and able to imagine the physical and emotional sensations they might possess and/or express and all of you are just constructs of my conscience? I look forward to hearing back from myself shortly. Je pense, donc je suis
  17. Anaiya Arnold wrote: How would embedded advertising that also happens to be part of the "shared experience" work exactly? Obviously it's not part of the log on screen or part of the UI since none of that is part of the shared experience. Will a 3 D mesh logo object rezz in world every time we rezz a new prim proclaiming "this prim provided by Pepsi" and give out partial credit to anyone who instantly shouts back "the voice of a new generation?" Oh I don't know, but how about all TPs screens will last a minimum of 20 secs with elevator music and ads while you wait or popups on your screen when you login with ads from today's sponsor that you have to click to clear. I could think of many more irritating ways, but I don't want to give them ideas they may not yet thought of.
  18. Pserendipity Daniels makes an interesting claim/point in the feeds over what may be another purpose of the TPV changes. "pserendipity.daniels Oh, by the way, the reason for the change in policy about Third Party Viewers is not because of anything the TPVs are doing at the moment, but because LL are about to insert advertising into the user experience - and they don't want TPVs to be able to do what the netintelligentsia do with AdBlock on Firefox to eliminate adverts. Pep (Go on Viale/Rod, tell me I am wrong, and make yourself public liars!) PS Again. about 12 hours ago Comment" So far no advertiser would seriously consider it because most users use TPVs, who would/could block any advertising, and any such introduction of embedded advertising into the LL viewer would force the number of TPV users even higher. So what would LL have to do to secure that advertising dollar? Firstly, remove any information showing what TPVs other users might be using apart from the LL viewer, don't want advertisers seeing that LL doesn't control the monopoly on viewers or even a sizeable majority of the market and then secondly, dictate that all TPVs must adhere to the same viewer experience that will be rammed down the throats of V2/V3 users, namely advertising. Slap me on the ass and call me Susan if this isn't on the cards.
  19. Sassy Romano wrote: Sy Beck wrote: Sorry if this has already been covered, but I'm scan reading and in a rush. Does this mean that we will no longer be able to have free/temp previews of textures before deciding to upload that some of the TPVs provide? That's one non-feature of the LL viewer I don't wish to share in thank you very much. That's my understanding yes although I fail to see how this is a feature that breaks the "shared experience" since if I upload a temp texture in my funky viewer, even mortals in their LL viewer can ALSO see the same texture on a prim. So from this you can take it that they really really want that L$10 although Oz Linden did say during the audio something about it being better if people didn't have to pay the L$10 to upload a texture (i'm hopelessly misquoting Oz there) but Smarmy Linden (I don't know which one he was but he came across that way) said that "people could just go to play Linden Realms and in a couple of hours earn a couple of dozen L$ instead". No, people don't see temp textures. I've often asked friends their opinion on a sculpt or a texture and they look blankly at me either seeing an unformed sculpt or a plywood prim. [ETA and lol @ Smarmy Linden]
  20. Hi Friscolives. Not asking questions is one way to stay dumb so ask away. You may find the link below useful to you in the future when you are at work and need to find answers to anything. It was compiled by Void Singer with additional help from many other knowledgeable residents. It contains all the known resources that a newbie or veteran will need to get help or information. At the end of the there is a tip to keep to keep the post pinned to the top of the forum board so you can access it quickly when you need it. Enjoy your SL http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Official-Resources/m-p/1212519/message-uid/1212519#U1212519
  21. Sorry if this has already been covered, but I'm scan reading and in a rush. Does this mean that we will no longer be able to have free/temp previews of textures before deciding to upload that some of the TPVs provide? That's one non-feature of the LL viewer I don't wish to share in thank you very much.
  22. Some RPers I know will now change their "Display Name" to play another character rather than create and kit out an alt. The one drawback being is that you may only change your display name once a week.
  23. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Eloise Baily wrote: I suggest you watch this And I'll add this for color. Not the same topic, but it's in the vicinity... Also on a tangent, Carl Sagan dismissed the possibility of visiting aliens by postulating that, and I paraphrase, "If they are here and trying to remain unseen they are not doing a very good job of it and if they are here to make contact they are doing an even worse job."
  24. They are struggling as much as all other MMOs because their userbase is suffering real life economic woes. Have you not read about the Geek Debt Crisis?
  25. 1. Describe yourself in two words? Rebellious 2. What surprised you last? That I didn't have an answer for this? 3. What is your current favorite song or album - one you are obsessing over? 4. What is your mood or feeling today? (Or for you NT types, if you prefer: What is most occupying your thoughts?) Deprived of sleep with a 20hr stretch of work to come tomorrow. 5. What do you most hope for this year? That all those who believe in Mayan prophecies get a new Mayan calendar for Christmas.
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